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Current World Events
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Living World Events are short-lived events driven by player interactions via World Qualities. They were first announced in September 2021, though they build off of the groundwork laid by Mr Chimes' Grand Clearing-Out earlier that year. The first event to go live was the inaugural Crab Hunt on October 12 2021.

The known types of Living World Events are:

  • Angler Crab Hunt
  • Ravenous Lifeberg
  • The Midnight Whale
  • The Urchin War
  • The Great Crate Commotion
  • Shifting Streets
  • A Ghost Ship in Port

Common Mechanics[edit]

Living World Events are somewhat like small Festivals: they are an additional piece of content that is only active and playable for a short duration. The amount of content is much smaller than a regular festival, and the duration is driven by player participation. Generally the event will be driven by a World Quality. The presence of the quality means the event is active, and player participation will drive the quality towards a goal which ends the event.

Living World Events are generally not announced until they go live in-game. So far, the World Quality driving an Event has always gone active at 11am, similar to Festival-related World Qualities. This Morning's Gazette will include a blurb about active events, so players are encouraged to read the newspaper to stay up-to-date on current events.

Each event will recur several times throughout the year, according to no known schedule.


The following recurring events have been observed.

Zee-Monster Hunts[edit]

There are three types of zee-monster hunts, which share some core mechanics.

Angler Crabs[edit]

The regular Angler Crabs seen at Zee have become overpopulated, and must be culled. And in case you have any ethical concerns, the game makes it clear that Crabs are not innocent zee-life, they are dangerous to humans because they hate us and enjoying doing harm.

Ravenous Lifebergs[edit]

A lifeberg is sighted in the Khanate, headed on a course towards London to eat Wolfstack Docks! The Admiralty is offering encouragements to anyone willing to impede its progress.

Midnight Whale[edit]

This is that rarest of reports on a zee-beast – one in which the tenor is curious and wondrous, rather than belligerent and fearful.

The World Qualities tracking this event are Estimated Angler Crab Population for crabs, Remaining Mass of the Ravenous Lifeberg for lifebergs, and The Midnight Whale: Distance from the Gant Pole for the midnight whale. While the event is ongoing, the Wiki will attempt to keep the quality page updated with the current population.


Monstrous Anatomy generally requires a Parabolan Base-Camp. From there, conduct hunts and attempt to Ambush the Parabolan Quarry at close range. Characters with no Base-Camp but Your Own Lab may have access to a few experiments that can raise Monstrous Anatomy, depending on item availability.


You must set zail to hunt; they have not yet tried to come on land into London themselves. Enter Your Cabin, and select the Hunting the Beasts of the Zee storylet. You will have set course to the Zee-monster's location, and will immediately enter combat with it once you arrive.

Each time you elect to hunt a crab, the Rarity of your Quarry and Elusiveness of your Quarry will be set based on the current Estimated Angler Crab Population. These qualities cause both the rewards and difficulty of the crab encounters to increase over the course of the event.

The Lifeberg begins in The Salt Steppes, and changes Zee location every 24 real-time hours. It is currently unknown what happens if it reaches London. The Lifeberg's Elusiveness and rewards change with its location, and the value of rewards scale with your character's Base Watchful. The Lifeberg also awards Officially Recognised Valorous Deeds, which can be traded in at Wolfstack Docks for additional rewards.

The Midnight Whale takes place in The Salt Steppe. The value of rewards scales the closer it gets to its destination.

Combat uses the same mechanics and Storylet as encountering a Plated Seal: You must play actions to increase your In Pursuit of a Zee-Beast until you can Strike down the Angler Crab or Blast the Ravenous Lifeberg with all you've got. The required level starts at 8, increasing with Elusiveness. After striking down the monster like one of those Oaxacan treasure-pots[1], you will choose a new Zailing destination. If your new destination is another hunt, it will be a short trip only requiring 80 Zailing... (unless the Lifeberg has changed its location).

For full details see Hunting the Beasts of the Zee (Guide).

The Urchin War[edit]

The rivalry of the Noughts and Crosses in The Flit has worsened and a war has broken loose. Visit Spite in order to aid them with supplies (See A War in Spite).

The World Quality unlocking this event is A War in Spite!, while Balance of the Urchin War tracks player participation. While the event is ongoing, the Wiki will attempt to keep the latter page updated with the current population.

The event is structured as a tug-of-war, where Balance starts at 50000. A balance below 50000 means the Noughts have received more player support, whereas a balance above that means the Crosses are in the lead. The event ends if one of the factions win (if Balance reaching 0 or 100000), or after one week (determined by A War in Spite!).

Supplies Needed[edit]

The scaling reward scales with Base Persuasive and Involvement in the Urchin War. IitUW increases returns until it reaches 20. At that point returns begin to diminish.

