The Hurlers (Guide)

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This is the guide to Cold Comfort, Crystalline Knowledge and Discordant Laws prior to the puzzle of Discordant Studies, which is (somewhat) covered in Discordant Studies - Costs and Rewards (Guide).

Navigating The Hurlers & Requirements[edit]

The Hurlers Map.png

While it's convenient to relate to the separate actions in The Hurlers as separate areas, they are technically just a web of interconnected storylets. The map to the right shows how these storylets are connected. Be warned that not all of these connections are obvious at first, and some require investments to be usable.

Eventually, in order to reach Discordant Studies, you must pass the following requirements:

Step-by-Step Guide[edit]

In order to unlock Crystalline Knowledge, you will only need a point of Steward of the Discordance, but it's worth increasing it to 3 to improve the efficiency. You may have received this already, otherwise consider asking people on Discord etc. for a Discordant Missive, and read them until you reach Steward 3.

Once this is done, you should visit the Encampment and Speak with the Caprine Vagabond. This will increase Crystalline Knowledge to 1.

In order to speed up some later points, continue by making your way to Desolation, approach the Hurlers and count both the circles there. It may be a good idea to re-count if you mis-count 2 or less on the circles in order to boost your luck when playing cards later.

To continue past this point you need to get more familiar with the Hurlers, by increasing your Cold Comfort. Return to Desolation and try to find your way to the Adulterine Ruins. Speak to the Steward. After spending Rumours of the Upper River, she will require you to check out the Hurlers themselves - that is the standing stones after which The Hurlers is named, but you've already done that. This should bring you up to Cold Comfort 2.

For Cold Comfort 3 you also need to play games with the Steward. This requires Crystallised Curio. Check Digging in the Hurlers (Guide) for a guide on getting these. After playing a few card games, discuss the Hurlers. For Cold Comfort 4 you will need Breaking the Ice at 4 or above in order to continue by talking to the Steward. Play a few more card games and Discuss the Disembarked Deviless' research.

Once you've reached Cold Comfort 4, you're ready to Swear the oath, with A Scholar of the Correspondence 15. This process will both increase Crystalline Knowledge to 2 and Cold Comfort to 5.

Discuss the Discordance and the Hurlers with the Steward to increase Crystalline Knowledge to 3 and Cold Comfort to 6.

The next step requires you to visit The Adulterine Castle. Make your way to the frozen lake by passing through Desolation and find the options On the Ice. This would be a good time to bring a bit more than 3000 honey, as well as a Memory of Discordance and Crystallised Euphoria. Open your eyes and you will be transported.

Enter the courtyard and approach the Stewards beneath the Standing Stones. Don't talk about the game to increase Crystalline Knowledge to 4. Don't place a wager on the game (Hurling (Guide) might be helpful).

Return to the castle and Approach the Anchoress in order to increase Crystalline Knowledge from 4 to 5. In order to leave, Establish a route to your Parabolan Base-Camp, then return back to The Hurlers through the Parabola.

Make your way to Amongst the Standing Stones and activate the Discordant Law. Once you return to London, you will now experience Discordant Ripples

Return to The Adulterine Ruins and speak to the Steward about the Adulterine Castle and Discuss the Anchoress.

Go to the Nadir and Rip out the Discordant Law and you're ready to start on the section mentioned in Discordant Studies - Costs and Rewards (Guide).

Discordant Laws Analysis[edit]

There are three potential Discordant Laws. Someone Following You, Frozen Thoughts and Another Mouth. You get one of them depending on which circle was winning when hurling, or whether there was a stalemate.

As can be seen in the table below, there's no clear winners when it comes to which law is best. There are some things worth considering, however:

Discordant Law Table
Someone Following You Frozen Thoughts Another Mouth
Requirement when hurling 1st circle win 2nd circle win Tie the game
Total menaces[1]
  • 1 CP 
  • 4 CP 
  • 3 CP 
  • 3 CP 
  • 1 CP 
  • 1 CP 
  • 2 CP 
  • 3 CP 
Item Losses[2] None
Special items[3] Unlawful Device
Alternate currencies[1][4] 8 8 25 / 850
Total value[1]
  • 37.9 E
  • + 3 CP Fascinating...
43.4 E [5]
  1. 1.0 1.1 1.2 Assumes you draw one of each card
  2. Items that will be slowly lost if you have them
  3. Items with limited sources
  4. These rewards are included in "Total Value," they are not additional.
  5. Certifiable Scrap valued at 50p
  6. Warm amber valued at 10p