Lodgings Cards (Guide)

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For other items providing opportunity cards, see Opportunity Items (Guide). For more information on the various lodgings, see Lodgings

You may have gained a bunch of lodgings over time and wonder - do I really need those opportunity cards anymore?

Hence - this handy guide.

Scraps and making waves[edit]

All lodgings cards seem to have an option that provides Certifiable Scraps. These cannot be sold directly to the Bazaar, but may exchanged with the relickers for various items. Their value by exchange is about 40p each, but they're also reliable sources for some high-end items not easily available.

Another option on most of the cards is related to the place and gives various items and/or favours.

In addition, most lodgings cards have an option which lets you convert an item for Making Waves. This is usually quite expensive, but may be useful when grinding for Notability.

Finally, there's an option that allows you to get rid of the relevant opportunity card. For convenience, this isn't included in the table below.

It should be noted that some relatively insignificant things; such as menace gains on failure, etc.; are not included in the table.

For a direct link to the opportunity card: Click the icon of the lodgings.

Lodgings Scraps Other Making Waves Cost
Rooftop Shack 1 x Scrap
1 x Aeolian Scream
1 x Bottle of Broken Giant 1844
25 x Bottle of Greyfields 1882
+1 CP Acquaintance: the Repentant Forger
+1-30 CP Making Waves Favour in High Places
1 x Favours: Society
A Smoky Flophouse 1 x Scrap 0-1 x Favours: Criminals
0-1 x Favours: Revolutionaries
1 x Aeolian Scream
+1-12 CP Making Waves
750 x Bottle of Greyfields 1879
Strong-Backed Labour
3 x Favours: The Docks
Lair in the Marshes 1 x Scrap
1 x Scrap
1 x Aeolian Scream
1 x Scrap
1 x Favours: Society
+1 CP Nightmares
Cottage by the Observatory 1 x Scrap 1 x Appalling Secret
7 x Cryptic Clue
1 x Aeolian Scream
+65 CP Making Waves Searing Enigma
Rooms above a Gambling Den 1 x Scrap 90 x Nodule of Deep Amber
Rooms above a Bookshop 1 x Scrap FATE-locked: Requires A Trade in Souls

2 x Infernal Contract

Handsome Townhouse 2 x Scrap 0-1 x Favours: Bohemians
0-1 x Favours: Society
+3 CP Hedonist
+2 CP Scandal
See Handsome Townhouse: Schemes (Guide)
Decommissioned Steamer 2 x Scrap 1-40 x Stolen Correspondence 9 FATE-locked
1 x Strong-Backed Labour
1 x Whirring Contraption
A guest room at the Brass Embassy 3 x Scrap
A Room at the Royal Bethlehem Hotel 3 x Scrap FATE-locked: Requires A Trade in Souls

40 x Soul
2 x Brilliant Soul

+51-90 CP Making Waves Bejewelled Lens
Premises at the Bazaar 4 x Scrap
200 x Penny
21-80 x Cryptic Clue
1 x Intriguing Snippet
1 x Scrap of Incendiary Gossip

Or with A Novel Birth-Mark and Inculcating Kraken:
1-2 x Touching Love Story
1-2 x Stolen Kiss
0-4 x Nightsoil of the Bazaar

Personal Recommendation
Collection of Curiosities
7 x Favours: Society
A Sanguine Château N/A No Cost
Rooms in a Half-Abandoned Mansion 3 x Scrap 2 x Mourning Candle N/A