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This is the previous version of this guide, preserving all the more complex calculations of efficiency for anyone who is interested in referring to or adding to those.

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A Hopefully Comprehensive List of Options for Grinding Bessemer Steel Ingots

This guide will only analyse options between before the first station (when the player is confined to London) until Balmoral, at which point, Holy Mammoths from mp's Mammoth Ranching will become the dominant method for acquiring BSI. [If missing Scrimshander?] TODO: explain holy mammoths, Scrimshander

Bessemer to Railway Steel[edit]

There are two options to convert BSI to Railway Steel in your Laboratory:

Cost Output Efficiency
Option & actions Actions per 10 per 10 per 10
Make tracks 90 1 4 2.5 225 2.5
Make a lot of tracks 345 3 15 2 230 2.0

As can be read from the table above, the option to make tracks is more efficient considering BSI, but the bulk option is more efficient when it comes to actions and Justificande Coins. Considering that coins are harder to acquire than BSI, it will usually be preferable to make Railway Steel in bulk (assuming you have the Infernal Machine needed to do so).

Assuming an action cost of 1.5 actions per Justificande (from Brawling Solo and Accepting a share of the coffer of Admiralty coinage) and the extra half action per 10 Railway Steel, this leads to the Make Tracks option costing a total extra 1.25 action to save the 5 BSI. Thus if you can achieve 4 BSI per action or better, Make a lot of tracks is superior.

This baseline 4 BSI per action can be achieved by brawling in a group with at least 209 Dangerous (enough to 100% the regular brawling option) and then accepting a share of the crates destined for Iron and Misery.

Introducing Bessemer Sources[edit]

There are six main sources examined in depth in the guide, they are as follows:

Sell your skeleton to an Enthusiast of the Ancient World[edit]


This option involves selling a skeleton with at least 1 Antiquity while maximising the Approximate Value of Your Skeleton in Pennies per Action. The efficiency of this option thus depends on the skeleton materials you have access to, which changes based on station, with certain seasonal pets and whether or not you can access bone duplication devices. These skeletons may also be improved with Zoological fads, once you have unlocked non-primate skeletons.


Steal from Mr Iron's warehouse[edit]


This option involves Seeking a Mirror from the Far Side, the Shadowy version of a Parabola hunt, and thus is dependent on your Glasswork and your Shadowy (the former ideally close to 12 and the latter pushed as high as possible).

  • The efficiency also depends on the efficiency of your An Identity Uncovered! source, which changes based on the options unlocked in Doubt Street, and then later with a new source in Balmoral.


Brawling with Dockers for BSI (Solo or in a Group)[edit]


One of the simplest options, with some finesse required as to when to take the riskier option - mostly straight Dangerous checks, and good with a mood.

See Brawling with Dockers (Guide) for more info on Brawling.


Selling the Enthusiast of the Ancient World a Jurassic Thigh Bone[edit]

  • 10 BSI per Femur of a Jurassic Beast.
  • Quite efficient if you can source Femurs at a rate of more than 1 per action. (e.g. from efficiently Brawling for the large crate stolen from the Bone Market)
    • Higher amounts of Brawling needed allows you to use the options that become easier with high Brawling and pay more Brawling per action. In addition, you will waste a lower percentage of your (surplus) Brawling for Bone Fragments, making this usually preferable to Brawling for Steel directly, unless you have access to a great option with low Brawling and not otherwise.

See Brawling with Dockers (Guide) for more info on Brawling.


Smuggle in industrial materials[edit]


One of the most efficient methods, although very dependent on cards in the Upper River. Available from Jericho and onwards.

Requires a source of Preserved Surface Blooms. Converting 24 Preserved Surface Blooms yields 130 Bessemer Steel Ingots.


While blooms can be gained through the same smuggling card, they may somewhat more reliably be acquired from the rat market or bone market.

Industrial theft[edit]

See Cover Identities (Guide) for more information on this.


Professional Activities[edit]

This option involves use of the Professional Activities in Your Activities and then selecting the direct In steel payout.

See Professional Activities (Guide) for more information on this. This method is used pre-Railway and may be used elsewhere as more professions are rolled out.


  • Having any T3 Profession

Suboptimal Sources[edit]

In addition to these five options to acquire BSI, there are other methods to directly acquire Railway Steel:

  • And one highly not recommended option of Searching the Storm Bird's cloud (5 BSI at most per hunt, which is at the most efficient 5 actions per 5 BSI (discounting rare successes), meaning 1 BSI/A.)

As we will soon see, 5 BSI/A is at the lower end of our capabilities.

Quick Guide[edit]

If all you are looking for is some simple and reasonably efficient options to get you started, this section has you covered. For the supporting calculations and a richer set of options, read the full guide.

Before Magistracy of the Evenlode[edit]

The simplest efficient sources all involve Brawling.

After Magistracy of the Evenlode[edit]

Now you can get a Special Dispensation which unlocks a new option when brawling on the side of order or for yourself

  • This shortens the loop to get ingots directly by 1 action, so this now gives 5 Ingots / Action

Provided you have 25 Renown: Urchins, you can now farm An Identity Uncovered! via The Urchins' Games and use them to Rob Mr. Irons.

  • This is limited by your opportunity deck, but gives ~8.33 Ingots / Action.

When building to Balmoral, you are building through hills, which give you 12 Palaeontological Discovery when you Lay track through hilly land and supply the experiments of the amateur Palaeontologists

  • This costs a Nodule of Pulsating Amber, which costs E 100 or is available from Pleasure if you are lucky in the Cave of the Nadir.
  • The 12 Palaeontological Discovery can be exchanged for 60 Femur of a Jurassic Beast, which can be turned in at the Bone Market for 600 Ingots at a rate of 10 Ingots / Action (excluding the cost of getting the Amber, which depends on the quality of your best Echo grind).
  • You can also do this on the way to the Magistracy of the Evenlode if you build through the hills (and after the strike), but as this costs substantially more Ingots to do, it is not worthwhile unless you want to build through the hills for other reasons.



