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Pronouns: He/Him/His

About Me[edit]

Shin Kuroi, my comfort character and perpetual mood. (Fanart By: 佚之狮)

I am Sacchi Hikaru, a name you've probably seen around the community if you hang around the Official Discord at all. I created my first account on Fallen London in 2015, however, my main account was created in 2016, currently going by the username "SacchiHikaru". That first account went NORTH.

Fallen London is a setting that scratches a very particular itch for me, the itch of trying to figure out an ongoing story and put pieces of the lore together, and to that end I have played both Sunless Sea and Sunless Skies to completion.

I have also become rather charmed by the mechanical side of the game, calculating EPAs and various sources of resource-acquisition. However, that charm has led me to burn myself out of the game, so I am not currently playing it, although I still try to keep up with any possible developments.

As for more personal stuff that's not particularly relevant: I am Brazillian, Cisgender, Chaotic Tired, Neutral Horny, A Gay of Mild Relevance, Proud Batfucker, Unrepentant Furry, Lover of Dragons, Digimon Fanboy, in love with music and writing, looking to start a career in game development, depression survivor and a leftist.

Also, the "Sacchi" is pronounced as "Saki", because there's an 85% chance you got it wrong.

My Contributions[edit]

This little fucker is also my perpetual mood. (Art by Rag)

As a member of the Official Discord, I have helped many a people in figuring out parts of the lore and of the game, and worked on a lot of little things to help others in their endeavors. However, I feel that the following are the most relevant of my contributions to the community:

  • Creator of the Grinds of Fallen London document, a document dedicated to explaining and listing several possible grinds available in the game, geared towards all player levels (but particularly veterans). I have since given the reins of this guide to Kala Goyal (AKA DarthPoseidon).
  • Creator and maintainer of the Sins of the Masters document, a spreadsheet dedicated to figuring out the crimes of the Masters of the Bazaar that forced them into the Bazaar's employ in the first place (as listed in the "A Secret About the Masters" blog post). It lists potential answers and all known knowledge that might be relevant to the subject.
  • Creator (?) and popularizer of the Parabolan Child theory in regards to Mr. Candles, the theory that posits that Mr. Candles was raised (and probably born) in Parabola, as an explanation for his Aberration. At the time of writing, this is the commonly-accepted answer to this conundrum (although I will be the first to admit that it has holes).