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Current World Events

Living World Events are short-lived events driven by player interactions via World Qualities. They were first announced in September 2021, though they build off of the groundwork laid by Mr Chimes' Grand Clearing-Out earlier that year. The first event to go live was the inaugural Crab Hunt on October 12 2021.

The known types of Living World Events are:

  • Angler Crab Hunt
  • The Urchin War
  • Ravenous Lifeberg

Common Mechanics[edit]

Living World Events are somewhat like small Festivals: they are an additional piece of content that is only active and playable for a short duration. The amount of content is much smaller than a regular festival, and the duration is driven by player participation. Generally the event will be driven by a World Quality. The presence of the quality means the event is active, and player participation will drive the quality towards a goal which ends the event.

Living World Events are generally not announced until they go live in-game. So far, the World Quality driving an Event has always gone active at 11am, similar to Festival-related World Qualities. This Morning's Gazette will include a blurb about active events, so players are encouraged to read the newspaper to stay up-to-date on current events.

Each event will recur several times throughout the year, according to no known schedule.


The following recurring events have been observed.

Zee-Monster Hunts[edit]

There are two types of zee-monster hunts, which share some core mechanics.

The regular Angler Crabs seen at Zee have become overpopulated, and must be culled. And in case you have any ethical concerns, the game makes it clear that Crabs are not innocent zee-life, they are dangerous to humans because they hate us and enjoying doing harm.
A lifeberg is sighted in the Khanate, headed on a course towards London to eat Wolfstack Docks! The Admiralty is offering encouragements to anyone willing to impede its progress.

The World Qualities tracking this event are Estimated Angler Crab Population for crabs, and Remaining Mass of the Ravenous Lifeberg for lifebergs. While the event is ongoing, the Wiki will attempt to keep the quality page updated with the current population.


The Labyrinth of Tigers is part of A Name Scrawled in Blood. Monstrous Anatomy generally requires a Parabolan Base-Camp. From there, conduct hunts and attempt to Ambush the Parabolan Quarry at close range. Characters with no Base-Camp but Your Own Lab may have access to a few experiments that can raise Monstrous Anatomy, depending on item availability.


You must set zail to hunt; they have not yet tried to come on land into London themselves. Enter Your Cabin, and select the Hunting the Beasts of the Zee Storylet. You will have set course to the Zee-monster's location, and will immediately enter combat with it once you arrive.

Each time you elect to hunt a crab, the Rarity of your Quarry and Elusiveness of your Quarry will be set based on the current Estimated Angler Crab Population. These qualities cause both the rewards and difficulty of the crab encounters to increase over the course of the event.

The Lifeberg begins in The Salt Steppes, and changes Zee location every 24 real-time hours. It is currently unknown what happens if it reaches London. The Lifeberg's Elusiveness and rewards change with its location, and the value of rewards scale with your character's Base Watchful. The Lifeberg also awards Officially Recognised Valorous Deeds, which can be traded in at Wolfstack Docks for additional rewards.

Combat uses the same mechanics and Storylet as encountering a Plated Seal: You must play actions to increase your In Pursuit of a Zee-Beast until you can Strike down the Angler Crab or Blast the Ravenous Lifeberg with all you've got. The required level starts at 8, increasing with Elusiveness. After striking down the monster like one of those Oaxacan treasure-pots[1], you will choose a new Zailing destination. If your new destination is another hunt, it will be a short trip only requiring 80 Zailing... (unless the Lifeberg has changed its location).

The Urchin War[edit]

The rivalry of the Noughts and Crosses in The Flit has worsened and a war has broken loose. Visit Spite in order to aid them with supplies (See A War in Spite).

The World Quality unlocking this event is A War in Spite!, while Balance of the Urchin War tracks player participation. While the event is ongoing, the Wiki will attempt to keep the latter page updated with the current population.

The event is structured as a tug-of-war, where Balance starts at 50000. A balance below 50000 means the Noughts have received more player support, whereas a balance above that means the Crosses are in the lead. The event ends if one of the factions win (if Balance reaching 0 or 100000), or after one week (determined by A War in Spite!).

Supplies Needed[edit]

The Crosses:

The Noughts:

Sticking with the same faction will increase your Supporting the Crosses or Supporting the Noughts accordingly. If you favoured the winning faction, you will draw an opportunity card after the war: The War in Spite: The Aftermath, potentially granting Someone is Coming, Aeolian Screams and a favour.