Defender of Public Safety (Guide)

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Defender of the Public Safety quality represents your commitment to eradicating monsters that may prove a threat to public safety. Its levels reach a maximum at 21. In order to raise this quality you must turn in Estimable Trophies to the Dept. of Menace Eradication. In short, it is referred to as DoPS.

How to Raising Defender of the Public Safety[edit]

Unlocking the Storylet[edit]

In order to start your journey, you need to raise your Involved in a Railway Venture to 50 by reaching Ealing Gardens. Then you can find the storylet in the Dept. of Menace Eradication.

Raising DoPS[edit]

Now that the storylet is unlocked, you need to turn in Estimable Trophies amounting to 5 + DoPS at each level. You also need to have boosted Dangerous of 100+10* DoPS. Once you reach level 20, level 21 is granted with an action. You will need 290 to reach the final level. The cost for each level is as follows:

Trophies needed for DoPS levels
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20
100 110 120 130 140 150 160 170 180 190 200 210 220 230 240 250 260 270 280 290
5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24
Total 5 11 18 26 35 45 56 68 81 95 110 126 143 161 180 200 221 243 266 290

Gaining Estimable Trophies[edit]

There are two types of sources of Estimable Trophies. Capped sources are capped at 3, but are the most action efficient ways of gaining them, whereas uncapped sources require many actions, but allow them to be gained once you've hit that 3 trophy threshold.

Capped Sources[edit]

Storylet Option Location Requirements Actions Gain (Up to 3)
The Efficient Commissioner's NightmareWaking the Efficient Commissioner Send her home without or with a guardian. Viric Jungle A Hunter's Instinct for Nightmares 2 3
Card: Upper River Artistry Offer your defensive escort Ealing Gardens The DF 1 2

Because you will frequently need to go to the Parabola in order to complete this, there should be no extra action costs in reaching it. Grab The Efficient Commissioner's Nightmare whenever you are eligible.

Uncapped Sources[edit]

Storylet Option Location Requirements Actions Gain
The Return of the Honey-Mazed Bear[1] Restore the Honey-Mazed Bear to his rightful owners Ealing Gardens 9+[2][3] 5
Kill the Pinewood Shark Embattled with the Pinewood Shark Parabolan Base-Camp Dangerous 203 4+[2] 6
Card: Bring it back to the station at the Hurlers Stop That Stove![4] Upper River A Hunter's Instinct for Nightmares 33 5
Card: An Evening at Sophia's Propose a hunting expedition Fallen London 1 1-3[5]
  1. Honey-Mazed Bear requires drawing a The Bear, Again in Ealing Gardens to begin it, followed by hunting in the parabola, and ending in returning it.
  2. 2.0 2.1 Requires hunting in the parabola.
  3. Includes travel to and from Ealing gardens, as well as entering the parabola.
  4. Requires stoking the stove in The Hurlers at the cost of 203 x  Correspondence Plaque
  5. 2-3 on success, 1 on failure.


Whenever you have less than 3 trophies, you will want to visit the Efficient Commissioner's nightmare to gain trophies. And, while it doesn't make sense to grind Rumour of the Upper River to use Sophia's card, whenever you have spare ones, it makes sense to cash them in.

Pinewood Shark[edit]

However, your main source of Estimable Trophies is going to be hunting Pinewood Sharks as the other uncapped options are far less action efficient, and as such you will need a Base Dangerous of 203. This guide will assume a modified Dangerous of 300, and a Glasswork of 12. If you are a Monster-Hunter, it assumes a Monstrous Anatomy of 14. Optimum strategy is as follows:

Expected Actions/Menaces per cycle[edit]
Monster-Hunter ?
Nightmares ≥ 5 ? Yes No Yes No
Expected Actions 8 10 11.27 12.34
Expected Nightmares 2 CP 2 CP 2 CP 2.09 CP
Expected Wounds 0 CP 0 CP 8.43 CP 0 CP

As can be seen, Monster-Hunters greatly decreases the expected time that the cycle takes, especially when Nightmares are high enough. Also, if you are not a Monster-Hunter, it may be wise to always track the quarry to the lair to save wounds. If you can get your Glasswork to 12 with a base of 3, and a Monstrous Anatomy of 14 with a base of 5, then Nightmares can be ignored, as the skill gains will outpace losses due to Conflagration.

This is covered in the Parabolan Hunting (Guide) in more depth.

What is it useful for?[edit]

Only two uses exist for this quality. The first is putting up a statue of yourself at The Magistracy of the Evenlode, the details of which are discussed in the guide Statues at the GHR Stations. The second use is for releasing your stove, which is an extremely expensive way to get a Ray-Drenched Cinder and to obtain a vanity quality.