Sinning Jenny's Finishing School (Guide)

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Sinning Jenny's Finishing School Summary
Locked Activity
Setup Progress End
4 A 6 A 2 A


Tutor your students and Raise your Syllabus to 3.
Items Inputs/Outputs
  • Any Untreated Egg
Raw EPA 1.25 Raw SPA -
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Sinning Jenny's Finishing School is a special carousel unlocked in Ladybones Road with The Empress' Shadow (FATE). The carousel is notable for being a source of several favours, but it's not very action efficient, and has a relatively low EPA. Each cycle takes 12 actions and gives a favour 50% of the time. When using unsuitable students, you may end up spending more actions. The finishing school also provides Credit, which may additionally be spent to convince Sinning Jenny, if she's a part of your Railway Board.

The finishing school has additional content during all recurring festivals.


Each cycle of the carousel consists of the following:

  • 1 action to enter the school
  • 3 actions to acquire pupils
  • 6 actions to advance your syllabus
  • 1 action to graduate a student
  • 1 Action to make use of your class

Choosing pupils[edit]

Pupils are split into two categories. Suitable pupils have no menace cards, but unsuitable pupils will cause you to sometimes draw opportunity cards that take up actions and give no progress, slowing down your class. The urchin additionally is the pupil that increases your credit, which is important. If you're aiming for a particular favour, you should make sure to bring the corresponding pupil.

Pupil Table
Pupil Requirement Effect Potential Favour Lovers?[1] Confession?[2]
Orphan +4 x Credit Favours: Urchins
Anarchist Credit Favours: Revolutionaries
Bohemian Credit Favours: Bohemians
Nun Credit Favours: The Church
Unsuitable Students (add menace cards)
Foreign Officer 8 x Credit Student Mayhem +1, -2 x Credit Favours: The Great Game
Visitor 4 x Credit Student Mayhem +1 Favours: Tomb-Colonies
Zailor 2 x Credit Student Mayhem +1 Favours: The Docks
Daughter[3] 2 x Credit Student Mayhem +1 Favours: Society
  1. During FEAST OF THE ROSE you can draw an additional card. With 2+ lovers you get a better option.
  2. During HALLOWMAS having these pupils will add an additional card to the deck.
  3. With The Frequently Deceased


In order to advance your syllabus, you must draw cards and progress with them. Menace cards are automatically played, but otherwise you can discard any cards at will. The deck has unlimited draws.

Student Card Table
Pupil Syllabus 1-3 challenge Effect Syllabus 4-5 challenge Effects
Urchin Luck 50% Syllabus +1 Dangerous Syllabus +1, +1 x Credit
+1 x Credit Syllabus +1
Anarchist Syllabus +1, 1 x Maniac's Prayer Persuasive Syllabus +1
Syllabus +1
Bohemian Luck 50% Syllabus +1, 1 x Proscribed Material Dangerous Syllabus +1
Syllabus +1
Nun Syllabus +1 Persuasive Syllabus +1
Foreign Officer Luck 50% Syllabus +1, 1 x Proscribed Material Persuasive Syllabus +1, 1 x Incendiary Gossip
Syllabus +1, -1 x Credit Syllabus +1
Visitor Luck 70% Syllabus +1 Persuasive Syllabus +1, +1 x Intriguing Snippet
Syllabus +1, -1 x Credit Syllabus +1
Zailor Luck 50% Syllabus +1 Watchful Syllabus +1, +1 x Zee-Ztory
Syllabus +1, -1 x Credit Syllabus +1
Daughter Luck 50% Syllabus +1 Watchful Syllabus +1, +1 x Romantic Notion
Syllabus +1, -1 x Credit Syllabus +1
Other Card Table
Working name Condition Challenge / Reqs Effects
Good students card Max 1 Student Mayhem Persuasive Syllabus +1, +2 x Credit
+1 x Credit
Menace card - knife Student Mayhem

Autoplays when drawn

-1 x Credit
Menace card - flames Student Mayhem 3

Autoplays when drawn

-3 x Credit
Menace card - fist Pupil: Foreign Officer

Pupil: Visitor

Autoplays when drawn

Watchful Locks the card
+1 x Credit, locks the card
-2 x Credit
Menace card - Jenny less than 3 x Credit Persuasive +3 x Credit
+1 x Credit
Menace card - Jenny 2 0 x Credit Requires you to restart the carousel to proceed.
-- +2 x Credit
Seasonal Card Table
Working name Condition Option Challenge / Reqs Effects
Mask card FEAST OF THE ROSE 1 Luck 50%

Less than 2 Lovers

Syllabus +1
Syllabus +1, -2 x Credit
2 Luck 70%

2+ Lovers

Syllabus +1, +1 x Credit
Syllabus +1, -1 x Credit
Egg card WHITSUN

Any untreated egg

1 Monstrous Anatomy

1 x Scarlet Egg, Untreated

Syllabus +1, +1 x Credit, -1 x Egg, +1 x Eolith
Syllabus +1, -1 x Credit, -1 x Egg
2 Watchful

1 x Aged Egg, Untreated

Syllabus +1, +1 x Credit, -1 x Egg, +3 x Thigh Bones
Syllabus +1, -? x Credit, -1 x Egg
3 Artisan of the Red Science

1 x Aged Egg, Untreated

Syllabus +1, +? x Credit, -1 x Egg, +1 x Dark-Carapaced Crustacean
Syllabus +1, +? x Credit, -1 x Egg, +1 x Gilded Crustacean
Syllabus +1, -? x Credit, -1 x Egg
4 Monstrous Anatomy

1 x Percipient Egg, Untreated

Syllabus +1, +1 x Credit, -1 x Egg, +1 x Stinger
Syllabus +1, -1 x Credit, -1 x Egg
5 Monstrous Anatomy

1 x Pelagic Egg, Untreated

Syllabus +1, +1 x Credit, -1 x Egg, +1 x Tentacle
Syllabus +1, -1 x Credit, -1 x Egg
Mutton Island Card FRUITS OF THE ZEE

Pupil: Zailor

1 Luck 70% Syllabus +1
Syllabus +1, -2 x Credit
Hallowmas Card HALLOWMAS

Any Confession pupils

1 Luck 70% Syllabus +1, +2 x Credit
Syllabus +1
Mr Sacks Card CHRISTMAS 1 Luck 70% Syllabus +1
Syllabus +1, -2 x Credit

Final rewards[edit]

In addition you gain one of the following when making use of your finishing class:

Dangerous choice:
= 6 E
Persuasive choice:
= 12.5 E