A Panther's Progress (Guide)

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Note: Growing a Parabolan Kitten into a Parabolan Panther is Fate-locked. This means that no narrative text may be recorded on the wiki. As such, this is a purely Mechanical guide with images instead.


A Panther's Progress is a Fate-locked story to grow your Parabolan Kitten into an Parabolan Panther, unlocked via the option Attend to her mewlings (20 FATE) from the Kitten in your inventory. It is progressed through opportunity cards in London and tracked with A Panther's Progress. To acquire a Parabolan Kitten, you need an owner of the Parabolan Panther to send you one. The Fallen London subreddit, and the official forums are good places to ask


Card image Card requirements Option image Option requirements Rewards
Pantherkitten.png Ratsstring.png 100 x Rat on a String
Carcass.png 1 x Deep-zee Catch
Heartfruit.png 1 x Parabolan Orange-apple
Pantherkitten.png Weasel.png 5 x Lucky Weasel
Birdie.png 1 x Whirring Contraption
Mirrormonster.png 10 x Memory of Light
Pantherkitten.png Bookbrown.png 1 x Entry in Slowcake's Exceptionals A Panther's Progress +2 CP
Conversation.png 5 x Scrap of Incendiary Gossip
Sidebarscandal.png Scandal
Tabbycat.png Lyon Pursuivant of Arms Extraordinary A Panther's Progress +2 CP
Parabolanpanther.png Shutteredpalace.png

Panther Options[edit]

Once you have your grown panther, you'll find a new option on each of the faction Cards for Docks, Bohemians, and Society in the London Opportunity Deck. Each will take you to a distinct location with 3 unique options, with either 1 or 2 visible depending upon your current The Airs of London. If you're interested in making Kittens, each Card offers a chance to increase Parabolan Spoors, which are required to make Kittens. Once you have 3 Parabolan Spoors, you'll need to draw one of these Cards again (which one doesn't matter, but the Airs do still matter) and instead of the option to increase Spoors, you'll find a new option. This will take you to a choice, and if you choose appropriately (see below) then your next Time, the Healer will bring you an option for kittens.

Original Card Airs Option image Option Challenge Rewards
The Demi-Monde: Bohemians The Airs of London 1-33 Chap6.png ?  ? x Sudden Insight (up to 20)
The Airs of London 34-100 Jade.png Dangerous
Parabolanpanther.png Watchful
By the River's Side: the Docks The Airs of London 1-33 Chap6.png Persuasive  ? x Confident Smile (up to 20)
The Airs of London 34-100 Furtivehand.png Dangerous
Parabolanpanther.png Watchful
Park and Palace: Society The Airs of London 1-66 Water.png Dangerous
Parabolanpanther.png Watchful
The Airs of London 67-100 Chap6.png Dangerous  ? x Hard-Earned Lesson (up to 20)
With 3 Parabolan Spoors
New Option Image Result
Leopard.png Grapes.png
Condensed table for checking which Airs work with which Cards
Airs Bohemians Docks Society
The Airs of London 1-33 Chap6.png Chap6.png Parabolanpanther.png/Leopard.png
The Airs of London 34-66 Parabolanpanther.png/Leopard.png Parabolanpanther.png/Leopard.png
The Airs of London 67-100 Chap6.png

If you've selected the option that leads to kittens this week, then after Time, the Healer comes you should find a new storylet in your Lodgings:

Storylet Image Option Image Result
Parabolanpanther.png Mercyhand.png

After playing this, you can prepare your Panther for more kittens for the next Time, the Healer! Note that the above doesn't clear Spoors, so you can play the first 3 steps before or after the new kittens arrive.