Advanced Skills (Guide)

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Dawnmachinesmall.png Mid PoSI Content and Onwards

For a guide to increasing the basic four skills, see Leveling (Guide)

This is a guide to advanced skills, also called MAGCATS or esoteric arts. These are stats that start becoming relevant in the midgame.

Many of these skills have both unlocks and training options. The difference between these is that training options only increase your skill if it's already present at level 1 or higher, whereas unlock options will provide both the first CP, as well as further training (if repeatable). For example, Indulge in a quiet game on the card for The Parthanaeum improves A Player of Chess whether you win or lose, but only if your base skill is already at least 1; if you have a Shrine to Saint Joshua or some other item which raises your Player of Chess skill, you still cannot improve it this way.

They're originally capped at level 5, but this cap can be increased to 7 after various actions. For more info on these, see Raising Attribute Caps (Guide). This guide is loosely based on this guide on Reddit

All profession-associated advanced skills are useful when practising relevant professional activities.

A Player of Chess (APoC)[edit]


Skill in political strategy

Useful when:

How to unlock/train skill:

How to train skill:

See The Chessboard (Guide) for more information about how to train this and how to raise the cap.

Artisan of the Red Science (AotRS)[edit]


A knowledge that breaks the great chain, often leading to impossibilities

Useful when:

The cap is increased with long studies in your Laboratory:

How to unlock:

How to train:

  • Experiments in your Laboratory
  • Talking to April (Requires finished Ambition: Bag a Legend!)
  • Add a theologically worrisome skull to a skeleton. Requires:
  • Experiment on an Aged Egg or an illegal egg device WHITSUN



Knowledge about navigating Parabola

Useful when:

  • Doing more or less anything in Parabola

The options to raise the cap depends on which faction rules ( The Dome of Scales). Examples with the Fingerkings:

How to unlock skill/train:

Note: This skill will decrease if you gain 8 Wounds or Nightmares in your Parabolan Base-Camp

Kataleptic Toxicology (KT)[edit]


Knowledge about poisons and how to cure them

Useful when:

Kataleptic Toxicology Studies is gained through studies in your Laboratory:

How to unlock/train:

How to train:

Note: This skill will decrease if you gain 8 Wounds in your Parabolan Base-Camp



The art of confusion and deception without telling lies

Useful when:

Raise the cap by publishing special editions of your Newspaper:

How to unlock/train:

Monstrous Anatomy (MA)[edit]


Knowledge about monsters and their anatomy

Useful when:

Monstrous Anatomy Studies is gained through studies in your Laboratory:

How to unlock/train:

Note: This skill will decrease if you gain 8 Nightmares in your Parabolan Base-Camp

Shapeling Arts (SA)[edit]


Knowledge about transforming (living) things

Useful when:

See Helicon House (Guide) for more information about raising the cap for Shapeling Arts.

How to unlock/train:

How to train:

Steward of the Discordance[edit]


An inkling about how to protect from what shouldn't be known.

This skill is useful when dealing with the Discordance.

The first discordant study is encountered with a Discordant Law in the Nadir (See Rip out the words) The second is found after Unlock deeper Discordant Studies in the Adulterine Ruins. For more information, see Discordant Studies - Costs and Rewards (Guide)

How to unlock:

How to train:

The only repeatable way so far to grind it past level 3 is to read the stones every week, then purge the law by Nadir, getting 1 CP, and then wait for irrigo to fade again.



How to chart a course with unreliable maps; how to steer a ship through dangerous waters; how to hold a crew together against adversity.

This skill is useful when zailing.

How to unlock/train:

The only way to train it is to spend Zee Legs from zailing in Wolfstack Docks