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Irem, the Pillared City, a place where time is confused and collides with itself. You will always arrive as a stranger to her shores. Oh God. What tense is it written in?


The city is located in The Pillared Sea region, and an Iremi Zee-Chart is required to zail there.

The only way to gain access is to advance to the last (7th) chapter of the Evolution story, during which you'll acquire the necessities (a boat and the chart). Destiny shaping is unlocked once the story is finished.


Irem introduced several 'greater' Iremi Destinies that grant Advanced Stats, available if you already have one of the original 'base' Destinies. Access these in the Loom with a Promissory Note to Yourself gained from the Riddlefishers. Upgrading Destinies can be done year-round for free.

Just as in London, Irem allows you to gain or exchange Destinies for free during four festivals: Feast of the Exceptional Rose, Fruits of the Zee Festival, Hallowmas, and Christmas. You can either acquire a new base Destiny at these times or acquire a new Promissory Note to choose a new Iremi Destiny.

Be mindful that you can only change your Destiny for free once per festival. However, when switching Iremi destinies, you do not need to actually change your Destiny during a festival. Obtaining a new Promissory Note to Yourself during the festival period is sufficient; it can be held onto indefinitely and used to obtain a different Iremi Destiny at any time of year.

The festival time restrictions can be ignored by spending FATE to alter your Destiny out of season. Doing so allows you to gain a base Destiny for the first time (allowing you to upgrade to an Iremi Destiny immediately), exchange base Destinies, or obtain a new Promissory Note for to exchange Iremi Destinies.

Short Descriptions (story spoilers)[edit]

Like the table for ordinary Destinies, this table briefly describes the events of each destiny for those who wish to choose a future they find interesting or avoid ones that would be out-of-character.

Possible destiny Neathy Tarot number Summary Correspondence description
The Mushroom numberless You form a transhumanist commune after the liberatory dark sets in. To see the world not with eyes, but with hyphae.
The Lovers VI As the world shrinks for you and your beloved spouse(s), the depth of your love grows, including into Parabola. The pull of mutual gravity willingly accepted.
The Chariot VII TRAVELLER RETURNING. You go East at full speed. Escape velocity.
Justice XI You continue The Great Work with the Calendar Council, spreading the Liberation through the Neath and eventually throwing off the yoke of the Judgements themselves. A long-overdue change in course.
The Hanged Man XII As the Youthful Naturalist considered, you transform yourself whenever you are about to die, eternally escaping death. The necessary sacrifice of a limiting part of yourself.
The Tower XVI You don't visit the Adulterine Castle or enact an immensely powerful Discordant Law: No thing shall be. Nothing.
The Moon XVIII You make yourself into a city, with a piece of the moon replacing your heart. A truth that can be felt, but never spoken.
The World XXI You return to the surface at great expense, trusting your ability to survive under the warm Sun. To win it all.
The Mask XLIX You were prepared when the Roof broke and the Sun killed the Bazaar, and continue the work for Liberation. To protect a truth with an armour of lies.
The Star LXVII (XVII in Earth tarot) You make arrangements with geographic powers to ensure a future for the Seventh City, after the Bazaar leaves. A course set by the light of something bright and distant.
Judgement LXXVII (XX in Earth tarot) You will enforce the Law and worship the Sapphir'd King. A reckoning no longer postponed.

Rewards of Choices (mechanical spoilers)[edit]

This table shows which Destinies can be obtained from each future. Many Destinies require items obtained elsewhere in Irem; these are not shown here. One requires being Committed: to a relationship. Another requires a very expensive and nonexistent fabric.

Possible future Storylet Choice Destiny
A Nearby Future The Ennui of Victory Nowhere to go but up The World
Not as you are, anyway The Moon
A Dark Future The Liberation, in Gant Plant the seeds of a new community The Mushroom
Plant the seeds of the Great Work Justice
A Neon Future June 22nd, 2023 "For you, of course." The Lovers
"For the memory of London." The Star
"That was simply how long it took to put my plan into motion." The Chariot
An Altered Future Doom/Knot Turn the Key The Hanged Man
No Future The Adulterine Castle, One Final Time Enter the cell, and end it The Tower
A Brilliant Future Inspection Day You have ensured there will be nothing to find The Mask
You are loyal to the Law Judgement

Mechanical Spoilers[edit]

A full list of advanced Destinies and stats.

