Flute Street (Guide)

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This page contains details about Fallen London Actions.

Note: Flute Street is Fate-locked. This means that no narrative text may be recorded on the wiki. As such, this is a purely Mechanical guide with images instead.


Flute Street is a Fate-locked area unlocked after Magnifyingglass.png Solving Cases around London for 25 FATE. Getting to Flute Street the first time takes a lot more time and resources, but subsequent times it takes only 10 actions and provides Scaryeye.png 2 x Tale of Terror!! and Whispered secret.png 30 x Whispered Hint. There is no opportunity deck in Flute Street, so you're better off drawing your cards in London before entering.

Returning to London takes 5 actions and gives Scaryeye.png 4 x Tale of Terror!! and Whispered secret.png 20 x Whispered Hint

There are different storylets depending on Time Passing in Flute Street (TPiFS) All options increase TPiFS by 2 CP on success and 1 CP on failure, except the option at level 9, which resets the quality. This means that a full cycle takes at least 24 actions.

Some important things to bring and get on your trip:

Storylet image TPiFS Challenge / Requirements Reward
Door.png 0-6 Owl.png Watchful 110 Progress only
Amberhouse.png 7-8 Owl.png Watchful 115 Whispered secret.png 145 x Whispered Hint
Amberhouse.png 9 Crypticsecret.png 300 x Cryptic Clue
Amberhouse.png 9 No Document.png Your very own Infernal Contract
Amber.png 0-6 Owl.png Watchful 110 Progress only
Amber.png 7-8 Owl.png Watchful 115
Amber.png 7-8
Flutestreet.png 0-6 Owl.png Watchful 110 Progress only
Flutestreet.png 7-8 Owl.png Watchful 110
Flutestreet.png 9 Owl.png Watchful 118?
Waves3.png 0-6 Owl.png Watchful 110 Progress only
Fluke.png 7-8 Owl.png Watchful 110 Crypticsecret.png 70 x Cryptic Clue
Fluke.png 9 Owl.png Watchful 118?
Rubberyman3.png 0-6 Owl.png Watchful 110 Progress only
Rubberyman3.png 7-8 Owl.png Watchful 110 Whispered secret.png 140 x Whispered Hint
Rubberyman3.png 9 Owl.png Watchful 118?
Rubberyman3.png 9 Rubberyman.png Favours: Rubbery Men less than 7
Rubberdog.png 9
Rubberdog.png 9
Device.png 9 Owl.png Watchful 118
Device.png 9 Tentacles.png In Possession of a Peculiar Personal Enhancement
Device.png 9 Removes a scar
Stalagmite.png 9

Strategy for EPA[edit]

The actions in Flute street themselves aren't that profitable, but there's an exception. The rubbery skull can be exchanged for 125 Bazaar.png Nightsoil of the Bazaar

Assuming 15 actions to exit and reenter, 1 action to sell the skull, 14 actions to get to progress 7 and 1 action to get the skull, that's 31 actions to get 125 Nightsoil or roughly 4 nightsoil per action.

By spending another 8 actions on late-day actions, as well as a final action, you get a whole cycle, a return trip and exchanging your skull for 40 actions or 3.125 Nightsoil/action as well as other stuff.