The Sacroboscan Calendar (Guide)

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The Sacroboscan Calendar takes place in The Waswood and as such requires Access to a Parabolan Base-Camp. It resets on Thursdays, at 14:00 UTC.

Depending on the week, there's one historic or pseudo-historic holiday event story available. There's usually a unique item that could previously be gained in some holiday event in the past as well as an item worth 12.5 E . Due to the amount of actions required, this will never be profitable, however. In addition, there's a story that you may or may not have experienced in the past. The Waswood shows both the past and what might have been, so something happening here doesn't necessarily mean that it happened earlier in Fallen London history.

It's worth noting that exiting an event will start a living story, which will clear A Jaunt in the Waswood in a week's time. This means you will have to wait at least a week before re-entering, which means that unless you manage your time well, you will probably end up missing out on an event, once in a while (but you can always wait for the story to cycle back in).

Table of Events[edit]

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In the below table, subdivisions of one cell indicate a choice - e.g. from The Mayoral Visit of Sinning Jenny, you can get one of Favour in High Places, Magnificent Diamond or Blackmail Material.

Events in the Sacroboscan Calendar
Season of the Sacroboscan Calendar Original event Unique reward Stats Required items to obtain reward Economic reward(s)
The Mayoral Visit of Sinning Jenny
Jul 04 - Jul 11
  • 2016
None Favour in High Places
Magnificent Diamond
Blackmail Material
Virginia at the Fruits of the Zee
Jul 11 - Jul 18
Anonymous White Mask, Zee-Stained and Mildewy None
The Viscountess at the Fruits of the Zee
Jul 18 - Jul 25
Viscount's Bejewelled Collar[2] None
Viscountess' Bejewelled Collar[2] None
A Participant in the 1896 Election
Jul 25 - Aug 01
N/A None [4]
A Participant in the 1897 Election
Aug 01 - Aug 08
N/A None
A Participant in the 1898 Election
Aug 08 - Aug 15
N/A Unknown
Et In Arbor Ego
Jun 13 - Jun 20
(currently available)
N/A Unknown Inkling of Identity (grindable)[16]
When you Find Yourself in a Hole, Keep Digging
Jun 20 - Jun 27
Sturdy Pick None
A Pre-Lapsarian Speaking Tube[23] None
M. D_____' A_____ for _______: F____ Edition[23] None
Polythreme Drinking Vessel[23] None
A Poisoned Pen[23] None
Wax-Hardened Boots[23] None
A Reverie of Heroism One of several T8 items:
Singed and Stained Work Gloves A Reverie of Heroism
One of several mementos:[24] N/A None
A Volunteer During the Great Sink of 1899 N/A Rescue options in the early stages
Tears, Sphinxstone, and Limestone
Jun 27 - Jul 04
Memory of a Miniature Museum
An Initiate into the Perfumer's Arts
Your Name in F.F. Gebrandt's Address Book Oneiric Pearl
One of several mementos:[24] N/A None
A Memory of the Affair of the Ushabti N/A Not having A Survivor of the Affair of the Ushabti
  1. consumes the Wimple!
  2. 2.0 2.1 Subsequent visits can get you the other collar
  3. Available through the 'Learn about ___'s platform' options for all three contestants. (For Mr. Slowcake, talk to the Amanuensis.)
  4. Available through Protest the Jovial Contrarian's Campaign and Upset the Captivating Princess' dignity.
  5. Available from Learn more about Madame Shoshana's platform and Learn more about Mrs Plenty's platform
  6. Available through Discommode Mrs Plenty
  7. Available through Make fun of Madame Shoshana
  8. Available from Learn more about Virginia's campaign
  9. Available from Harangue Virginia
  10. Available from Learn more about the Viscountess' platform
  11. Available from Taunt the Viscountess of the Viric Jungle
  12. Available through Learn more about F.F. Gebrandt's platform
  13. Available through Bait F.F. Gebrandt
  14. Available from Learn more about the Tentacled Entrepreneur’s campaign
  15. Available from Undermine the Tentacled Entrepreneur
  16. Available from Who are the Rosers?
  17. Available from 'Something incriminating'
  18. From Something black
  19. From Reach out and touch it
  20. With Fueling the Excavation 11 - 13, from Something white
  21. From Examine the plans for the device
  22. From rescuing fellow Londoners while searching the rubble}}
  23. 23.0 23.1 23.2 23.3 23.4 At most 3 of these rewards can be acquired in a single visit.
  24. 24.0 24.1 Mutually exclusive; removes any previously-obtained mementos