The Protégé of a Mysterious Benefactor (Guide)

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The Protégé of a Mysterious Benefactor is a storyline that starts 1 hour after joining the game. The following option appears at your lodgings:

Warning! This storyline permanently adds a card to your opportunity deck. You can safely acquire a gift (the only useful item is the shoes), but after continuing the story further, the only way to remove it is to pay real money, so be aware.


1. Waiting for a Surprise (Appears in Your Lodgings)

2. Associated with a Benefactor (Appears in Your Lodgings)

3. Associated with a Benefactor (Attribute of 10, Challenge 15)

Either consolidate the connection or favours with your benefactor and get a little something or lose your gift - the story will end then and appear again.

4. Associated with a Benefactor (Attribute of 20, Challenge 25)

5. Associated with a Benefactor (Attribute of 30)

Note: Doesn't look like we've all information at hand here

6. Associated with a Benefactor (Attribute of 40, Challenge 40)

7. / 8. - Free of Patronage / Remembered Fondly

Conclusion: On a pure financial view the threads add up echoes as follows

  • 6,9 
  • 4,4 
  • 6,1 

But that's peanuts - the recurring second chances count more. From my personal view now, since it's a while that I did this storyline - well, what I actually miss the most from these are Hard-Earned Lessons. But others may have a different experience to that and finally one should follow, what one feels comfy with in my opinion.

On the other hand, the whole game has only six watchful boots in total - four others are from seasonal content, and one requires Renown: Revolutionaries 25. The Pair of Mirror-Polished Shoes is a good choice if you value stat bonuses.