Shroom-Hopping (Guide)

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Shroom Hopping Summary
Locked Variable-Length Activity
Setup Progress End
1 A 4-6+ A 1 A


Raise In the Lead while you have Time Remaining...
Items Inputs/Outputs
Raw EPA 0.77
Special 2.03 Making Waves/A
This guide is incomplete. You can help by expanding it.
What needs work: Missing challenge information and failures on some challenges.

This guide covers the repeatable activity accessible from A stroke of luck! (3 FATE) on A day at the races. This content is FATE-locked, so per this Wiki's Content Policy, the covered content will not otherwise be included on the Wiki, and the guide may contain mechanical descriptions but not narrative content.


This action brings you to a new location. The activities here are repeatable as long as you do not leave the area it brings. There are unique cards, repeatable storylets, and a carousel.

The Cards[edit]

This location has a unique Opportunity Deck. It is pulls from your same draw pool, and uses the same hand size you normally have. All cards are discardable. If you have a 5 card hand size, you will draw one of every card.

Card Icon Options Challenge Requirements Success Failure
Crowd2.png Societywoman.png 45 N/A 28 x Drop of Prisoner's Honey Scandal +1 CP
Mushroom.png Eye.png 45 N/A 55 x Piece of Rostygold Nightmares +1 CP
Chap2.png Pocketwatch.png N/A Shepherd's Timepiece N/A
Banknotes.png N/A 15 x Inkling of Identity N/A
Fist.png 45 N/A 45 x Whispered Hint Wounds +1 CP
Forkbrass.png N/A Spirifer's Fork 55 x Nevercold Brass Sliver N/A
Mushroomhat.png Swamphand.png 45 N/A Wounds +1 CP
Coingold.png Bohogirl1.png 50% 200 x Jade Fragment 200 x Jade Fragment -200 x Jade Fragment
Piratered.png 30% 200 x Moon-Pearl 300 x Moon-Pearl -200 x Moon-Pearl
Chapposh.png 10% 200 x Whispered Hint 700 x Whispered Hint -200 x Whispered Hint

This is a very easy way to gain Favours: Society and if you're a Shepherd Favours: The Church at one favour per action, and same goes for Confident Smiles.

The Storylets[edit]

Storylet Options Challenge Requirements Success Failure
Document.png Quill.png N/A N/A Starts the Carousel N/A
Mushroomhat.png Modebonnet.png  ? Iron Hat 40 x Whispered Hint ???
Follow2.png  ? Iron Hat 60 x Nodule of Deep Amber ???
Piratehat.png  ? Pirate Hat ???
Ridiculoushat.png  ? Ridiculous Hat 12 x Proscribed Material ???
Placeholder5.png Placeholder2.png N/A N/A Leaves the subarea N/A

The Carousel[edit]

You will start with 6 x Time Remaining... and each action you take will decrement it by 1 or 2. Your goal over the course of this carousel is to increase your In the Lead as much as you can and then at 7 x Time Remaining... there will be one final challenge based on In the Lead to determine the payout. There are 2 different tracks depending on whether you currently have any In the Lead, and when you do not have any, you will have opportunities to acquire Burst of Speed!s which can be spent to gain In the Lead.

The Storylets[edit]

>0? Needed? Storylet Options Challenge Success Failure
6 N/A X Pistol.png Blackglove.png N/A N/A
Running.png  ? ???
5 X Mushroom.png Leap.png 43 ???
Secret.png 45 ???
X X Swamphand.png Eye.png 41 ???
Secret.png 43 ???
4 X Bohogirl1.png Mercyhand.png 40 ???
Eye.png 43 ???
Piratered.png Fog.png 43 ???
X Fist.png  ? ???
X Chapposh.png Vialyellow.png  ? ???
3 X Clouds.png Flag.png 43 ???
Leap.png 50%
X Fog.png Eye.png  ? ???
X Furtivehand.png  ? ???
2 X Placeholder6.png Fist2.png 46 ???
Eye.png 43 ???
X Deportestration.png Fist.png  ? ???
X Sneaky.png  ? ???
1 Placeholder6.png Leap.png 1
X Running.png 2
X Placeholder6.png Leap.png 5
X Sneaky.png 1


The final rewards are based on your ending In the Lead which caps at 4 and can be found in the table below:

In the Lead Reward

On each level of Time Remaining..., there is an option to leave the carousel and return to the main lobby if you're not sure you'll win, or the option to leave the area altogether.


The best route to complete this in the fewest number of action is to take the options that result in a loss of 2 Time Remaining.... This will make the carousel take 6 actions and get you the max rewards 80% of the time. This is an average of 2.03 making waves per action. Otherwise, losing provides 1 of each of the second chances for a similar number of actions. EPA wise this is pretty terrible at 0.776 EPA.