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This should be considered a template for how the Item Grinding pages preferably should look, but also use common sense. The subguide was originally made on a user page (Credit to User:OuroborusInc), and as such has a personal feel.


The Sub-Area Issue[edit]

Lots of areas have sub-areas - Ealing Gardens has Helicon House, the Flit has Plan a Heist and On a Heist, and so on. When should I list sub-areas versus areas? This is a subjective judgement of how much they 'feel like' places in their own right, but I'll stick it here anyway so my subjective decisions are at least consistent.

  • A Flash Lay - under Social Engagements; not sure how often it'll turn up anyway
  • A hidden camp nestled in the woods of Balmoral - under Balmoral, no way am I typing that out every time
  • A Trade in Reputations - listed; has its own deck and everything
  • Adulterine Castle - listed, unless the Hurlers are also listed
  • An Exceptional Library - this won't come up
  • Area-Diving in Spite - under Spite; I regularly forget that it exists
  • Base-Camp - same arragement as the Castle; only listed if the Quarter isn't
  • Cave of the Nadir - listed
  • Concord Square - listed, I guess?
  • Crowds of Spite - listed; it has its own map thing and a substantial amount of content
  • Dept. of Menace Eradication - listed
  • Doubt Street - definitely listed
  • Evenlode Courts - under Magistracy of the Evenlode; I didn't even know this existed until I went on the Places page
  • Far Beyond the Cordon - under Moulin
  • Helicon House - only listed if Ealing isn't
  • On a Heist - only listed if the Flit isn't
  • Plan a Heist - never listed. The fact that heists require three different locations is baffling to me, and I refuse to acknowledge it unless I have to
  • Reflection of your Laboratory - under Laboratory
  • The Archaeological Institute - under Moulin
  • The Clay Quarters - listed, purely because I think they don't get as much attention as they deserve
  • The Dolorous Pavilion - listed
  • The Empress' Court - listed
  • The Gates of Hell - under Marigold
  • The Rat-Market - listed
  • The Wellspring of Moulin - under Moulin; I don't think it features many notable grinds, but it does crop up in a few heist grinds
  • University Laboratory - listed
  • Veilgarden (Party) - under Veilgarden

Multi-Place Grinds[edit]

There are some grinds, like shipping crates from the Khanate or selling Station VIII stuff to that one Academic, that intrinsically require going between multiple places. I think this should be represented by (most inaccessible place)/.../(most accessible place), with the last location just being London if it's in London, eg The Copper Quarter/London, Station VIII/London


Places should appear in increasing order of entry requirements then in alphabetical order, with multi-place grinds being sorted lexicographically; eg The Copper Quarter, The Copper Quarter/London, Whatever Comes After The Copper Quarter.

  • Starting Locations
    • Ladybones Road
    • Spite
    • Veilgarden
    • Watchmaker's Hill
  • A Place to Live
    • Your Activities
    • Your Lodgings
    • Your Social Engagements
  • Settled In
    • Arbor, of the Roses
    • Dept. of Menace Eradication
    • Mrs Plenty's Carnival
    • The Crowds of Spite
    • The Flit
    • The Medusa's Head
    • The Museum of Prelapsarian History
    • The Singing Mandrake
  • Requires Flit
    • The Rat Market
  • Increasing MYN to 1
    • Moloch Street
  • MYN 3
    • A Flash Lay (listed under Your Activities)
    • The Clay Quarters
    • Area-Diving in Spite (listed under Spite)
  • Increasing MYN to 4
    • The Shuttered Palace
    • Wolfstack Docks
  • Requires Docks
    • The Blind Helmsman
  • Increasing MYN to 5
    • The Forgotten Quarter
  • Requires Quarter
    • Base-Camp (usually under Quarter)
  • Requires Base-Camp and work
    • The Cave of the Nadir
  • MYN 5
    • Plan a Heist/On a Heist (usually under Flit)
    • The Empress' Court
  • Increasing MYN to 6
    • The University
  • MYN 6
    • Mahogany Hall
    • The Labyrinth of Tigers (can technically be entered at MYN 5, but that's quite expensive)
  • Becoming PoSI
    • Bazaar Side-streets
    • Concord Square
  • PoSI
    • A Trade in Reputations
    • Doubt Street
    • University Laboratory
    • Wilmot's End
  • PoSI & MYN 7
    • The Foreign Office
  • Requires Lab
    • The Bone Market
  • Parabolan
    • Parabolan Base-Camp
    • Reflection of Your Laboaratory (under Lab)
    • The Chessboard
    • The Dome of Scales
    • The Waswood
    • Viric Jungle
    • Dolorous Pavilion
  • Overzee Stuff
    • Hunter's Keep
    • Mangrove College
    • Mutton Island
  • Overzee & Voyage of Scientific Discovery
    • Bullbone Island
    • Corpsecage Island
    • Grunting Fen
  • Overzee & Dilmun Club
    • The Court of the Wakeful Eye
  • Overzee & Foreign Office
    • Port Carnelian
  • Overzee & Items
    • Aeschaven
    • Iron Republic Streets (display as Iron Republic)
    • Polythreme
    • Port Cecil
  • Railway, in order
    • Ealing Gardens
    • Jericho Locks
    • The Magistracy of the Evenlode
    • Balmoral
    • The Copper Quarter (actually overzee but needs Balmoral)
    • Khan's Heart (needs Copper Quarter)
    • Station VIII
    • Burrow-Infra-Mump
    • Moulin
    • The Hurlers
    • Marigold Station


GCO grind[edit]

  • amount for action; this requires at least actions actions per reliquary [alt: averages amount per action]. See carousel guide for more information
  • amount per action for action when storylet, eventually paid out via payout; requires setup actions of setup. See guide for more information.

Parawar campaign[edit]

Parawar-unlocked action[edit]

  • amount for action; requires having achieved the ending ending of the campaign campaign and not started another campaign since. See Parabolan War (Guide) for more information.

Generic Carousel[edit]

  • amount for action, for a total of amount2 over the course of the actions-action guide carousel.
  • amount for action; averages apa per action. See guide for more information


Rat Market[edit]


  • amount for action; costs -amount CP Casing...


Quarter Expeditions[edit]


Moulin Expeditions[edit]

Jericho Canals[edit]


Khaganian Intrigue[edit]




  • amount on average for action; takes at least amount actions [and a beast]. See Breeding Monsters (Guide) for more information.

Court Works[edit]

Fidgeting Writer[edit]

  • amount for action, requiring on average actions actions and costE in materials. See Fidgeting Writer (Guide) for more information.

Professional Activities[edit]