Destiny (Neathy Tarot) Description Stats
The Mushroom (numberless) You will scatter a new spore.
The Lovers (VI) You will be joined.
The Chariot (VII) You will move on.
Justice (XI) You will remake the world.
The Hanged Man (XII) Death will take aim at you, and miss.
The Tower (XVI) No future.
The Moon (XVIII) You'll know it in your bones.
The World (XXI) You will return.
The Mask (XLIX) You will keep a secret.
The Star (LXVII; XVII in Earth tarot) You will keep your eyes on the horizon.
Judgement (LXXVII; XX in Earth tarot) You will know right from wrong.

Instead of choosing one of the above Destinies, you can also choose to instead retain your previous Destiny and acquire a special Home Comfort. This item has a net advanced stat bonus equivalent to choosing a greater Destiny, though it is only available for Mithridacy.

Mark of Acceptance

The Loom[edit]

The Loom is Irem's activity, neither a singular story nor a wheel, but something a bit different.


Travel through different futures, using cards, 3 qualities (Warps) and the loom storylet for navigation. The border of the cards indicate which of the 3 qualities they can give. The starting location has access to all 3 Warps, but this isn't true for all of them!

Quality Border Described colour
Silken Warp Cardsilver.png Silver
Sinewy Warp Card-SinisterAlternate.png Deep green with red spots
Bombazine Warp Card-SinisterZee.png Dark green

Your hand is limited to 3 cards but draw is not limited, similar to Zailing. Each location has only 3 cards (usually).

To travel to a different future (location), use the loom storylet. Different paths require different Warp qualities. Note that taking a path will reset all of your Warp qualities, so you cannot carry Warps between locations. While not all locations have access to all 3 Warps, cards are kept in your hand between locations, allowing the 'smuggling' of qualities. This is the key to reaching deeper locations.

Each card also features a non-Warp giving option, providing more common or Irem-exclusive items.

Destinies: Getting a Greater Destiny is done from Throwing the Shuttle. Different locations reveal different futures.

Shortcut: Once a few locations are discovered, The Colour of Fate allows the spending of various Neathbow boxes to instantly travel back to selected futures. Usually an expensive shortcut, if you're in a hurry.

Leaving: The process can be halted anytime from The Thread in your Hand storylet. The Player is returned to Irem, the Warp qualities will be reset, but other collected items remain.

Getting experience: You get certain bonuses upon discovering each new future. A Cartographer of Fate is raised by 1 each time, and you need 3 to unlock the shortcuts above. Knowledge of the Crossroads is raised by certain futures - in addition to what is gained during the Evolution you'll have to visit the Ruined, Altered, and Brilliant futures to raise it to 6, and then visiting a certain hidden future and getting a unique item there will propel you to exactly 7.

Boons: Certain cards in several futures give you Boons - powerful pieces of equipment that raise advanced stats and Winds of Fortune by significant numbers, thus making card challenges easier or even guaranteed to succeed. These are given for free. All boons are equipped automatically and simultaneously, providing cumulative bonus, but only persist until you leave Irem, and vanish upon debarking, but can earned anew, should you return.



General map[edit]

Own Destiny[edit]