Losing Rewards are gained when providing assistance to the side that is currently losing.

Each time you supply an urchin gang you will gain A point of IitUW is gained with provided supply, and your Supporting the Noughts and Supporting the Crosses will shift 1 CP, first moving towards 0, and then swapping to the other quality and gaining when you no longer possess the other. These qualities cap out at level 8.

The Crosses:
Action Cost Set Reward Scaling Reward Losing Reward
Supply the Crosses with silk 250 x Silk Scrap Intriguing Snippet 4 x Stolen Correspondence
Supply the Crosses with assistance 1 x Lost Research Assistant 1 x Blackmail Material Intriguing Snippet 4 x Stolen Correspondence
The Noughts:
Action Cost Set Reward Scaling Reward Losing Reward
Supply the Noughts with wax 250 x Lump of Lamplighter Beeswax Primordial Shriek 8 x Maniac's Prayer
Supply the Noughts with unexploded ordnance 1 x Unlawful Device 1 x Storm-Threnody Primordial Shriek 8 x Maniac's Prayer


If you favoured the winning faction, you will draw an opportunity card after the war: The War in Spite: The Aftermath. Both urchin gangs provide the same rewards if they win. The rewards are as follows, depending on the level of support.

Support Reward

The Great Crate Commotion[edit]


A lot of crates has been lost all over the Hinterlands, and two factions are fighting for them!

During this event, you may purchase crates with 7 , or play one of the opportunity cards that provide them. A new opportunity card will be unlocked depending on who the winning faction is, providing favours in the upper river. The mechanics are similar to the ones used in the urchin war, but with factions changing from event to event. Like the Urchin War, it lasts one week, or until progress reaches 0 or 50000.

The resulting 'Salvaged' Dirigible Crates may either be opened for yourself, or you may give it to one of the factions for a reward. The latter also affects the current balance in the event. The balance is structured similarly to the War in Spite, but the start point is at 25000, and the factions are variable.

Faction pairs:[edit]

Crate Rewards:[edit]

Selling a crate to a faction increments Crate Conveyor, a 777 quality, but opening it yourself does not.

Faction Action Reward
None Open a crate yourself
Criminals Sell a crate to some Criminals
Constables Turn a crate over to the Constables
Revolutionaries Offer a crate to a Revolutionary cell

Opportunity cards:[edit]

Card Challenge To 100% Pass Fail
Tucked at the Back of a Freight Car 1 x 'Salvaged' Dirigible Crate 6 x Journal of Infamy
At the Bottom of a Pit that Used to be a Hill 1 x 'Salvaged' Dirigible Crate
Atop the Railway Shed 1 x 'Salvaged' Dirigible Crate 6 x Zee-Ztory


At the end of the event, the storylet The End of the Matter becomes availible, which will enable you to draw the winning faction card. Any leftover crates are disposed of at 7 per crate.

Faction Card Challenge To 100% Pass
Criminals An Embarrassment of Snitches Shadowy 180 Shadowy 300
Constables TBA TBA TBA TBA
Revolutionaries Lines of Communication Dangerous 180 Dangerous 300

Winning Faction Cards[edit]

You do not need to have supported the winning faction in order to draw these. These cards are available until the next Great Crate Commotion.


Shifting Streets[edit]

Shifting Streets Summary
Fixed-Length Activity
Setup Progress End
0 A 4 A 1 A


Raise Pedestrian Peregrinations to 7.
Items Inputs/Outputs
Raw EPA 6 Raw SPA -

The streets of the city – treacherous at the best of times – are shifting underfoot. Familiar routes are disrupted, and unfamiliar neighbourhoods are revealed. To investigate this phenomenon, look for 'Shifting Streets', anywhere in London. The activity is open to players of all levels, and will last until the streets have settled once more.

The Treachery of Maps is in full effect and London's streets have started shifting again.

During this event, you may participate in a unique carousel in which you search out where the shifting streets are leading you. Like the Zee Events, it lasts until progress reaches 0.

Initially you will be presented with a choice of following the road to traces of the second, third, or fourth city, which determines the difficulty of the checks and the amount of the reward. The activity then consists of several checks among Shadowy, Persuasive, Watchful, Mithridacy, A Player of Chess and Artisan of the Red Science, a pool of which is chosen at random by The Airs of London. After you have passed or failed 4 checks, you will reach the conclusion where you will receive one final payout.

City Attribute Check Skill Check Action E Final Reward Final E EPA
Fourth 60 2 1.5 50 x Relic of the Fourth City 2.5 1.7
Third 100 6 3 5 3.4
Second 180 10 5 10 6


All actions give +7 CP of Pedestrian Peregrinations pass or fail.

