Port Carnelian (Guide)

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Shipsmall.png Early Zailing Content
Governing Port Carnelian Summary
Locked Fixed-Length Activity
Setup Progress End
1 A 24 A 1 A


Raise Brawling with Dockers. Caps at 100/120/140/150 depending on desired payout.
Items Inputs/Outputs
Raw EPA 2.36 Raw SPA -

Welcome, delicious Governor, to Port Carnelian: the outpost of London on the Elder Continent.

How to Unlock[edit]

To be able to reach Port Carnelian, one must complete the Working toward a Foreign Posting storylet that appears at The Foreign Office (see the Foreign Posting Guide). This is unlocked after becoming Banished from the Court (see the Court guide), following the return from exile in the Tomb-Colonies.

After getting Working toward a Foreign Posting to 7 and meeting with the Veteran Privy Counsellor, you can finally head to Port Carnelian.

How to Reach[edit]

Once you have a ship of your own, put to zee from Wolfstack Docks. See Zailing (Guide) for more.

To get to Port Carnelian, select The Elder Continent at the southern edge of the map and then Set a course for Port Carnelian.

Basic Rules[edit]

A term as governor in Port Carnelian lasts 26 actions, measured with Time Passing in Office. There are no opportunity cards in Port Carnelian.

Available actions depend on both Time Passing in Office and The Airs of Port Carnelian. The latter changes randomly with every action.

The goal is to gain either Striped Delights or Silver Horseheads while not allowing Imperial Legitimacy to reach 0. If it does, the player will immediately be sent back to zee and gain no rewards. In that case, you have to return to the Foreign Office in London to re-gain Imperial Legitimacy. This is done by raising Working toward a Foreign Posting to 7 as before, and then choosing the concluding storylet The Value of Good Names.

Options which depend on Time Passing in Office level[edit]

Declaim2small.png Portcarnelian portsmall.png Options Tigerstripessmall.png Horsesilversmall.png Empresscourtsmall.png Net
1-11 - Attend the Daily Assembly of Tigers +4 - - +4
1-11 - A day in Murgatroyd's Imperial Tea Shop - +4 - +4
1-10 1-10 Within their rights:
Close your door without a word
+15 - -10 +5
1-10 1-10 Within their rights:
"Quickly, sir - in, in!"
-10 - +5 -5
1-10 91-100 A plea for pardon:
"Release him immediately!"
- +15 -10 +5
1-10 91-100 A plea for pardon:
Give the executioner the nod
- -10 +5 -5
1-6 1-40 A sickness in the Khaganian Quarters
(with 20 x Striped Delights)
-20 +25 - +5
1-6 11-50 A tithe. Not a bribe. +15 - -10 +5
1-6 41-50 Survey the sapphire mines - - +10 +10
1-6 51-70 A stroll through the Blue Bazaar* (+10) (+10) - +10
1-6 51-90 Allocate funds to repair a Khanate ship - +15 -10 +5
1-6 71-100 The aegis of aesthetics
(with 20 x Silver Horseheads)
+25 -20 - +5
7-10 1-30 Caring for the needy - +15 -10 +5
7-10 11-30 A dangerous source
(with 10 x Striped Delights)
+10 - - +10
7-10 31-40 InconveniencedFATE
(with Inconvenienced by Your Aunt 12-16)
(+15) (+15) - +15
7-10 31-60 A shortage of workers
(with 10 x Silver Horseheads)
- +20 -15 +5
7-10 41-70 A summons from the Smouldering Herald
(with 25 x Striped Delights)
+25 - -20 +5
7-10 61-70 His Amused Lordship
(with Associating with Radical Academics 5)
- - +10 +10
7-10 71-90 A man above a bookshop
(with 25 x Silver Horseheads)
- +25 -20 +5
7-10 71-100 A means for praise
(with 20 x Silver Horseheads)
+25 -20 - +5
11 1-20 The Fortification of Native Vitality
(with 5 x Mystery of the Elder Continent)
+12 - - +12
11 21-40 Building the Sky, a Public Works' request
(with 5 x Vision of the Surface)
- +12 - +12
11 41-50 Orders from on high - - +10 +10
11 - Balancing the desires of the locals
(with 30 x Silver Horseheads)
+38 -30 - +8
11 - Negotiating the rights of the Earth
(with 30 x Striped Delights)
-30 +38 - +8
12 - Honoured with a State Dinner
(with 1 x Striped Delights and
1 x Silver Horseheads)
Reset Reset - -
12 - An audience with the Banded Prince
(with 1 x Striped Delights)
Reset - - -
12 - An equine festival
(with 1 x Silver Horseheads)
- Reset - -
12 - Host a State Dinner
(with Banished from the Court - and
Successful Terms as Governor - 5)
Reset Reset - -

* A stroll through the Blue Bazaar provides either 10 x Striped Delights or 10 x Silver Horseheads
Inconvenienced provides either 15 x Striped Delights or 15 x Silver Horseheads


At the successful completion of a term, the player may choose to spend all of their Striped Delights or Silver Horseheads for specific rewards. The more obtained, the more rewards are given.

