Jericho Library (Guide)

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What needs work: Needs information on Fate-locked Research projects


Once you've built a Library in Jericho Locks, you unlock a new carousel, which can be expanded by buying a FATE-locked story.

Research projects

There are 4 Research projects currently available, one of which isn't FATE-locked.

Each study consists of 3 stages, each requiring 200 research, with the following ways to research:

  • All stages: Common for the 3 stages are several basic options, each giving 25 progress. In addition, you will have access to one of the following, depending on your stage:
  • Stage 1 will either have an option with languages or with cartography up to around 4 times, which in turn unlock an option with liminality.
  • Stage 2 allows advanced options in addition to the basic options
  • Stage 3 allows the most advanced options


To begin with, you have the choice of two options


Perform field research

  •  Spoiler 
    Locked with Librarian's Progress 5


    Challenge information

    Broad, Dangerous 125 || 86 - very chancy (41%) || 107 - chancy (51%) || 128 - modest (61%) || 148 - very modest (71%) || 169 - low-risk (81%) || 190 - straightforward (91%) || 209 - straightforward (100%)


    The mapwork of Hell



Speculate wildly about historical comparatives

  •  Spoiler 
    Locked with Librarian's Progress 5


    Challenge information

    Narrow, Mithridacy 3 || 0 - high-risk (30%) || 1 - tough (40%) || 2 - very chancy (50%) || 3 - chancy (60%) || 4 - modest (70%) || 5 - very modest (80%) || 6 - low-risk (90%) || 7 and above - straightforward (100%)


    A linguistic study



Unless your Mithridacy is very high and your other attributes are low, it is recommended to go with field research, as it unlocks the best options later.

Table of easy options

These are actions available for every stage of your research. They are easy challenges and typically give 25 research.

Easy options
Area of Research Action Challenge Success
Historiography Beguile unwitting scholars Persuasive 125 25
Establish a useful counterfactual Mithridacy 3
Cartography Aquire recent maps Shadowy 125
Trace unreliable connections Glasswork 3
Enlist qualified assistance [1] Watchful 7 + Partial Map
Languages Engage in correspondence with practised experts A Player of Chess 25
Engage in correspondence with the Grand Sanatoria Persuasive 125
Enlist qualified assistance FATE [2] Watchful 88 7 + Sworn Statement
Liminality Index your catalogue Watchful 125 25
Forge original connections Artisan of the Red Science 3
Enlist expert assistance [3] Shadowy 88 7 + Glass Gazette
Ecology Begin a theoretical dissection Monstrous Anatomy 3 25
Drink with Monster-Hunters Dangerous 125
Enlist qualified assistance FATE[4] Dangerous 88 ?

Table of Stage 1 options

You start with either Cartography or Languages, either of which unlocks Liminality.

Stage 1 Options
Lead Action Challenge Success
Lead: Cartography Study antique terrain Watchful 177 39
Lead: Ancient Languages Practise the Unspoken Languages Mithridacy 11 35
Lead: Liminality Chart the reflection of Hell's hinterlands Glasswork 11 31

Table of Stage 2 options

Cartography / Languages unlock Liminality, which unlocks Historiography

Stage 2 Options
Lead Action Challenge Success
Lead: Cartography Conduct a survey Persuasive 177 39
Lead: Ancient Languages Correspond with fellow scholars Mithridacy 11 35
Lead: Liminality Consult texts of a speculative science Artisan of the Red Science 11 35
Lead: Partial Historiography Deduce obscure conclusions A Player of Chess 11 31

Table of Stage 3 options

Either option unlocks all others, except Cartography / Languages

Stage 3 Options
Lead Action Challenge Success
Lead: Cartography Test out your theories Dangerous 230 41
Lead: Ancient Languages Converse with devils Mithridacy 12 41
Lead: Liminality Repair destroyed texts Kataleptic Toxicology 12 41
Lead: Partial Historiography Posit impossible conclusions Mithridacy 12 41
Lead: Ecology Analyse the fauna of Hell Watchful 177 39


With an optimal EPA of around 3, this will never be an effective source of money, but it may be a useful source of the one item it provides.

Optimal play involves focusing on the more advanced options that you can do reliably, and using easy options when you need 25 research or less. If you only need 7 or less research for the next stage, use one of the options that provide additional items.

Stage 1 and 2 both take at least 6 actions, while stage 3 can be done in 5 actions. In addition, 1 action is required to start, one to gain your first lead, and 3 to finish stages for a minimum of 22 actions.