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Storylets and actions which increase Favours: The Docks.

The Docks[edit]

Source Action Location/Card Cost/Requirements Number of Favours Notes
Professions The Rat-Catcher's reward London 4 actions, Must be a Rat-Catcher 1 Once per week, after Time, the Healer
The Stalker's Reward 4 actions, Must be an Stalker 1
The Monster-Hunter's Labours 4 actions, Must be a Monster-Hunter 1
Storylets Rescue the crew Mutton Island 24 Actions 1 See Time Passing on Mutton Island (Guide)
Meet some zailors Mrs Plenty's Carnival Less than 5 x Renown 1
Kill the Pinewood Shark Parabolan Base-Camp 1 See Parabolan Hunting (Guide)
Confide in the Chandleress Dept. of Menace Eradication -5 CP Dangerous 1 The Airs of London 96-100
Graduate Pupil Fate Carousel Sinning Jenny's Finishing School 12 Actions 0-1 See Sinning Jenny's Finishing School (Guide)
Cards Visit him in his lodgings A Visitthe Soldier Acquainted 1
Wade in with fists flying A riot in Spite! 0-1 Early Game Only
Tip off the ship's captain A mission from the Cheesemonger An Agent of the Cheesemonger 4-5 1 Early Game Only
Stick to something stately The Last Dance 1 Rare Success, see Attending a Party (Guide)
Sign on to guard a glim-ship An evening's zailing 3 actions 1 Early Game Only
Accept a proposition from a smuggler The Windward Tower: the Matter of the Decommissioned Steamer Removes the card. 1 Repeatable if you move in and loan out, repeatedly.
Buy a round at the Rusty Tramp By the River's Side: the Docks 10 x Piece of Rostygold 1
Find a hard-working home for your Mark of Credit Page Secrets and Spending 14 x Counting the Days and a Mark of Credit Page 1
Teach her to listen What will you do with your Taciturn Mynah? Taciturn Mynah 1

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