If the player has very few Striped Delights and Silver Horseheads, they may choose to be Honoured with a State Dinner, which grants a Favours: Society and 2 Favour in High Places at the cost of resetting both Striped Delights and Horseheads.

Alternatively, the player may choose An audience with the Banded Prince to spend all Striped Delights or An equine festival to spend all Silver Horseheads, gaining rewards based on which one is chosen.

Rewards for turning in Silver Horseheads:

  • (Silver Horseheads / 30 + 2, rounded to the nearest integer) x Partial Map (E 2.5 each)
  • (Silver Horseheads / 70, rounded to the nearest integer) x Puzzling Map (E 12.5 each)

Rewards for turning in Striped Delights:

The table below lists the minimum amount of Silver Horseheads or Striped Delights required to achieve a specific reward tier.

/ 2.5E Items 12.5E Items Echo / 2.5E Items 12.5E Items Echo
105 6 2 40 256 11 4 77.5
136 7 2 42.5 285 11 4 80
165 8 2 45 316 13 5 95
176 8 3 57.5 345 14 5 97.5
196 9 3 60 376 15 5 100
225 10 3 62.5 385 15 6 112.5
245 10 4 75 405 16 6 115

As one can see, this is an okay source of Antique Mystery or Puzzling Map, especially if one has had multiple terms saving up one reward. For Puzzling Maps, this is best done after access to the Court of the Wakeful Eye is unlocked; converting all but a handful of Striped Delights to Horseheads and choosing An audience with the Banded Prince will still secure 5 Tribute each time, and allows a large accumulation of Horseheads for a final term where you gather a large batch of maps.

Each completion of term gains 1 Successful Term as Governor, 5 previously completed terms being needed to Host a State Dinner to host the Captivating Princess (at the end of the sixth term). This will reset both Striped Delights and Silver Horseheads, but gives a Cellar of Wine, a Favour in High Places, and the ability to be Restored to the Court of Her Enduring Majesty, opening the ability to become A Poet-Laureate of London.


Before unlocking Tribute, there are limited ways to increase your profits.

It doesn't matter that much which of the resources an action provides, whether they are Silver Horseheads, Striped Delights or Imperial Legitimacy, because they can all be exchanged for each other on airs-dependent options. This means that you should almost always try to get the most resources, regardless of what that resource is, as long as it doesn't reduce your Imperial Legitimacy to 0. You should also try to avoid having Imperial Legitimacy above 90, because this prevents you benefitting from some options.

When deciding between options with equal net gain, there are a few additional considerations. Legitimacy is less reliable to gain than Delights or Horseheads, as net-positive Legitimacy-gaining options only have a 10% chance of appearing per reroll of Airs, regardless of Time Passing. Therefore, unless you have very high Legitimacy, it is usually preferable to trade Delights or Horseheads for the other rather than spending Legitimacy. Additionally, while Time Passing is in the 7-10 range, it is possible to trade Horseheads for Delights at a net gain of +5, but not vice versa; if possible, try to stock up on Horseheads during the 1-6 range so that you can always take a net +5 action during the 7-10 range.

Assuming a net gain of 5 resources per action (more is doable), you should end up with a gain of at least 130 net resources per cycle. More can be gained by using some particular options. Assuming you have at least 105 combined Striped Delights and Silver Horseheads, it's always more profitable to cash in one resource rather than hosting a state dinner. This would suggest that you never host state dinners, but there are some rare exceptions to this, e.g. when using most of your actions in a cycle to regain Imperial Legitimacy.

Instead of cashing out around 140 resources each time, it's however more profitable to alternate between cashing out 105+ and 176+, as this leads to favourable rounding. Once you've unlocked Tribute, you should always try to cash out Striped Delights, as 5 tribute is more or less equivalent to E 12.5.

Assuming you're able to alternate between 105 and 176 Striped Delights, you'd earn around E 61.25 per cycle, or around 2.36 EPA, in addition to Presbyterate Passphrase from A dangerous source. This is acceptable, but not particularly good compared to other options.