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Your relationships to the many factions of Fallen London are governed by several qualities. For most factions these are Renown, Favours and Closest To -. For a small number of special factions the key quality is Category:Connected. Note that these qualities are distinct from Social Influence, which tracks your relationship to other players of Fallen London.

  • Favours are the primary game-play mechanic. They are gained when you perform actions that are viewed favourably by the faction and are lost when you either displease the faction or cash in on your favours. Favours are very profitable but are capped at 7. See Raising Favours and Calling in Favours (Guide) for more details.
  • Many factions are in a natural conflict with each other. If you have 5 favours of each of the opposing faction you can draw non-discardable Conflict Cards.
  • Renown is predominantly a role-playing quality. It is harder to raise and it never decreases. Its principal game function is to unlock Renown Items although it does open up other options as well (e.g. A merry sort of crime). Low levels of renown can be gained at Mrs Plenty's Carnival. Later, Renown is raised primarily through one-off storylines and by cashing it Favours using Faction Items.
  • For the few factions that have not been converted to the new system their Connected quality combines the functionality of Favours and Renown. See Raising Connections.
  • Closest To - is also primarily a role-playing quality. Corresponding Faction Cards need to be drawn to get (or break) Closest To - with a certain faction.

Faction Cards have many other uses, such as increasing main Attributes, providing the default option for gaining Favours and enabling Profession: advancement.

List of Factions[edit]

The Big Top[edit]

The Sideshows[edit]

The University[edit]


Faction Items[edit]

These are items which allow you to increase your Renown/Connected qualities by sacrificing Favours and certain items. All items needed to pay such costs are available at the bazaar, but some are available otherwise as well. For more details visit the Raising Connections guide.

Faction items can be bought at the Bazaar (or gained elsewhere) and most of them can be sold for either 250p or 500p less than their purchase price making them good investments for certain endeavours. However, there are, of course, exceptions.

For factions using Connected qualities, faction items can be repeatedly used when you have Connected 10–19 with a faction. This takes three actions and gives 75 CP in exchange for 150p worth of items (2p/CP at 25 CP/action). For factions using Renown qualities, the conversions are more complicated and depend on your current Renown level.

Item Buy/Sell Effect Input Notes
Nikolas Pawnbrokers
Coppersmall.png Antique Constable's Badge 30.00
Converted to Renown
Bookbrownsmall.png Entry in Slowcake's Exceptionals 30.00
Converted to Renown required to gain Notability
Red goldsmall.png Copper Cipher Ring 40.00
Converted to Renown
Flagsmall.png Red-Feathered Pin 40.00
Converted to Renown
Unfinished paintingsmall.png Tiny Jewelled Reliquary 40.00
Converted to Renown
Tankardsmall.png Engraved Pewter Tankard 50.00
Converted to Renown
Typewritersmall.png Ornate Typewriter 60.00
Converted to Renown
Keystonesmall.png Old Bone Skeleton Key 62.50
Converted to Renown
Universitysmall.png Endowment of a University Fellowship 100.00

75 CP Benthic

75 CP Summerset

15 x Flask of Abominable Salts

15 x Flask of Abominable Salts

available from Connected 1

1 CP Benthic
3 CP Making Waves

1 CP Summerset
3 CP Making Waves

50 CP Summerset

50 CP Benthic

requires Connected 10
Merrigans Exchange
Skullbrasssmall.png Bright Brass Skull 62.50
Converted to Renown
Amber redsmall.png Nodule of Pulsating Amber 100.00
Converted to Renown
Crawcase Cryptics
Bookpurplesmall.png O'Boyle's Practical Primer in the Various Languages of Nippon, Tartary, Cathay and the Princedoms of the Raj 30.00
75 CP Connected: The Widow 75 x Cryptic Clue
Bookdeadsmall.png Diary of the Dead 62.50
Converted to Renown this item is needed for upgrading your Shadowy line Raven Advisor
Scarydoorsmall.png Rookery Password 62.50
Converted to Renown

Renown Items[edit]

Faction Renown 10 (3 favours) Renown 25 (5 favours) Renown 40 (7 favours)
Bohemians Barrel with Leather Shoulder-Straps (Clothing, Dangerous +4, Scandal +1) (card) The DF (Weapon, Persuasive +7, Dreaded +1) (Mahogany Hall) Oneiric Key (Home Comfort, Shadowy +8) (The Mirror-Marches)
Constables Bully Belvedere (Hat, Dangerous +4) (card) The Chap on the Corner (Companion, Watchful +7, Bizarre +1) (Flit) The Place Where they Bury the Bodies (Boots, Shadowy +10, Dreaded +1) (A boat trip)
Criminals Ace of Hats (Weapon, Shadowy +4) (card) Pair of Defenestrating Boots (Boots, Dangerous +7, Respectable +1) (Flit) One Who Pulls the Strings (Companion, Shadowy +10, Dreaded +1) (New Newgate Prison)
Hell Diabolical Fascinator (Hat, Dangerous +4) (card) Hellish Hymn (Hat, Watchful +7, Dreaded +1, Neathproofed +1) (The Shuttered Palace) Infernal Vinification Apparatus (Weapon, Watchful +10, Dreaded +1) (The Iron Republic)
Revolutionaries Implausible Beartrap (Weapon, Dangerous +4) (card) Language of Laces (Boots, Watchful +7, Dreaded +1) (Spite) Gleaming Buttons (Home Comfort, Dangerous +8) (A state of some confusion)
Rubbery Men Amber Cello (Weapon, Persuasive +4) (card) Rubbery Bellringer (Companion, Persuasive +7, Dreaded +1) (The University) Location of an Underground Organ (Weapon, Persuasive +10, Bizarre +1) (Flute Street FATE)
Society Antique Ring Worth Killing For (Weapon, Persuasive +4) (card) Unassuming Judge (Companion, Shadowy +7, Respectable +1) (The Shuttered Palace) Most Humbling Expression of Her Majesty's Esteem (Transport, Persuasive +8) (Port Carnelian)
The Church Angelic Publications (Weapon, Persuasive +4) (card) The Very Teeth of St George! (Home Comfort, Dangerous +4) (The Flit) Beatific Stone (Home Comfort, Persuasive +8) (Corpsecage Island)
The Docks Ex-Privateer Charter Clerk (Companion, Watchful +4) (card) Chelatic Mitten (Gloves, Watchful +7, Bizarre +1) (Wolfstack Docks) Unexploded Mine (Weapon, Persuasive +10, Dreaded +1) (The Pillared Sea)
The Great Game A Subscription to the Gazette and a Whetted Pair of Scissors (Hat, Shadowy +4) (card) The Seal of St Joshua (Weapon, Watchful +7, Dreaded +1) (Wilmot's End) The Great Game (Affiliation, Watchful +5, Shadowy +2) (The Mirror-Marches)
Tomb-Colonies Cup of Dustwine (Weapon, Dangerous +4) (card) Your Very Own Bandages! (Hat, Persuasive +7, Dreaded +1) (Mahogany Hall) Newly-Born Frost-Moth (Companion, Persuasive +10, Bizarre +1) (Tomb Colonies)
Urchins A Feathered Bonnet (Hat, Persuasive +4) (card) Constant Cufflinks (Gloves, Shadowy +7, Bizarre +1) (Wolfstacks Docks) What Might Be A Thunderbolt (Weapon, Shadowy +10, Bizarre +1) (Mind of a Long-Dead God)