Tournament of Lilies (Guide)

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The Tournament of Lilies is an event in which you initially grow and raise a plant in your home before then competing in a social tournament with your fellow Londoners for bragging rights.

Starting Out[edit]

Once you are Free of Surface Ties, you have the chance to draw the card, Where did that come from?, at which point you will need to choose to keep the plant in order to progress. If you get rid of it, this card will continue occurring, so those wishing to thin their deck may want to progress through the storyline.

Growing Your Plant[edit]

Growing your plant is done through opportunity cards that you will draw, and which ones you are eligible to draw will change based on your level of Attending to the Needs of a Singular Plant. These cards will raise your Attending. None of these cards are more notable than the others, except for The Noted Orchid-Grower consults. Once you are at level 2, unless you are willing to spend Fate, do not play this card. It is a net negative.

If you raise your Attending to the Needs of a Singular Plant to 19+, you will never draw another card unless it drops beneath this level. That can only happen by losing a match in the Tournament of Lilies.

1 – 5 6 7 – 9 10 11 12 – 15 16 – 18
Cards The Noted Orchid-Grower has a Secret
The Noted Orchid-Grower consults Is your Plant Thirsty?

Using Your Plant[edit]

On many of these cards, you can choose to cash out your investment by selling your plant for various goodies, or by using your plant. Using your plant often results in losing CP in Attending to the Needs of a Singular Plant. See the table below for exact details on storylet options.

Cards and their effects
Levels Feed options Use options Sell options
1 - 6 Ask a local expert
+1 CP / E 0.50

Assemble an array of horticultural impedimenta
+1 CP / E 0.50

Talk to your plant
+1 CP OR +0 CP

Sing to your plant
+1 CP OR +0 CP

Talk to your plant
-1 CP Nightmares
Get rid of it 2
50 x Piece of Rostygold E 0.50

Get rid of it 3
100 x Piece of Rostygold E 1.00

6 - 11 Set some candles around the plant
+1 CP / E 2.00

Tell your plant secrets
+1 CP / E 2.00
Dinner time
+1 CP / E 2.00

Investigate your plant
10 x Phosphorescent Scarab / 1 x London Street Sign E 1.00 / E 2.50

Invite some friends over to marvel at your plant
+1 CP Making Waves 1 x Confident Smile

Probably not poisonous
2 x Appalling Secret 1 x Memory of Light E 0.80 / for -2 CP

Get rid of the plant
200 x Jade Fragment E 2.00
12 - 15 Tell your plant your most terrible secrets
+1 CP / E 0.30

Feed a few bats to your plant
+1 CP / E 2.00 (4.00 if buying bats)

Feed a box of weasels to the plant
: +1 CP / E 1.80 OR +0 CP / E 0.20

Feed your plant a goldfish
+1 CP / E 0.40

A little wine and water
+3 CP OR -2 CP / E 0.50

Poke about in your plant's extremities
1 x Sapphire 0.12 E for -4 CP

Examine the tiny fruits
50 x Whispered Hint 0.50 E

Get rid of it 4
200 x Bottle of Greyfields 1882 E 4.00
16 - 18 Feed your plant a sorrow-spider
+2 CP / E 12.80

Feed a coalman to your plant
+1 CP

Feed a vicar to your plant
+1 CP / -1 x Favours: The Church

Get a good look at the fruit
2 x Appalling Secret 1 x Counterfeit Head of John the Baptist E 0.30

Get a very good look at the fruit
2 x Appalling Secret 1 x Counterfeit Head of John the Baptist 1 x Mystery of the Elder Continent E 0.80

Feed a coalman to your plant
1 x Appalling Secret 20 x Whispered Hint E 0.35

Feed a vicar to your plant
1 x Appalling Secret 10 x Whispered Hint E 0.25

Have another poke around the roots
3 x Intriguing Snippet 3 x Secluded Address E 2.10

Get rid of it 6
20 x Flawed Diamond 20 x Sapphire 20 x Venom-Ruby E 6.80

Get rid of it 7
40 x Flawed Diamond 40 x Sapphire 40 x Venom-Ruby E 13.60

Competing in the Tournament of Lilies[edit]

Once you reach level 10 of Attending to the Needs of a Singular Plant, you will be eligible to draw the card, The Noted Orchid-Grower has a Secret and once you draw it, you'll find a new storylet in Your Social Engagements. Here you'll be able to issue challenges to other players which you are familiar with and who are at the same level of tournament as you.

How it Works[edit]

In the storylet The Tournament of Lilies, you will challenge a friend who is of the same level of the tournament as you. Once they accept, the two plants will compete against each other. If they're both the same level, it's a 50/50 shot to win. If one plant is a higher level, there is a skew towards that plant, but the precise amount is unknown.

If you win: You will get a small reward and advance to the next level of Competing in a Tournament of Lilies, losing your entry fee in the process.

If you lose: You will lose the entry fee, be demoted to the previous level of Competing in a Tournament of Lilies (if not 1) and your plant will be damaged, losing between 1-4 CP of Attending to the Needs of a Singular Plant.

Contest Levels[edit]

Contest Entry Fee Prize Loss Penalty
Contest of Strength N/A +1 CP Making Waves -1 CP 
Contest of Cunning 10 x Whispered Hint[1] 150 x Whispered Hint -2 CP 
Contest of Blood 10 x Bottle of Morelways 1872 1 x Extraordinary Implication -1 CP 
Contest of Mysteries 1 x Extraordinary Implication 2 x Aeolian Scream -2 CP 
Contest of Voices 1 x Aeolian Scream 1 x Storm-Threnody -2 CP 
Contest of Beauty 1 x Confident Smile +1 CP Making Waves -4 CP 
  1. Not collected for the winner

Final Prize[edit]

Once you have beaten the Contest of Beauty, you are the champion. You'll find a new storylet in Your Lodgings, A Cryptobotanical Champion!. You will have 2 options for your prize, and in selecting one, you'll be put back at the start of the tournament once more. Both rewards amount to E 11.50, but this is one of the very few sources of a Book of Hidden Bodies. Additionally, the Cryptobotanical Rosette is a unique trophy which can only be obtained by competing.


Cumulative probability chart for the number of actions it will take to win in the Tournament of Lilies

Finishing the tournament, if we assume both plants are at the same level each time, will take a median of 32 attempts, with upwards of 100 attempts for a 95% chance.

Finding Competitors[edit]

Find other players to compete with on the forums.

Or join other players in the Failbetter Games Discord. Additionally the suggest contact button on the action page will provide you with a contact who is at the appropriate level and recently active. You may have to click it multiple times to receive a name.