Renown Item Quirk Changes

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This chart documents the quirks gained and lost from using the various Faction items.

There are two ways a Faction item can be used to modify Quirks:

  • Raising Renown above 15 costs 7 of the relevant faction's Favour and a handful of other relevant items (actions like Piece together a forgotten match). When doing so, 5 CP are added to the indicated quirk and taken away from the other. This is not an infinitely repeatable action, as Renown is capped at 50, but the distance between 15 and 50 Renown is large enough to accomplish a lot.
  • If you already have 12 or more of a quirk, the actions that destroy the Faction item (such as Translate the libretto) add 15 CP to one quirk and take 15 CP away from the other.

Note that quirks can never rise above 15, and so all these actions cap out there.

See also Quirks (Guide) for other repeatable quirk sources.

Faction Item Renown 15+ Gain Renown 15+ Loss Item-Consuming Action Gain Item-Consuming Action Loss
Bohemians Ornate Typewriter Magnanimous Heartless Hedonist Austere
The Church Tiny Jewelled Reliquary Subtle Heartless Magnanimous Hedonist
Constables Antique Constable's Badge Subtle Forceful Steadfast Hedonist
Criminals Old Bone Skeleton Key Steadfast Heartless Forceful Subtle
The Docks Engraved Pewter Tankard Subtle Forceful Forceful Subtle
The Great Game Copper Cipher Ring Melancholy Ruthless Subtle Forceful
Hell Bright Brass Skull Hedonist Austere Heartless Magnanimous
Revolutionaries[1] Red-Feathered Pin Ruthless Hedonist Daring Melancholy
Ruthless Magnanimous
Rubbery Men Nodule of Pulsating Amber Steadfast Heartless Austere Hedonist
Society[2] Entry in Slowcake's Exceptionals Heartless Magnanimous Magnanimous Heartless
Hedonist Austere
Tomb-Colonies Diary of the Dead Steadfast Heartless Melancholy Daring
Urchins Rookery Password Daring Melancholy Daring Melancholy
  1. There are two options to use up a Red-Feathered Pin: Assassinate one of Mr Fires' tug pilots, with a poisoned pin and Plant a pin on a judge. The latter has the same effect as the Rookery Password, but is 20 Echoes cheaper.
  2. There are two options that consume one's Entry in Slowcake's Exceptionals: Come to the assistance of Dr F____ and Fund the production of a notorious new ballet. In addition to destroying the Entry, both options cost an additional 2,000 Pennies and remove all of one's Notability (at least 3 levels are required). If one has only 3 Notability, however, and sufficient BDR to make regaining it painless, funding the ballet (at a total cost of 32.5 Echoes, once accounting for the action's rewards) is preferable to exchanging one's Ornate Typewriter, being almost half the cost.