General maps[edit]
Irem Maps as a Table
Location Shortcut? Warp Access Travel to
A Nearby Future Silvered Sinewy
Jewelled Silken
Abyssal Bombazine
A Jewelled Future Cosmogone Silvered Sinewy
Brilliant Silken
Nearby Bombazine
A Silvered Future Viric Abyssal Sinewy
Chilly Silken
Ruinous Bombazine
An Abyssal Future Apocyan Altered Sinewy
Nearby Silken
Dark Bombazine
A Brilliant Future - Jewelled Sinewy
Nearby Silken
Chilly Bombazine
A Ruinous Future Irrigo Altered Sinewy
Silvered Bombazine
A Chilly Future Violant Silvered Silken
Ruinous Bombazine
An Altered Future Peligin Ruinous Silken
Abyssal Bombazine
A Dark Future Gant Abyssal Sinewy
Nearby Silken
Irem Maps as a Table (Hidden Futures)
Location Shortcut? Warp Access Travel to
A Chilly Future Violant Neon Sinewy
Silvered Silken
Ruinous Bombazine
An Altered Future Peligin Ruinous Silken
Abyssal Bombazine
No Future Sinewy[1]
A Dark Future Gant Abyssal Sinewy
Nearby Silken
No Future Bombazine[1]
A Neon Future - Chilly Sinewy
Brilliant Silken
Ruinous Bombazine
No Future - - - -

Map with secret locations hidden (See below for a full map)

Irem Futures map.png

Simplified map for navigation (secret locations hidden)

This map omits much of the detailed information from the one above, but may help you to visualise your route. Coloured icons on each location indicate the cards/Warps available there, and icons on paths indicate the Warps required to travel them. Mirrorcatch Box shortcuts are indicated by coloured borders on locations.


Map with all locations visible

Irem Futures map (full).png

Simplified map for navigation (all locations visible)

This map omits much of the detailed information from the one above, but may help you to visualise your route. Coloured icons on each location indicate the cards/Warps available there, and icons on paths indicate the Warps required to travel them. Mirrorcatch Box shortcuts are indicated by coloured borders on locations.


Suggested roads[edit]

All starting from A Nearby Future.

Roads to Hidden Futures

Baited Riddle Path[edit]

First make sure you have at least 1 x Justificande Coin for each Riddle you want, as you cannot keep the other necessary items when you leave Irem, and note that Riddlefishing requires Knowledge of the Crossroads 6. This path takes a minimum of 49 actions, but likely will take more; since at least 21 of those actions will be spent on navigating the Loom, Riddles may be best gained in bulk.


Bold Items are Boons. Italic Items are Iremi resource items. Both will be removed upon leaving Irem.

Futures (Excluding Secret Futures) Resources
A Nearby Future
An Abyssal Future
A Dark Future
An Altered Future
A Ruinous Future
A Chilly Future
A Silvered Future
A Brilliant Future
A Jewelled Future
Secret Futures Resources
A Neon Future
No Future
  • -


In Irem, you can obtain special Iremi boons and items that, like many things in Irem, will transform from what they once were or will be, into what they are. Boons will disappear, while items will become a more ordinary version of themselves. In addition, some Iremi items can be sold at the Iremi exchange, the local "Bazaar", essentially allowing for free conversion of Iremi items into 2 different items ; one acquired if you leave Irem with the item, the other from selling it at the exchange. Though the EPA of grinding these items within the Loom is unremarkable, a lot of items cannot be ground at-value; hence, this is the best source of Jasmine Leaves and Moon-Pearls.

Future origin Iremi items Best grind Iremi exchange counterpart What-is counterpart
A Nearby Future Neo-Echo E (0.10) 25/A Jasmine Leaves Moon-Pearl
An Altered Future Frayed Thread E (0.01) 300/A Silk Scrap
A Dark Future No Currency E (0.10) 26/A Venom-Ruby
A Ruinous Future Bandage Scrap E (0.01) 10.5/A Shard of Glim
Shard of Lightless Glim E (0.01) 200/A Piece of Rostygold
Dismal Victuals E (2.50) 1/A Touching Love Story Memory of Light
Selenitic Fragment E (2.50) 1/A Aeolian Scream
A Silvered Future Fingerking Scale E (0.50) 6/A Correspondence Plaque
An Abyssal Future Fluke Spine, Freely Given E (2.50) 1/A Knotted Humerus
A Chilly Future Limpid Soul E (2.50) 1/A Knob of Scintillack
A Brilliant Future Memory of Sunlight E (2.50) 0.5/A...? Mourning Candle
Ounce of Lily-Balm E (0.50) 1/A Brilliant Soul