Mr Chimes' Lost & Found (Guide)

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This page aims to collect information on items from Mr Chimes' Lost & Found that have specific options or have useful stats in one way or another, to make it easier to decide which you want to buy. This does NOT take into account any rp flavour or similar, and different players will have other assessments.

The ratings are given as follows:

  1. - Useless - does not qualify for this list
  2. - Situationally useful, but won't be particularly useful for most players
  3. - Generally useful items, but not something extraordinary
  4. - Very useful items, will typically have some influence on the game
  • The ratings are modified slightly based on cost - 3-tale items don't need as much punch in order to gain a high rating.
Memory of a Tale Item name + slot Item type Notable stats and uses Comment Rating
3 A Flawless Example of Hubris Affiliation Dangerous +1 There are few dangerous affiliation, and most are ambition-locked 2
Benvolio the Bacon Thief Gloves Cat [1] A Cub's Education (Guide) 2
Calliope the Yowler Clothing Cat [1] A Cub's Education (Guide) 2
Freya, Scourge of Fragile Ornaments Weapon Cat [1] A Cub's Education (Guide) 2
Gustav the Ankle Weaver Boots Cat [1] A Cub's Education (Guide) 2
Sebastian the Nocturnal Smotherer Hat Cat [1] A Cub's Education (Guide) 2
Ornamental Storm in a Teacup Weapon Option when zailing The option is slightly better than one you could take otherwise, but still not worth using. 2
Ostentatious Paisley Suit Clothing Scandal +1 in the clothing slot otherwise requires a renown 10 item. Both of the actions could be useful, but neither are essential. 3
Love-Sickened Seneschal Boots Respectable +1 You will gain other respectable boots in the midgame 2
7 A Firm Conviction of the Absence of the Supernatural Hat Nightmares -1 Menace-reducing equipment is generally important, but nightmares already has several in other slots. 3
A Machine for the Committing of Murder Home comfort Dangerous +4 By the time you can afford this you should have access to other home comforts 2
A Sapphire, Allegedly Imbued with a Minor Curse Home comfort The stats will be decent in the midgame, and the Hurlers option is okay 3
Polythremean Captain's Boots Boots The action isn't worth much, but Zeefaring +1 is shared best-in-slot and the comparable WHITSUN boots are costly. 4
A Slug, For Casual Draping Clothing Mithridacy +1 Useful, but will soon be replaced with Viscount's Bejewelled Collar 2
Priscilla Transport Persuasive +7 Useful, but will be replaced with Most Humbling Expression of Her Majesty's Esteem 3
Tabitha Murgatroyd Companion Useful for expeditions in Moulin. MA +1 is useful but will be superseded 4
12 Courteous Assistant Companion Mithridacy +2 Shared BiS, but the alternatives are fate-locked 4
Ebullient Undertaker Companion Shared BiS, but the alternatives are fate-locked. The option has limited usefulness. 4
July Companion BiS. July isn't particularly great on the railway. 4
Johnny Croak Companion The stats may be inferior to your other companions and Johnny is somewhat expensive to recruit. 2-3
Percipient Cricketer Companion Several projects, including one repeatable profitable research project fits the criteria 4
Reformed Protester Companion Lab assistant - Weapons There are few research projects that fits the criteria 2
Stoic Classicist Companion One repeatable profitable research project fits the criteria. Helpful for grinding student reputation. The other option is situational at best. 3-4
The Eldest Daughter Companion Lab assistant - Toxicological Focus Several projects, including one repeatable profitable research project fits the criteria 3
  1. 1.0 1.1 1.2 1.3 1.4 Can be introduced to The Dome of Scales. Equipping all the cats in the House of Chimes gives you an extra cat, which can also be introduced to the Dome.