Someone Is Coming (Guide)

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Someone Is Coming Summary
Fixed-Length Activity
Setup Progress End
0 A 10 A 1 A


Raise Someone Is Coming to 4.
Items Inputs/Outputs
Raw EPA -


Someone Is Coming is a mechanic that is used throughout the game. 1 CP Progress is gained on many different cards, and once you've reached Level 4 (10 CP), someone will finally arrive. Alternatively, it may be cashed in on the Rob a drunk storylet in Spite. This means that a normal reward takes 11 actions, and robbing a drunk takes 7 actions.


There are various payouts that can be acquired, and while you start with only one, as you progress in the game, you'll be able to collect different payouts later. The later payouts are typically more valuable than earlier ones.

Everything done through the card will reset Somone is Coming, so if you have excess for whatever reason, it would be best to cash out through robbing A furious and incoherent drunken rat before you play the card.

A table of payouts is shown below:

Requirement Option Items Profit/EPA
A Scream for your Mantel x 275  5.5 E
0.50 EPA
Your very own Infernal Contract You just put it down for a moment x 300 
x 25 
11 E
1.00 EPA
Involved in the Soul Trade FATE A dealer in souls x 4  10 E
0.91 EPA
Investigating the Rubbery Murders, FATE Not making much sense now x 110  11 E
In Contact with a Long-Lost Daughter, FATE A present for your daughter x 22  11 E
A Person of Some Importance - For someone who has it all, or at least most of it x 24  12 E
1.09 EPA
Route: The Bone Market Raw material x 2200  22 E
2.00 EPA
Involved in a Railway Venture 50 A bag of jangling coins x 400 
x 10 
x 3 
14.5 E
1.32 EPA [1]
A furious and incoherent drunken rat x Shadowy/2 [2] 3.79 - 5.27 E [3]
0.54 - 0.75 EPA
  1. 24E / 2.18 EPA with Rat Market and Night-Whisper gotten at the Iremi Exchange
  2. Results shown for Shadowy 100 to 200
  3. Rare Success factored in

Breakdown of Cards[edit]

Profit in addition to the CP of SiC:

Option Requirement Profit in addition to SiC (E )
Conflict Cards 5 favours with 2 relevant factions 8E for 2 favours.
Attend the ceremony 4.58E
City Vices: a Rather Decadent Evening 1 x Favours: Bohemians 4E + MW and +2 CP Scandal
The oracle of the weasel-fights Dazed Raven Advisor 1E
They don't even cheat well exactly 5 Featuring in the Tales of the University 0.85E
The Soft-Hearted Widow 20 x Moon-Pearl 0.8E
City Vices: a tournament of weasels! Lucky Weasel 0.6E
Araby Fighting-Weasel 2E + -1 CP Nightmares + 2x Confident Smile on success, -1x Araby Fighting-Weasel on failure (SIC either way)
Ermine Assassin 3.5E
An Evening with your Spouses Philosophically Perfect Partnership 1E or -3 CP Nightmares
Join him in training Flexible Intelligencer 2.5E (5 )
Jack strikes again An Annoyance to Jack-of-Smiles 0.3E
Exterminate the rats but charge a fee Vermin-free, 3-5 MYN 0.3E
You're a complicated person... 1-3 MYN 0.2E
Find a patsy Suspicion -2 CP Suspicion
The answer to Nightmares? Nightmares Varies, SIC on success only
An opportunity! Free of Surface Ties - 0.15E
A past benefactor The Protégé of a Mysterious Benefactor Second chance
City Vices: a Plea from an Old Friend An Admirer of Beauty - Quirk(s) +1 CP
City Vices: an Entanglement with an Old Friend An Admirer of Art - Varies, includes Quirk changes
Bringing the revolution Plotting against the Masters 1 main stat +5 CP

Cards while Zailing[edit]

Note: You'll meet someone first when you return to London. Excess CP over level 4 should preferably be spent on robbing the drunk rat.


Each completed, London bound, cycle permits payout from either:

Thus, an optimal strategy would be:

For a total of 2.54 EPA

This can be improved later by unlocking Ermine Assassin during the yearly Hallowmas Event. With the assassin, an option on City Vices: a tournament of weasels! becomes quite profitable, as:

For a total of 4.27 EPA

Quite good, but we can do better! Once you unlocked the Bone Market, as a Mid-Game PoSI, the option Raw material becomes available. Thus, the analysis is as follows:

For a total of 5.18 EPA

Now, the following method requires a number of precursor conditions:

But, once these conditions are met, the following strategy can be performed: