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The Fruits of the Zee Festival![edit]

See the sights and mingle at The Fruits of the Zee Festival! Many branches are available on this storylet, changing with the Sights at the Festival randomiser. Most branches offer a random number of various items based on one or more of your main Attributes. A few branches allow you trade in a Strange Catch. Additionally, you may be able to find the current Mayor for a unique story.

Normal Branches[edit]

Sights Action Success
(EPA with skill level 150)
Alternative Success
0-5  Spy on a delivery for the Custodial Chef -
0-33  Listen to the Drownies' songs
0-33  Dance with a Drownie
34-50  "Oi! You stepped on my invisible rat!"
34-66  Accompany a passing crowd of drunken revellers
51-66  Escape the attentions of the Mary Lloyd -
67-76  Stoke an argument between the Custodial Chef and the Melancholy Curate
67-100  Eat at the Curate's Table
67-100  Eat at the Custodial Chef's Table
86-100  Drink with a Hooded Lady of Mysterious Provenance
86-100  Confront a Hooded Lady of Mysterious Provenance -

Trading in a Strange Catch[edit]

Sights Action Req. Success
0-33  Offer your Strange Catch to the Drownies 5+ The Drowning Feast
0-33  Offer your Strange Catch to the Drownies: Reprise (25 FATE) 5+ FATE
34-66  Follow them to the well 1+
67-100  Ask the Custodial Chef to prepare your Strange Catch 1+
67-100  Give your Strange Catch to the Melancholy Curate 1+
86-100  Offer a Hooded Lady your Strange Catch 1+ The Wreckers' Cove