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This guide is outdated and has been retired!
This guide has been preserved as an acknowledgment of the history of Fallen London and of the contributions to the wiki.
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As the game has added new content, grinds that were once relatively profitable have fallen out of favor. While these grinds are too bad to mention on the main page they are retained here for historical interest.

  • Hunter's Keep Searing Enigma rare success (Used to be 1.85 EPA, but has since been decreased, might now be ~1.5 EPA)
  • Big Rat Grind (1.01 EPA, used to be 1.77 EPA, easily locked out of, but can be brought back w/ Fate)
  • A thieves' cache! (1.48 EPA |3 progress| or 1.41 EPA |2 progress|, supplies via Connected: Docks and the Tankard| Since the revamp of Connected: Docks into Favours: The Docks, this works differently, though it is potentially more profitable. See sub-heading below.)
  • Deal with mirror-smugglers and Kill the Fungus-column (~1.43EPA, easily locked out of) (Used to be ~1.9EPA but with Deal with mirror-smugglers becoming locked out at a level 8 of reduced the EPA substantially.)
  • A Dream of Roses takes you to Arbor, with long-term card-draw-based grinds theoretically as high as 5.35 EPA, and 5 EPA being realistically achievable. However, the most profitable methods are mutually exclusive with the active grinds. This used to be one of the best grinds in the game as it used to be possible to use Investigate the Near-Arbori to gain Arbor: Permission to Linger, allowing you to stay in Arbor indefinitely and creating possibly the best general-purpose Echo grind. The action however was changed in late July 2020, and so active grinding in Arbor is no more.