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For half a century, the agents of the Powers played their Great Game in central Asia. Now London is their tournament-ground.

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Whispers from the Surface: The Great Game
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Related Qualities

Favours: The Great Game
Notable Favour Sources
Source Action Location/Card Cost/Requirements Number of Favours Notes
Professions The Watcher's reward London 4 actions, Must be a Watcher 1 Once per week, after Time, the Healer
The Murderer's reward 4 actions, Must be an Murderer 1
The Licentiate's Bounty 4 actions, Must be a Licentiate 1
The Agent's Reward 4 actions, Must be a Agent 1
The Midnighter's Currency 4 actions, Must be a Midnighter 2
Storylets Betray! Destroy! Take black down from the inside! The Chessboard The cycle takes 9 actions. 3 See The Chessboard (Guide)
Meet with spies Mrs Plenty's Carnival Less than 5 x Renown 1
An exchange of favours 2 Wilmot's End This takes 2 cycles of 11 actions each. 1 See Doing Business in Wilmot's End (Guide)
Graduate Pupil Fate Carousel Sinning Jenny's Finishing School 12 Actions 0-1 See Sinning Jenny's Finishing School (Guide)
Cards Go for a glass of wine and a chat A Visitthe Functionary Acquainted 1
Assist in a stakeout Whispers from the Surface: The Great Game +1 CP Wounds 1
Send your bat to collect the menu from a certain cafe on the Surface A Parliament of Bats 1 x Vision of the Surface 1 Requires Sulky Bat to draw.
Make the exchange or Make the trade – and convince her to tell you what this is all about 1000 Nevercold Brass wanted! Will pay handsomely! 1000 x Nevercold Brass Sliver 1
Woods in winter The dance goes on 2 Route: The Cave of the Nadir 1 Drawn only in The Cave of the Nadir
Find a hard-working home for your Mark of Credit Page Secrets and Spending 14 x Counting the Days and a Mark of Credit Page 1
Let your mole do the work What will you do with your Subtle Mole? Subtle Mole 1
Choice on the The Iron Correspondents Card 1 Must have The Iron Correspondents equipped to draw.

Notable Favour Uses
Source Action Location Cost Reward Value/Notes
Storylets An elliptical conversation Wolfstack Docks 1 x Favours 210 x Cryptic Clue E 4.2
Ask the Muffled Intriguer to broker your Stolen Kisses Stolen Kiss 1 x Favours
25 x Stolen Kiss
5 x Favour in High Places
10 x Surface-Silk Scrap
100 x Bottle of Greyfields 1882
1-45 CP Making Waves
On Success
E 3
6 x Favour in High Places
1 x Nodule of Pulsating Amber
1 CP Scandal
1-65 CP Making Waves
On Rare Success
E 75
5 x Favour in High Places
1-35 CP Making Waves
E 0
An Illustrated Novelist Jericho Locks 4 x Favours 1 x Vienna Opening
1 x Queen Mate
55 x Hinterland Scrip
Cards Take a stroll around Tyrant's Gardens Whispers from the Surface: The Great Game 1 x Favours ~20 CP Watchful per favour If 0-30 Watchful
Get some work done at Clathermont's tattoo parlour 3 x Favours If 31-70 Watchful
Learn more at the carnival 5 x Favours If 71+ Watchful
Everyone deserves a second chance A contact in the Great Game has a tale for you 2 x Favours 1 x Sudden Insight
1 x Hard-Earned Lesson
1 x Hastily Scrawled Warning Note
1 x Confident Smile
3 x An Identity Uncovered!
1 CP Someone Is Coming
1 CP Magnanimous
E 7.5
Extra Chances capped at 21
Quirk capped at 5
Make contact with an agent Under the Statue at Moulin 1 x Vital Intelligence
5 x Moves in the Great Game
E 15
30 x Hinterland Scrip
Renown quality
Renown: The Great Game
Closest To:
Closest To - The Great Game

Renown Items

The numbers signify the required Renown level.

  1. A Subscription to the Gazette and a Whetted Pair of Scissors
  2. The Seal of St Joshua
  3. The Great Game (Affiliation)