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Simple Endgame Grinds[edit]

If you don't like complex grinds, don't qualify for them, or want to grind specific resources in a simple way but at high speed, take a look at this - a list of all endlessly repeatable actions and simple 2-4 action loops with 2.5 EPA or more (up to 3.81).

Simplest Endgame Grinds
Option/s Location Requires Stat/Skill to 100% Item/s EPA Notes
Write down some of what you know about the Discordance
Discard your letter
Your Social Engagements Steward of the Discordance 5 None Whispered Hint (variable) 2.5-3.65 EPA depends on base Watchful
Send him out for a little more honey University Laboratory Found Employment for an Old Friend 1
Scandal less than 8
Persuasive 292 125 x Drop of Prisoner's Honey 2.5
Contribute your insight to a future project The Bone Market Dreaded 15 Monstrous Anatomy 10 1 x Preserved Surface Blooms 2.5
Beg a Rubbery Pie off her The Bone Market Dreaded 3 Persuasive 334 1 x Basket of Rubbery Pies 2.5
Build on the Human Ribcage
Break down your (Skeleton Type) for parts (Human Ribcage)
The Bone Market Your Own Stall at the Bone Market
Human Ribcage
Dangerous 250 625 x Whispered Hint 3.125
Climb the dome itself (Fingerkings) or Climb the dome itself (Cats) The Dome of Scales Parabolan Dominance 1-2 or exactly 3
Glasswork 12 5 x Incisive Observation
Jade Fragment (variable)
2.98-3.14 Jade Fragment amount depends on Glasswork, from 48 at 12 to 64 at 16
Survey the territory The Dome of Scales Glasswork Glasswork 10 5 x Incisive Observation
2-4 x Sighting of a Parabolan Landmark (variable)
All options on All aboard! and all travel actions on similar storylets on all railway stations, except Back to the Smoke in Ealing Gardens Moloch Street and all railway stations Involved in a Railway Venture 50+ Dangerous (variable) 1 x Rumour of the Upper River 2.5 Dangerous challenge varies depending on option, location, Train Defences and Seeing Banditry in the Upper River
Ask about those stones out in the frozen patch of Neath Ealing Gardens Discovered: a Patch of Frozen Neath Persuasive 334 1 x Extraordinary Implication 2.5 Difficulty increases by 20 for each level of Tracklayers' Displeasure.
Attend for a treatment Ealing Gardens Ealing Spa None 50/50 chance of 1-2 x Brilliant Soul/ 100 x Soul or 5-7 x Compromising Document 2.875
Offer to design a treatment: a steam-bath of Mutersalt Vapours Ealing Gardens Ealing Spa
Kataleptic Toxicology 10 95/5 chance of 5 x Brilliant Soul or 1 x Silent Soul 3 Rare success also gives 1 x Favours: Hell
Speak to the Remorseless Archaeologist Jericho Locks 1 x Magisterial Lager (consumed) None 1 x Rumour of the Upper River
1-2 x Survey of the Neath's Bones
2.754 In order to be self-sustaining, one Survey needs to be sold each time to pay for Lager
Try to join with the game of cards again The Magistracy of the Evenlode Entered the Cop Area (hidden)
Tried to Join Cards (hidden)
Seeing Banditry in the Upper River less than 6
None 1 x An Identity Uncovered! 2.5
Search the upper floors The Magistracy of the Evenlode Evenlode Diving Bell
Diving Depth 1-2
Watchful 334 1 x Tin of Zzoup
1-2 x Inkling of Identity
2.6-2.7 Inkling of Identity amount equals Diving Depth
Help yourself to some venison bones Balmoral Balmoral's Castellan
Discovered: the Balmoral Dumbwaiter (hidden)
Shadowy 250 25 x Femur of a Surface Deer 2.5
Discuss the Discordant Law (The Steward) The Hurlers Cold Comfort 6
Discordant Law
None 17 x Appalling Secret 2.55
Take in the air Marigold Station None None 1 x Apostate's Psalm 2.5
Enter the Gatehouse Marigold Station Approaching Hell 777 None 1 x An Identity Uncovered! 2.5
Speak to the Dauntless Knight (Walls of Hell) Marigold Station Approaching Hell 777
Null and Void exactly 35
None 1 x Muscaria Brandy 2.5
Speak to the Dauntless Knight (Chandler's Chapel) Marigold Station Null and Void exactly 40 None 1 x Apostate's Psalm 2.5
Explore the walls Marigold Station Route: the Edict of Towers None 1 x Vienna Opening 2.54
Dive into the Lilymire Marigold Station Route: the Lilymire None 1 x Mourning Candle 2.5
Take a stroll along the waterfront The Copper Quarter Discovered: the Copper Quarter None 1-10 x Memory of Light 2.75

