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This is the combined guide to On the Trail of the Cheesemonger and An Agent of the Cheesemonger. These storylines grant you The Great Game: A Fine Piece in the Game, if you choose to complete them, or several opportunities to gain Favours if you choose not to.

On the Trail of the Cheesemonger[edit]

This storyline is advanced entirely through opportunity cards. You can get the first level by talking to the Gossip in your Lodgings (The first move in a Game), but the opportunity cards require A Name in Seven Secret Alphabets 3.

Card Action Challenge and cost Additional reward
Level 0/1 - Each option also gives 1 CP On the Trail of the Cheesemonger
An Evening of Drink and Intrigue That group nursing a bottle near the fireplace...
A Day at the Library A bookmark 30
Thief! After him! 30
A Little Eavesdropping Follow them 30
Level 2 - Each option also gives 1 CP On the Trail of the Cheesemonger
The Cheesemonger? Spies and couriers 30 5 x Cryptic Clue
What do the urchins know? Perhaps dinner will do the trick 4 x Cryptic Clue
Who knows the Cheesemonger? Ask about the Cheesemonger 30 5 x Cryptic Clue
Level 3 - Each option also gives a level of On the Trail of the Cheesemonger
Out of a job Cutting a deal 200 x Jade Fragment 1 x The Great Game
The spy with the hat Strolling at a discreet distance 40
Level 4 - Choosing an option gives An Agent of the Cheesemonger
The sign of the looped wire Just who are you? 40
A well-known piece in the Game Renown: The Great Game 6

An Agent of the Cheesemonger[edit]

This storyline is done partly through opportunity cards and partly through storylets. The first sections are particularly good for gaining favours.

Freelancing for the Cheesemonger[edit]

These cards are unlocked with 40 in a main attribute. The initial group of cards requires 1-3 levels of An Agent of the Cheesemonger; a advanced set of cards is available from levels 4-5. The actions on them all follow the same basic pattern.

This section of the story is highly profitable, as Favours are very valuable, either for direct profit or for Renown. Tipoffs don't give menaces or cost resources, either, unlike normal faction card options. Keeping the story here is worth considering simply for easy access to Favours, which only grow in value as you unlock more uses for them.

Card Spy Challenge Favour type
Unlocked at level 1–3
A Task from the Cheesemonger 40 1 x Urchins
A Commission from the Cheesemonger 48 0-1 Rubbery Men
A Job from the Cheesemonger 48 1 x Tomb-Colonies[1]
An Assignment from the Cheesemonger 48 1 x Church
Unlocked at level 4–5
A Deed for the Cheesemonger 40 1 x Society
A Mission from the Cheesemonger 48 1 x Docks
An Errand for the Cheesemonger 48 1 x Bohemians
An Undertaking from the Cheesemonger 48[2] 1 x Revolutionaries
  1. Also gives 24 x Cryptic Clue
  2. Has alternage challenge-free spy action costing pay 16 x Stolen Correspondence

Work at the Cheesemonger's Shop[edit]

Opportunity card


Opportunity card

The Shuttered Palace

There is an option in this storylet to resign. As before, this resets your progress in the story to On the Trail of the Cheesemonger 4.


Opportunity cards

The Forgotten Quarter

There is one last opportunity here to resign from the Cheesemonger's service, returning all the way to On the Trail of the Cheesemonger 4. This time it will cost 1 x Favours: The Great Game. After this, the story cannot be reset.

Conspiracy at the Cheesemonger's Home[edit]

Your Lodgings


Your Lodgings

Enact Alice's plan - Spite

Betray Alice - Fallen London

Replace Alice - Veilgarden


A Fine Piece in the Game[edit]

Congratulations: you are now A Fine Piece in the Game! The quality is needed for several things:

Plus, you get 2 free Fate when you finish the storyline and get this quality.