Time Passing on Mutton Island (Guide)

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Shipsmall.png Early Zailing Content


Mutton Island is renowned for two things. The FRUITS OF THE ZEE festival, and increasing Stormy-Eyed. The latter is a part of a cycle which uses Time Passing in the Southern Archipelago (sometimes shortened TPitSA) as a progress quality. Note that you may only leave the island with Time Passing in the Southern Archipelago < 7

For the section of the island that's only available during FRUITS OF THE ZEE, see Fruits of the Zee Festival (Guide)

Through the cycle, you may get Acquainted with Miriam Plenty's Past, which unlocks some interesting options in Mrs Plenty's Carnival once it reaches 3.

Converting Extraordinary Implications[edit]

All of these actions can be accessed from Discuss these Extraordinary Implications with the Custodial Chef

Option Requirement/Cost Reward
"Do you know anything of..." 4 x Extraordinary Implication

Watchful 100

1000 x  Whispered Hint

1 x  Memory of Distant Shores

"I have long puzzled over..." 8 x  Extraordinary Implication

Watchful 120

1000 x  Cryptic Clue

2 x  Mystery of the Elder Continent

"These books you've spoken of..." 10 x  Extraordinary Implication

Watchful 140

2 x  Uncanny Incunabulum

1 x  Tale of Terror!!
+2 CP 

Time Passing[edit]

Time Passing in the Southern Archipelago 0-6
Storylet Option Requirement Challenge Success Failure
Welcome to Mutton Island Take a walk around the island 110  +2 CP  +1 CP 

+1 CP 

The Start of the Day What are these three up to? 110  +2 CP  +1 CP 
An Island with Secrets? Take a quiet look around 110  +2 CP  +1 CP 
+2 CP 

2 x  AS

The Home of Rubbery Lumps Try the Rubbery Lumps 4 x Maniac's Prayer  +1 CP

-1 CP 
+2 CP 
-4 x  Maniac's Prayer

The Mutton Island Wind I bid the wind speak Stormy-Eyed +1 CP 

+2 CP 

The voice of the wind 110  +2 CP 

+1 CP 

+1 CP 
+2 CP 
Leaving Mutton Island Head to your ship at the jetty A Ship Reset 

Move to Your Cabin

Time Passing in the Southern Archipelago 7-8
Storylet Option Challenge Success Failure
All successes also give 2 CP TPitSA. All failures also give 1 CP TPitSA
Dinner in the Fallen Columns Join them for supper 115 -2 CP 

+1 CP 
100 x  Whispered Hint

+1 CP 
A night for... what exactly? What are they up to? 115 145 x Whispered Hint +1 CP 
+5 x  Appalling Secret

1 x  Memory of Distant Shores

Well Watching Talk to the fellow 115  145 x Whispered Hint +1 CP 
3 x  Memory of Distant Shores
Inside the Cock and Magpie Take a good look around 115  +145 x Whispered Hint

+1 CP Acquainted with Miriam Plenty's Past

+1 CP 
+2 x  Inkling of Identity

+2 x  Scrap of Incendiary Gossip
+1 CP Acquainted with Miriam Plenty's Past

The Eyes of Children[1] Stop and listen to the song +1 CP 

100 x  Whispered Hint

The Mouths of Children[2] Hear the words +3 CP 
Time Passing in the Southern Archipelago 9
Storylet Option Challenge Success Failure
All options reset TPitSA, unless stated
Crash! Rescue the crew Affects quirks

1 x  Favours: The Docks

Help yourself to 'salvage' Affects quirks

600 x  Shard of Glim

A Great Feast Attend the Feast +2 CP

-3 CP  -3 CP 

A Procession to the Cliff-top Follow them up the path 116 2 x  Extraordinary Implication

7 x  Appalling Secret

+3 CP 
A Wind to Chill the Heart What does it portend? 120 2 x  Extraordinary Implication

7 x  AS
+3 CP 

+2 CP 
100 x  Whispered Hint

Doesn't reset 

A scrap of a Diary It would be criminal not to 115 2 x  Extraordinary Implication

60 x  Cryptic Clue
+1 CP 

+3 CP 
  1. Locked with SMEN
  2. Requires SMEN

Stormy-Eyed Strategy[edit]

If you've visited Mutton Island in order to increase Stormy-Eyed, you will know that you can only use the useful option if your Time Passing quality is below 7. While you could go through the cycle multiple times and also get the other rewards of the cycle, there is a faster way to grind Stormy-Eyed, namely by leaving the island whenever you reach at least level 6 with 5+ CP.

Leaving the island takes 1 action to return to your ship, 0 to choose your destination and choose a route, ~2 actions to zail (circle the island?), and 1 to dock, for a total of 4 actions wasted to reset Time Passing. (Disembarking without leaving port is no longer possible at Mutton Island.) This produces 13/17≈0.76 CP of Stormy-Eyed per action and E 0. If you stay on the island for the whole cycle, you get 14/24≈0.58 CP per action, but also acquire saleable goods; with Well Watching you'll acquire approximately E 13 per cycle, for ~0.54 EPA, and the final action nets your choice of Favours: The Docks, -3 CP and -3 CP , or E 6.20.

Taking the optimal EPA given that you are primarily maximizing Stormy-Eyed, you'll net about 0.77 EPA to go with 0.58 CP/A, vs. 0 EPA and 0.76 CP/A for aborting the carousel mid-turn. This is fairly early PoSI content, so compared to Unfinished Business storylets which net roughly 1.1 EPA, this is a relatively favorable return. For characters with access to advanced professions or late-game content, running the aborted carousel and then running some other Money-Making Grind is likely more efficient. Piracy also pushes toward aborting the carousel and returning.