If those don't fit, you might consider Grand Clearing Out activities[i], which are almost as simple but require you to not leave a specific area for a long time to get close to maximum EPA (2.5-3.8, with Rat Market [i] up to 4.39 but the complexity rises). Otherwise, you can take a look at a EPA ranking of complex grinds and see which tier suits your level:



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You can find the current guide at Money-Making.
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As the game has added new content, grinds that were once relatively profitable have fallen out of favor. While these grinds are too bad to mention on the main page they are retained here for historical interest.

  • Hunter's Keep Searing Enigma rare success (Used to be 1.85 EPA, but has since been decreased, might now be ~1.5 EPA)
  • Big Rat Grind (1.01 EPA, used to be 1.77 EPA, easily locked out of, but can be brought back w/ Fate)
  • A thieves' cache! (1.48 EPA |3 progress| or 1.41 EPA |2 progress|, supplies via Connected: Docks and the Tankard| Since the revamp of Connected: Docks into Favours: The Docks, this works differently, though it is potentially more profitable. See sub-heading below.)
  • Deal with mirror-smugglers and Kill the Fungus-column (~1.43EPA, easily locked out of) (Used to be ~1.9EPA but with Deal with mirror-smugglers becoming locked out at a level 8 of reduced the EPA substantially.)
  • A Dream of Roses takes you to Arbor, with long-term card-draw-based grinds theoretically as high as 5.35 EPA, and 5 EPA being realistically achievable. However, the most profitable methods are mutually exclusive with the active grinds. This used to be one of the best grinds in the game as it used to be possible to use Investigate the Near-Arbori to gain Arbor: Permission to Linger, allowing you to stay in Arbor indefinitely and creating possibly the best general-purpose Echo grind. The action however was changed in late July 2020, and so active grinding in Arbor is no more.

Heists in the Flit[edit]

1.94 to 1.998 EPA, depending on risks taken. Read the entire comment section for details. The new heists kicked this into competitive territory, but they're still very chance-based - a simulator suggests an EPA of approximately 1.78, once accounting for Luck challenges and Menace gains. Heists also require a substantial preliminary investment in order to maximize the player's chances, such as Set of Intricate Kifers, Dreaded 10 or Untrained Lyrebird.

University Investigations[edit]

Investigations in the university and cashing in the Flit (~1.78 EPA)

Tale of the Fidgeting Writer[edit]

~1.92 EPA without grinding items, ~1.57 with grinding. It is recommended that players convert large batches of Tales of Terror (e.g., thousands) at a time given the heavy RNG influence in this storyline.

  • This storyline requires at least Watchful 120, though it is composed entirely of Luck challenges.

Boxful of Intrigue[edit]

The Boxful of Intrigue carousel, provided that players side with the Revolutionaries and intercept Correspondence Plaques along the way, as well as using the cash-in to obtain Mourning Candles. (1.64 EPA)

  • This option requires the player to have advanced the Affair of the Box story to at least Level 12, which itself requires access to Mahogany Hall. The carousel is composed of Shadowy 120 challenges.

FATE-locked historical grinds[edit]

  • Tanah-Chook, unlocked by the "All Things Must End" Exceptional story (1.8 EPA)
  • Fate-locked selling your soul (1.8 EPA, easily locked out of)
  • Fate-locked Velocipede Squad (1.2 EPA with new carousel ending, 2.5e with new card)
  • Fate-locked Foreign Office (1.17 EPA with new carousel ending)
  • Fate-locked Apis Meet (1.4 EPA incl. the bribe to stay another day, 2.9 EPA on the last day, reduced by the voyage)