Certifiable Scraps (Guide)

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So you have decided you need some Certifiable Scraps.

How to obtain Scraps[edit]

This section is roughly sorted from most profitable to least profitable.

Urchin Favours[edit]

Favours: Urchins can be traded for 25 Scraps at Trade favours with urchins, an Action from Call in favours in the Flit, a Storylet in The Flit. For sources of the Favours, see Category:Favours: Urchins Gain. Generally speaking, though, they are obtained either through luck in drawing cards at 1 Favour/action or through grinding at about 1 Favour for 5 actions (end-game).

Lodgings cards[edit]

Almost all Lodgings cards have an option that gains Certifiable Scraps.


Early-game stories[edit]

These stories are a one-time source of different amounts of scraps each.

Suboptimal grinds[edit]

Because we believe in publishing negative results.

(And want to save you the time calculating those grinds on your own.)

Selling Drownie toys[edit]

You may be tempted to play Devices and Desires to get toys and sell them for scraps. However, this is not particularly worth it:

  • you can only get one toy per trip
  • the three basic toys require at least 5 actions each to get and sell for 5 scraps (≤ 1 scrap per action).
  • the advanced toy requires the 3 basic toys plus another trip (20 actions total) and sells for 10 scraps, i.e. 0.5 scraps per action.


Gambling analysis[edit]

Each Relicker card has three options. Each is a 50% Luck challenge.

  • Recertify some scraps - either gain 5 scraps or lose 4
  • Recertify an armful of scraps - either gain 10 scraps or lose 8
  • Recertify a double-armful of scraps - either gain 20 scraps or lose 18

Generally speaking, the latter two seem to gain about 1 scrap per action on average, while still remaining a gamble. The first one gains 0.5 scraps per action on average.


Affluent Photographer[edit]

A minor use for scraps is trading 2 Scraps for 1 x Trailing the Affluent Photographer, if you cannot or don't want to ask a friend for help.


Most importantly, scraps can be traded with Relickers for items. The table of rewards is below.

Stats Remains.png Capering Sack.png Coquettish Bag.png Curt Coral.png Shivering Sell value

25, 100/25 Soul 200/50 Silk Scrap 50/12 Proscribed Material 100/25 Primordial Shriek ~1.2
50, 80/20 Amanita Sherry 80/20 Surface-Silk Scrap 80/20 Inkling of Identity 80/20 Maniac's Prayer ~5-5.25[1]
75, 42/10 Brilliant Soul 42/10 Whisper-Satin Scrap 42/10 Scrap of Incendiary Gossip 42/10 Correspondence Plaque ~13-14[2]
100, 20/5 Muscaria Brandy 20/5 Thirsty Bombazine Scrap 20/5 An Identity Uncovered! 20/5 Aeolian Scream ~32[3]
125 Brass Ring Puzzle-Damask Scrap Blackmail Material Storm-Threnody 37.50
150 Bright Brass Skull Parabola-Linen Scrap Diary of the Dead Night-Whisper 60 - 62.50
175 Coruscating Soul Scrap of Ivory Organza Intriguer's Compendium Starstone Demark 312.50
200 Reported Location of a One-Time Prince of Hell Veils-Velvet Scrap Rumourmonger's Network Breath of the Void 1560
  1. 8 on success, 8.5 on rare success, 2 on failure
  2. 21 on success, 23.50 on rare, 5 on failure
  3. 50 on success, 62.50 on rare success, 12.50 on failure

What not to use scraps for[edit]

Unless you are very early in the game, by the time you manage to assemble the appropriate number of scraps, you will probably have cheaper means to obtain most items in the above table. Specifically, items up to tier 6 (the "160 Scraps" row on the table) have better sources. However, some of the tier 7 and tier 8 items in the game are almost exclusively only available for scraps, namely Veils-Velvet Scrap (unless you want to study the Discordance) and Breath of the Void (which can alternatively be obtained in Moulin), both of which are needed for the Treasures branch of London's Marrow.