Uncovering an Unpredictable Treasure (Guide)

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This guide summarises the possible rewards of Uncovering an Unpredictable Treasure:.


Expeditions that give Unpredictable Treasures:
Expedition Unpredictable Treasure Range Average Value E FATE?
Seek a thieves' cache 1-80 27.025 No
Seek a shrine of the Deep Blue Heaven 1-160 70.133 No
A Temple of Uttermost Wind 41-240 159.831 7
A Gallery of Serpents 161-240 287 7

Treasure Possibilities

Title Unpredictable Treasure value [1] Reward
An instrument? 1–19

= 14.50 Echoes

A trophy? 20–37

= 22.50 Echoes

An amulet? 38–39

= 2.00 Echoes or saves you from dying once

A wooden mask? 40–59

= 30.75 Echoes (assuming warm amber traded for deep amber)

The seal of the hooded hawk 60–79

= 40 Echoes

A fragile flake of vellum 80–90

= 62.50 Echoes

A tightly wrapped package 91–99

= 65 Echoes by trading it in with Tomb-Colonists[2]

An inscribed diamond 100–119 = 62.75 Echoes
A long-ago burglar? 120–139

= 75.20 Echoes

What is this? 140–159

= 125 Echoes

A carefully wrapped container 160–179

= 125 Echoes

Box.png Fate-locked rewards 180+ See below
Lovers? 180-199

= 126.20 Echoes

Fallen idols 200-219

= 625 Echoes

A terrible end 220-240

= 312.50 Echoes

Estimating Echoes per Action

A thieves' cache! gets treasures with values 0–80. A Shrine of the Deep Blue Heaven gets treasures in the range 0–160. The average value of Uncovering an Unpredictable Treasure: 0–80 is 27.03 Echoes; the average of 0–160 is 54.67 Echoes. This doesn't include other rewards that the expeditions may bring.

Thanks to the revamp that is Favours: The Docks, the number of actions which are spent on preparing for and undergoing expeditions can be better minimized than before. There is a guide for minimizing the number of actions for Shrine of the Deep expeditions, which can be read here. Incidentally, this type of expedition can yield any of the non-Fate rewards which have been listed above. It can also yield an Eyeless Skull instead of any of the above.

Other Options


These options generate (2 + UaUT/10) CP of Connected: to the respective college, and (4 + UaUT/2) CP of Making Waves. Hence, you may want to consider the exact treasure value before making the decision to donate.

Eyeless Skulls are not Unpredictable Treasures and cannot be donated.

  1. You can uncover the value by using the Scrapbook Status trick explained here
  2. Costs one action and 1 x Favours: Tomb-Colonies