Airs Action Check Fourth City Third City Second City Failure
0-66 Search the city for vagrant streets Watchful 15 x Map Scrap 2 x Extraordinary Implication Nightmares +1 CP
34-100 Observe the city from on high Shadowy 15 x Maniac's Prayer 2 x Aeolian Scream Nightmares +1 CP
1-33 OR 67-100 Ingratiate yourself with the citizens Persuasive 15 x Map Scrap 2 x Night on the Town Scandal +1 CP
17-83 Pore over your maps Mithridacy 15 x Map Scrap 2 x Extraordinary Implication Nightmares +1 CP
1-16 OR 50-100 Study convolutions of space AotRS 15 x Maniac's Prayer 2 x Aeolian Scream Wounds +1 CP
1-49 OR 84-100 Search for meaning in the rearrangements A Player of Chess 15 x Romantic Notion 2 x Extraordinary Implication Suspicion +1 CP


If you participated, at the end, you'll get the 0 action autofire storylet The City Settles. This will give you some story text, and also 1 x Puzzling Map. This will clear your active event if you have one.


  • None!

A Ghost Ship in Port[edit]

The event is accessible from The Hulk of the (Ship) (ship name changes with each event) from within Your Cabin. Progress is tracked with Volatile Consignments Delivered to the Remote Magazine which increases with each level of A Consignment of Capricious Cargo successfully delivered.

You have 3 options, which sets A Consignment of Capricious Cargo to the selected amount and reduces the Cargo Aboard the Ghost Ship world quality by an equivalent amount.

All options will set your destination to Wayland's Teeth and begin a Voyage. Progression is standard for zailing - see Zailing (Guide) for an explanation. Upon reaching Wayland's Teeth, the only option is to Begin manoeuvres, which begins the event's main activity.

The goal of this activity is reaching Progress Towards Admiralty Ordnance Depôt № 8, delivering the cargo, before reaching Volatility of Your Cargo which explodes your vessel and kills you instantly.

You start the activity with:

Hand size is limited to 3 like all Zee content, with the following possible card draws.

Card Requirement Option Challenge/Cost Pass Fail
'No way! There's no way!' Fire the guns! ( x 60 + 50) 
  • +6-9 CP 
  • +2-4 CP 
+6 CP 
Appeal to the generosity of space ( x 6 - 3) 
  • +4-6 CP 
  • +0-1 CP 
+7-8 CP 
'We're not going to make it!' Coordinate the crew ( x 6 - 3) 
  • +4-7 CP 
  • +0-1 CP 
+7-8 CP 
'Watch out!' Full speed ahead! ( x 6 - 1) 
  • +7-8 CP 
  • +0-1 CP 
+7 CP 
'Now! Now!' Head towards the light ( x 6 + 1) 
Send your crew into the water 3 x Strong-Backed Labour
  • Lose 1-3
  • +2-5 CP 
  • +0-1 CP 
'Steady! Steady!' Be the helmsman's eyes ( x 30 + 42) 
  • +2-4 CP 
  • +0-3 CP 
+8 CP 
'Captain! CAPTAIN!'
  • Auto-fires, once
  • 6-7 
Jettison the cargo
Death or glory! Card is discarded

When Progress Towards Admiralty Ordnance Depôt № 8 reaches 8, you are safe and Within the Jaw behind Wayland's Teeth autofires, allowing you the opportunity to finally Carefully offload the cargo. This earns:

Each additional Level of A Consignment of Capricious Cargo (2 or 3) rewards:

If instead Volatility of Your Cargo reaches 8 first, then you are immediately sent to the Fathomking.

History of Living World Events[edit]

The following table aims at recording the duration and time of previous Living World Events for statistical purposes. The dates are using yyyy-mm-dd format.

Event Start date End date Starting value/End value
Estimated Angler Crab Population 2021-10-12 2021-10-12 5000
Estimated Angler Crab Population 2021-11-16 2021-11-19 50000
A War in Spite! 2022-01-20 2022-01-28 27802 (Noughts won)
Remaining Mass of the Ravenous Lifeberg 2022-04-21 2022-04-21 8000
Remaining Mass of the Ravenous Lifeberg 2022-05-03 2022-05-05 32000
A War in Spite! 2023-01-12 2023-01-19 54629 (Crosses won)
2023-02-21 2023-02-28 12421 (Criminals won)
Estimated Angler Crab Population 2023-03-28 2023-??-?? 50000
2023-07-13 2023-07-20 ????? (Revolutionaries won)
Shifting Streets 2023-09-26 2023-09-23 100000
Remaining Mass of the Ravenous Lifeberg 2023-11-16 60000
A War in Spite! 2024-01-09
Cargo Aboard the Ghost Ship 2024-03-12 2024-03-15 45000
Cargo Aboard the Ghost Ship 2024-04-30 2024-05-09 55000
Shifting Streets 2024-06-13 not yet 100000