Give up your fame and friends

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From: One more loss

This will remove all Connected and Renown qualities completely as well as any Favours you'd accrued.

Unlocked with Renown: Hell 5, Renown: The Church 5, Renown: The Docks 5, Renown: Criminals 5, Renown: Revolutionaries 5, Renown: Rubbery Men 5, Renown: Constables 5, Renown: Tomb-Colonies 5, Renown: Urchins 5, Renown: Society 5, Renown: The Great Game 5, Renown: Bohemians 5


A sorrowful shake of the head

"You silly bugger. All that work, all forgotten. I 'ope you like your candle. Don't let the rats eat it."