House of Chimes (Guide)

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Ladybonessmall.png FATE-locked Early MYN Content and Onwards

The House of Chimes is a location that you can gain access to via Exceptional Friendship. It is mostly just a curiosity, but there are a few perks and stories located there that are of note.

Gaining Admission[edit]

In order to enter the House of Chimes, you must first become Admitted to the House of Chimes. The precise levels of this quality aren't important; the only thing that matters is having it at all. Feel free to select whichever one you like best, but note that it costs 30 FATE to reset it should you want to change it later for some reason.


The stories in the House of Chimes are meant to be accessible to players at any level, and so are all fairly trivial to complete.

As far as anyone in the community is aware, there are no Opportunity cards associated with the House of Chimes. This makes it a good candidate as a location to draw cards for deck-optimizers.

Learning from a Silk-Clad Expert[edit]

The Silk-Clad Expert is probably the biggest reward from this location. By finishing her story in the House of Chimes, you unlock the ability to recruit the Silk-clad Expert as an assistant in your Lab and on expeditions in Moulin. This is essentially double-FATE locked, however, as it requires a separate FATE purchase to make the actual recruitment after you've finished her story here. To compensate however she is quite powerful, with a useful expertise in the lab and the ability to generate Parabolan research without going to Parabola, and in Moulin she provides a unique card that allows progress. Note that once you've unlocked her as an assistant in your lab, you get her for free in Moulin and vice-versa.

Also, note that there is a branch in her story that states that it ends your association with her: this locks you out of getting her as an assistant.

The Regretful Soldier's Heartbreaking Tale[edit]

This story requires you to have Acquaintance: the Regretful Soldier, and gives some lore about him and the ill-fated Campaign of '68. At each step you can choose to advance by spending Wines or by passing a fairly trivial stat challenge; the rewards are the same regardless. The final step is located in your Opportunity deck, and has unique options for the branching paths of A Trade in Souls. None of these actions affect your level of Acquaintance: the Regretful Soldier.

This story does allow you to access the Campaign Medal, an interesting little Curiosity that as far as I am aware is completely useless.

Inviting a Friend[edit]

Gives both you and the person you invite 3 x Confident Smile, and as well as a few pence worth of Cryptic Clue to the sender and a single Flawed Diamond to the invitee. If you somehow find yourself short on Confident Smiles, this does reward better than coffee at Caligula's. A niche action, but nice to have if you need it.


A terrible, Luck-based source of Nodule of Deep Amber. The POSI option averages 150 Nodule of Deep Amber per action, with a rare success that gives 500 Nodule of Deep Amber, 1 CP Suspicion, and a Favour in High Places.

Opportunity Perks[edit]

There is a storylet which lets you speak to Mr. Chimes itself and access several perks that are otherwise locked in your Opportunity deck--notably, the ability to purchase Honeyed Laudanum and the ability to reduce Scandal and Suspicion in a manner similar to A plaster saint!. These storylets still cost the same amount of FATE as their non-Chimes counterparts, but you don't have to wait on opportunity draws to get them.

Another storylet lets you begin several otherwise Opportunity-based stories: notably Solving Cases around London, The Jack-of-Smiles Case, and acquiring an Iron Republic Safe-Conduct. There is also a permanent storylet that lets you access shroom-hopping for three FATE, effectively a non-card version of A stroke of luck!.

Additional Bonuses=[edit]

Equipping all 5 cats from the Mr Chimes' Lost & Found will give you access to a storylet to claim Horatio, Finest of His Lineage