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This is a FAQ-page to link to for frequently asked questions from places such as reddit, Discord, or the official forum. The focus here is to answer questions regarding game-mechanics. This means that spoilers regarding specific stories or concerning the lore in general will be included if it's necessary to answer the question.

Q: How do I raise Renown?[edit]

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  • If you do yet not have any Renown, you may obtain the first five levels at Mrs Plenty's Carnival. The Big Top and The Sideshows give both Favours and Renown.
  • To raise Renown beyond 5, players must use Faction Items, which may be purchased at the Bazaar. These convert Favours into Renown, sometimes also costing other resources. The faction item will let you raise your Renown as far as your stats allow, so there is no need to look elsewhere. A few stories may slightly increase Renown with certain factions.
  • Faction items have different tiers of conversion actions--one for 0 to 8 Renown, one for 8 to 15 Renown, and one for Renown over 15. They will automatically unlock as you progress.

Q: What is the best way to get lots of Correspondence Plaques?[edit]

  • Get Whirring Contraptions from Searching out a Missing Woman in Wilmot's End. Use those Whirring Contraptions to publish a newspaper. At a 100% chance for all challenges, this gives 6.7-8 Journals of Infamy per action (depending on the Newspaper edition you can publish). These can be directly cross-converted into Correspondence Plaques.
  • Without access to Wilmot's End or Doubt Street, Journals of Infamy can also be gained via Thefts of Particular Character in the Flit (and, again, be cross-converting into Correspondence Plaques).

Q: What is the best way to get 1001 Memories of Light for opening the Parabolan Base-Camp?[edit]

Q: What is the easiest way to get a Four-Card Lodging?[edit]

  • The four-card lodgings (Reservation at the Royal Bethlehem, A guest room at the Brass Embassy, and Premises at the Bazaar) may either be bought at the Penstock's Land Agency at the Bazaar, or less expensively through opportunity cards or storylets.
  • The Brass Embassy Guest-room and the Bazaar Premises can be acquired by getting the required resources (Brilliant Souls or Bazaar Permits, respectively) via Thefts of a particular character in the Flit. (For the guest room, a percentage of Brilliant Souls needs to be upconverted into Muscaria Brandy.) This usually takes around 400-500 actions, depending on your Shadowy and whether you have a Gang of Hoodlums or not (if you already have access to Parabola, grind Casing there instead). The required items may also be obtained by other methods, but the one mentioned is probably most efficient. If you don't have access to the University Lab yet, this approach also works for the Room at the Royal Bethlehem, which requires 50 Antique Mysteries.

Q: How do I grind [stat]?[edit]

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Q: When should I become a Person of Some Importance (PoSI)?[edit]

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  • Becoming a Person of Some Importance does not lock any significant content in the game, and so there is no disadvantage to pursuing it as soon as it becomes possible for your character.

Q: What's the best way to cash in Investigating... accumulating with repeating visits to Helicon House?[edit]

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