Location-specific cards in the Hinterlands (Guide)

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Most locations in the Upper River have several cards that can only be drawn in that location. Most of these fall into a few common groupings, such as Excavations and Statues, although there are a handful of unique storylines. Currently Balmoral and Marigold Station have the fewest dedicated cards, making them the best locations for trying to draw a specific non-location card. Conversely, Ealing Gardens has the most location-specific cards.

General Card Mechanics[edit]

Location-specific cards are retained in hand when you move from one location to another. If you are trying to draw a specific card, it is wise to play or discard any cards specific to a different location than where you are drawing. This will let you hold more cards in hand that can actually be drawn, helping trim your deck.

Note that many cards in the Upper River are unlocked by reaching a certain station, but afterwards can be drawn anywhere. For example, Halfway to Hell cannot be drawn until you unlock Jericho Locks, but thereafter can be drawn anywhere in the Upper River.

At a Glance[edit]

Location Excavation Lighting Statue Other Total
Ealing Gardens Yes Yes Yes 4-6 6-9
Jericho Locks Yes Yes Yes 1 3-4
Magistracy of the Evenlode Yes Yes Yes 0 2-3
Balmoral No Yes No 0 1
Station VIII Yes No Yes 0-1 2-3
Burrow-Infra-Mump No Yes Yes 0 2
Moulin No Yes Yes 0 2
The Hurlers No No Yes 1 2
Marigold Station No No Yes 0 1

Common Card Types[edit]


Most Excavation cards let you trade Bone Surveys for Skeleton parts and have options that cycle the Airs value of their respective location. Excavation cards from later stations tend to grant Palaeontological Discovery.

Balmoral, and all of the stations from Burrow-Infra-Mump onwards, lack Excavation cards.


Most locations let you erect a statue to a variety of people, including yourself. Erecting a statue in a location unlocks a card in that location. Some cards, but not all, have options that vary depending on which statue you erected.

Balmoral is the only location that lacks a Statue card.

Enlightening and Liberating[edit]

All Upper River locations have a Darkness quality. Some stations make more gameplay use of this quality than others. Darkness generally makes Excavations and Tourism more difficult, but Charity and Theft easier. Other actions may be unlocked or difficulty checks modified.

Modifying Darkness qualities is associated with the character's Colour at the Chessboard: Increasing Darkness requires playing Black pieces, while reducing Darkness requires playing White pieces. Playing Red pieces generally allows changing the darkness in either direction as you see fit.

All stations have a single card for adjusting the darkness, sometimes with different names depending on your current colour and with options unlocked by different Colours. Notably, players can remove these Colour-specific cards from their deck with extremal Darkness values: Enlighten cards are no longer drawn when Darkness is fully removed, and Liberate cards are no longer drawn when complete Darkness is achieved. Red cards will always be drawn at any Darkness level.

Station VIII and the Hurlers lack a Darkness card, as their light level is adjusted by a Storylet. Marigold seems not to use its Darkness quality at all.

Unique Cards[edit]

The following cards are unique to their location and do not fit into one of the above groupings.

Ealing Gardens[edit]

Jericho Locks[edit]

Station VIII[edit]


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The Hurlers[edit]