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Who do you toast when nobody is listening?

This can sometimes be changed on Connected cards.

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Unlocked with


The Masters of the Bazaar
20: The Constables
30: Society
40: The Church
The University
The Duchess
70: Bohemians
80: The Great Game
90: The Docks
100: Urchins
110: Criminals
120: Hell
130: Revolutionaries
140: Tomb-Colonists
150: Rubbery Men


After meeting the Numismatrix, you may draw the Choosing a Side card which allows you to choose to align yourself with a faction and start the process of Counting the Days and Spending Secrets. Your alignment indicates the faction that you support in your soul (if you still own yours) so it can differ from the faction that you appear to be most closely allied with in terms of renown, favours, or connections.

After your initial choice, to abandon your alignment or form a new one, you must spend resources on the respective faction-specific cards (as shown in the table below).

Faction Align Action Abandon Action
Faction: Bohemians A New Leaf
Faction: The Church Sit an unpopular vigil for a departed soul Rail against the church
Faction: Constables Turn nark on a criminal friend Report a corrupt officer to the Gazette
Faction: Criminals Swear a thieves' oath in the Medusa's Head Amend your ways, though it means turning your back on a friend
Faction: The Docks Impress the Salt-Scarred Navigator Violate the zailors' most sacred superstition
Faction: The Great Game Immerse yourself in the Game Desecrate the hidden Shrine to St Joshua
Faction: Hell An offering Rescue a certain soul from the Brass Embassy
Faction: Revolutionaries Help plant an agent in the Ministry for Public Decency Thwart a Revolutionary operation from the inside
Faction: Rubbery Men Consider yourself closest to Rubbery Men
(at Helicon House)
Make a firm rejection
Faction: Society Rehabilitate a dynasty in disrepute Expose the Veteran Privy Counsellor's indiscretions
Faction: Tomb-Colonies Fulfil a tomb-colonist's wish Cast out the tomb-colonists
Faction: Urchins Return a treasure to the urchins Proof your rooftop against the urchins