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So you've heard of the highly exclusive Temple Club, have you? Unless you're a member of a highly select group of investors, (Kickstarter backers of The Silver Tree or Mask of the Rose) you will need an invitation to get in. You will either need to have one of these important persons send you one or you can use a one-time access code to receive three. But if you are to make the most of your time there, you'd best be prepared, as you won't be able to easily return.

Gaining Admission[edit]

If you are not a member of the Club, you will either require a friend who can send you an invite with Make the invitation or you can get three free invitations with the access code below. As you will only have three chances normally, it is best to plan out your visits to make the most of it.


Access Code:

In an unprecedented move, the clandestine and obscure Temple Club has opened its doors to the public. It is a place for free thinkers, radical antiquarians and luminaries of the modern age to gather amidst the ruins of the Fourth City.


The Temple Club is open to you, for a time. They congregate in a burnt temple deep within the Forgotten Quarter. Amongst the cinders they discuss ways that the world may be other than it is now.

[This code will permit you entry to the Temple Club three times. Find it on your Map, near the Forgotten Quarter.]

Mechanically Unique Actions[edit]

You may be asking yourself, "Why might I want use my tickets for the Temple Club?". To wit, there are four things you can do there that are particularly noteworthy.

Obtain a discount Lengthy Lease to Premises at the Bazaar[edit]

A Lengthy Lease to Premises at the Bazaar can be had at the temple club for 250 x  Volume of Collated Research which is only E 625 instead of the E 800 that it would cost at Penstock's.

Commission a portrait[edit]

This is the only place where A Portrait in the Bazaarine Style can be acquired. This is a longer term goal as its requirements are end game, and its stats aren't remarkable, but it is a rare item for your mantle. The requirements are as follows:

Learn of the Red Science without a laboratory[edit]

There is a way to train Artisan of the Red Science at the Temple Club without researching it in the lab. That said, at a 5% chance for a rare success, this is more action intensive than just studying the brickwork in the lab. Expect to spend 100 Jasmine Leaves and 20 actions for every CP and expect to pay on average, 1400 Jasmine Leaves and 280 actions to go from Artisan of the Red Science 1 to 5. That said unlike studying in the lab, you earn E 1.50/action rather than losing honey from jaunts into the parabola. Still if you have a grind better than E 3.20/action, the lab is the better choice. Note: This will not give you Artisan of the Red Science if you do not already have it.

Grind Connected: The Masters[edit]

Connected: The Masters of the Bazaar can be increased by talking to The drunk in the corner at the cost of 2500 x  Romantic Notion per CP of connected. This is the only repeatable storylet for raising connected. At E 250 / CP this is cheaper than Homage to the paper-man but more expensive than The special books and Present it with the Curatorial Cocktail, all of which rely on opportunity cards, and the latter requires several actions as well. This can be raised up to level 11.


Mechanically, the stories at the temple club are mostly about exchanging one set of resources for another set, and none of them require any checks.

A Coin in the Fountain[edit]

A Coin in the Fountain converts 50 x  Jade Fragment into either 5 x Vision of the Surface or a pair of second chances ( Hard-Earned Lesson/ Hastily Scrawled Warning Note) OR ( Confident Smile/ Sudden Insight) with a chance to lose and only gain Nightmares +1 CP. If you require second chances, this is the easiest grindable source of them, and may be worth investing in if you come to the temple club for other reasons.

Chart the Course of Empire[edit]

Chart the Course of Empire gives you access to a number of exchanges.

Storylet Requirement Reward
Fund revolutionary research 300 x Foxfire Candle Stub
This is resource negative, but may be one of the easiest repeatable sources of Carved Ball of Stygian Ivory, as all others require multiple actions.
Fund Tomb-Colonist defences 300 x Piece of Rostygold 1 x  Knob of Scintillack
This is resource negative, but may be one of the easiest sources of 1 x  Knob of Scintillack, as all others require multiple actions.
Assist acquaintances entangled in bureaucracy 1 x Favours: Society *1.5 x  Jade Fragment (Average)
This is a bad use of your favours. Many other places provide higher returns.
Finance one of the Widow's vessels 6 x  Zee-Ztory Connected: The Widow +10 CP (Up to level 30)
This is a relatively expensive source of connected, but the best non airs-dependent source between levels 0-9 and 20-29.
The drunk in the corner 2500 x  Romantic Notion Connected: The Masters of the Bazaar +1 CP (Up to level 11)
See above discussion

Influence the Spirit of the Age[edit]

Influence the Spirit of the Age gives you access to a number of exchanges.

Storylet Requirement Reward
Finance a Palaeontological Expedition 1 x  Cellar of Wine 100 x  Bone Fragments and one of:
If you need bones, most of these are pretty good results, and none are less than 13.5E worth of items, and occasionally you'll get the Plated Skull for 26E of items.
Ponder the nature of the Red Science 100 x  Cryptic Clue and rarely Artisan of the Red Science +1 CP
See Discussion Above
Make discreet inquiries into the Tragedy Procedures Fragment of the Tragedy Procedures (Not Consumed) 100 x  Cryptic Clue
At 2E /action, this is a terrible way to make money by the time you are likely to have a Fragment. But the lore provided is quite interesting.
Fund the work of an Unconventional Theologian 5 x  Palimpsest Scrap
This is the cheapest single action exchange for Palimpsest Scrap.
Commission a portrait See above discussion

The Immaculate Entrepreneur[edit]

The Immaculate Entrepreneur exchanges T1 items for T3 items at a better action economy than one would receive doing the normal exchange.

Storylet Requirement Reward
Paintings 450 x  Drop of Prisoner's Honey 20 x  Vision of the Surface
Alarming 450 x  Primordial Shriek 20 x  Correspondence Plaque
Sly 180 x  Stolen Correspondence 20 x  Compromising Document
A new home See above discussion

The Little Things[edit]

The Little Things is a small story with no mechanical benefit about spirits in the flames. It is quite short, and requires only Nightmares 2 and a Relic of the Fourth City.

Invite someone else to the Temple Club[edit]

Lastly, if you are a full fledged member of the club you may invite friends in, providing them with an additional invitation.