Fuel the excavation with clay strength

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From: Beneath Spite, Beneath the University, Beneath the Blind Helmsman, Beneath the Singing Mandrake or Beneath Moloch Street

The Clay Curmudgeon helps organize teams of Clay Man labour. According to him, "the work goes faster when they've a song in their throat."

Game Instructions: This will progress the excavation faster than other options, and become even faster as more dig sites are completed.

Unlocked with Number of Unveiled Dig Sites is present (World Quality, now available), Discovered: What Lies Beneath Spite, 6 x Strong-Backed Labour, 2 x Storm-Threnody

Locked with Feeding the Workers at (location name) 1000000


Very little screaming

Not all Clay Men have the Curmudgeon's vocal talent. But he can work with them, and they can work with pickaxes.

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