Apis Meet (Guide)

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Shipsmall.png FATE-locked Early Zailing Content
Apsis Meet Summary
Locked Fixed-Length Activity
Setup Progress End
1 A 4 A 1 A


Progress through your time here.
Items Inputs/Outputs
Raw EPA 1.44Raw SPA 1.82

Getting There[edit]

Apis Meet is a zee location unlocked by playing the Exceptional Story Flint. Located in Shepherd's Wash, it consists of a single carousel. Entering the Meet requires you to pay either x 1 Scrap of Incendiary Gossip or x 1 Zee-Ztory.


The carousel lasts for 5 actions, with the last being either leaving Apis Meet or paying x 3 Presbyterate Passphrase to return to the beginning. In accordance with Wiki policy, the stages of the carousel will be referred to as Times 1 through 5 in this guide.

There are a few different items it would be helpful to bring when coming here; small quantities of Zee-Ztory and Proscribed Material, Mystery of the Elder Continent and large quantities of Presbyterate Passphrase may all come in handy. .


In addition to the options listed below, there are several non-repeatable actions that are part of Flint, as well as an action with the image which is available at all times, does not advance time when played, and allows for the trading of 5 x Mystery of the Elder Continent for 1 x Presbyterate Passphrase

Storylet Image Time 1 Time 2 Time 3 Time 4 Time 5
Tentgreen.png 0-action option costing 0.01E , which redirects to an option giving

1 x Mystery of the Elder Continent

Presbyterateadventuress.png N/A
Restfulnight.png N/A
Declaim.png 1 x Presbyterate Passphrase 1 x Extraordinary Implication 1 x Touching Love Story N/A
Ruinsthird.png N/A N/A
Writer.png N/A N/A
Library.png N/A N/A
Graffitihiero.png N/A -3 x Presbyterate Passphrase

Return to Time 1

Graffitihiero.png -1 x Presbyterate Passphrase


(Doesn't advance Time)



Apis Meet is not a particularly profitable place. Spending the passphrases to stay another day results in an EPA lower than the venerable Boxgrind, and leaving and zailing back is similarly inefficient. It also isn't a particularly useful source of any specific items: