Painting in Balmoral (Guide)

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Painting in Balmoral Summary
Fixed-Length Conversion Activity
Setup Progress End
1 A 6 A 2* A


Raise Nostalgic, Luminosity, and Incendiary while you can add Painter's Progress as required for desired payout.
Items Inputs/Outputs

2.5E :

12.5E :

62.5E :

Raw EPA 5.37 Raw SPA 5


Balmoral is found at the fourth station of the Railway. Apart from visiting the local forest (the Moonlit Woods, where you can gain Moonlit for painting) and Balmoral Castle, you can join the artist in the old Distillery in Crathie and take up commissions for Her Enduring Majesty. She has neglected to visit the place since the Fall, but that doesn't seem to bother anyone.

Painting Progress[edit]

Your progress towards a finished piece is tracked by Painter's Progress. It is set to 1 when beginning a new commission and when it reaches 7, the painting is finished. This means you have 6 actions to contribute to your work and it takes 8 actions to fully begin and finish a painting. Your painting's style (the reward) is determined by the combinations of Painting: Luminosity, Painting: Nostalgic and Painting: Incendiary.

You have 6 actions to influence your work for every painting. Both success and failure increase Painter's Progress by 1.

Option Cost ~In E Challenge Success Fail
Painter's Progress 0
Undertake a commission
Painter's Progress 1-6
With Moonlight ~11.60[1] Persuasive 200 Luminosity 1 Nostalgic 1
In a subversive cast 1 x Vital Intelligence 12.50 A Player of Chess 4[2] Incendiary 1 Nostalgic 1
Paint! 5 x Touching Love Story 12.50 Persuasive 200 Nostalgic 1 Incendiary 1
Painter's Progress 7
Complete a commission Completed Painting
  1. 11.00 with The Seal of St Joshua
  2. Reduced with high Renown: Revolutionaries

Creating a painting is essentially a 70-75 E investment in order to gain different items.

Since both success and failure add one of the three attributes, your painting will always end up with 6 marks in total. The amount and combinations of these determine the rewards.

You must present your Completed Painting before starting another one!

There are small additional rewards for the success of each option:

Failure consumes the items as well, except for "Paint!" where the penalty is only 3 x Touching Love Stories.

Finishing a painting also increases the Painter of Fine Art quality by 1, tracking the number of paintings you completed and your reputation as an artist.


Return to either London or the Helicon House in Ealing Gardens to present your painting. Only a Completed Painting may be presented.

Requirements Reward Value (E )
London - Presenting your Painting
Nostalgic at least 4 80
Luminosity at least 4
Incendiary at least 4 80
Any other combination
Helicon House - Display your own painting
Any combination


Each painting essentially takes at least 9 Actions: one to begin, six to paint, one to complete, and one to sell.

  • Traveling to sell your paintings will take 3 Actions, irrelevant on your preference of selling method ( London or The Helicon House).

You have six chances to influence your painting, with each option giving a point of Painter's Progress. Failing checks is not only likely, but encouraged, if you are looking for the best EpA. The following are the listed actions needed for sourcing the necessary items for each option:

  • Paint with Moonlight — 4 Actions + 2 x Moonlit (see Irem (Guide) for sourcing)
    • This option presents difficulty as it pretends to Moonlit as a prerequisite. For the time being, it was ignored for the purposes of the guide, but if a compelling method is found, it will be factored in.
  • Paint in a subversive cast — 6 Actions (see Old Newgate (Guide) for sourcing)
    • This option is by far the most expensive in terms of Actions and the less rewarding, as both its success and failure offer points in styles easier to gain through the other methods.

The following is a table detailing the EpA, or SpA, of any end option, using the factors above:

London - Presenting your Painting
Requirements EPA
Nostalgic at least 4
Luminosity at least 4
Incendiary at least 4
Any other combination ~3.32 w/ Kraken [2]
Helicon House - Display your own painting
Requirements SPA
Any combination


Considering all prior sourcing, methods, and payment, we can conclude that failure on Paint! six times, and the Incendiary payment are our the best options for EpA:

  • Total: 4.74 EpA
      • This can be further improved through the use of the Kraken method.
  • Up to 5.37 EpA

If some are wondering about the second best source of EpA, or the best use of Luminosity, that is the 3 x Incendiary, 3 x Luminosity option.

  • Total: 3.72 EpA
    • This can be further improved through the use the Kraken method.
  • Up to 4.09 EpA

Please note that travel actions were not included for the London - Khanate route

  1. Valued at 62.50 E , but there's no direct way to sell it.
  2. Favours: Society valued at 13.96 E