[TODO: A tl;dr on the likely best options given reasonable assumptions, summarising the in depth calculations in the rest of this section.]


In the following sections on skeletons the metric of Penny Value per Action (PV/A) will be used as a (likely not quite exact, but sufficient for ballparking) estimator of how valuable a component is in Echo value while taking into account the cost of acquisition, attachment, and Implausibility where relevant. This is a more accurate valuation of a component than raw Penny Value due to this.

[TODO: Compare Midgame Antique Bone Sculpture to Jurassic legs?]

Femurs and Humeri[edit]

[How painful is piping Doubt Street into Screams into Ivory Femurs?] (Not really, pain point is the Persuasive check to cash in though. Also Bone Fragment Orapples are probably better in London.)

Comparison of Ivory Femurs and Ivory Humeri
Bone Acquire via Cost to acquire Check to attach 100% success on Implausibility on failure Penny Value Gain
Femur elaborate forgery PO
750 BF
MA 7 check MA 11 +4 6500
Humerus ...a forgery PO KT 6 check KT 10 +2 1500

Given the implausibility assumptions below,

PV/A of Ivory Femurs 257.9555315, assuming 7 MA,

PV/A of Ivory Humeri 160.8861138, assuming 7 KT, (which may not be an accurate assumption pre-Ealing, if missing Whitsun pets or with delayed Shadowy progression, though could level it up through Slights.)

(Targeting Implausibility modifier of 45 and assuming 4 Sus reduction.

  • One imp is ~0.6730769231 actions
  • Two imp is ~1.346153846 actions
  • Four imp is ~2.692307692 actions (assuming 4 Sus reduction.))

(Possibly incomparable, given different types of limb.)

Acquiring Orange-Apples[edit]

The above bones require Parabolan Orange-apples, which can be acquired in three different ways:

[TODO: Comparison of Bone Orapples and Aeolian Scream Orapples] - Growing Orapples: Bone Fragments (via like, brawling for Skeletons?) VS Aeolian Screams (via like Doubt Street papers.)

  • Bone Fragments beat Aeolian Screams when you can get 220 times more bone fragments per action than you can get Aeolian screams per action,
    • e.g. Doubt Street (140 Copy) Aeolian Screams are about ~6.35 actions (~1.15 AS/A) per Orapple, and
    • Bone Fragment Orapples (via Brass Victim Skeletons, Brass from Pygmalion 308.67 BF/A Licentiate, 295.18 BF/A non-Licentiate) are either 5.89 Actions or 5.73 actions per Orapple.
Acquiring Bone-Fragments[edit]
From L. B. Industries (Shadowy)[edit]

At 211 Shadowy, you can reliably farm ~220 Bone Fragments per action in L. B. Industries.

  • enter (1 action; the effect of this diminishes the longer you choose to stay and the higher your Shadowy is)
  • Assist with assembly - you should have a 71% chance on this. That means that at 211 Shadowy, you get about 71% * 32 = 22.72 Foreman's Favour per action and lose 29% * 2 = 0.58 Foreman's Favour, leaving you with an average 22.14 Foreman's Favour. This even ignores rare successes.
  • repeat as needed
  • cash out via Receive your pay in biscuits (1 action which gets you 10 Bone Fragments for each point of Foreman's Favour except the first 10)

The payout here can go as far as almost 320 Bone Fragments per action with 297 Shadowy.

From Brawling[edit]


[TODO: Comparison of Doubt Street Brass Skulls VS Licentiate/Brass Lollypop Sabretooth Skulls] - Sabretooth (Scrip based before Ealing 6250 penny value, failure has no consequence for this buyer) VS Brass Skull (EPA grindable, 6500 or 6000 penny value based on 6 check, +2 implausibility on success, +6 on failure.) Licentiate Sabretooth Skulls = 125/7.5 + 1 = 17.67 actions. 140 Copy Newspaper Brass Skulls = 62.5/3.84 = 16.28 actions.

  • Sabre-toothed skull from Licentiate Constable Scripgrind has a PV/A of 347.2222222
  • Sabre-toothed skull from Brass Lollypop (140 Copy EPA) Constable Scripgrind has a PV/A of 316.9894947.
  • Brass Skull with Pygmalion NCB and 5 Mith has a PV/A of 301.4578661 if there are more than three points of Implausibility already on the skeleton (and targeting a Imp modifier 45 buyer), and 327.6519326 if there are not. (Assuming 200+ Shadowy, so the first three points of Implausibility are "free")


As such, the Brass is actually lower efficiency to use than the Licentiate Constable Scripgrind, but higher than Sabre-toothed skulls from the Brass Lollypop Scrip grind (which is about 6.33 SPA).

Skeleton Recipies[edit]

Licentiate Sabretooth Skull Victim Skeleton[edit]

Component Acquisition:

  • Sabretooth Skull obtained via selling multiple Ordinary Licentiate Victims (Licentiate head + body) to the Constable and then buying a Sabretooth Skull off the Enthusiast of the Ancient World with the resulting scrip.
  • Victim Skeleton Profession Feature.


  • Supply a skeleton of your own as Frame.
  • Attach Sabretooth Skull (success/failure on the check is irrelevant.)
  • Declare as Humanoid.
  • Sell to the Enthusiast of the Ancient World

Efficiency Details

  • BSI: 130
  • Actions: 21
  • BSI/A: 6.19047619

Monster Hunter Sabretooth Skulled Albatross Winged Thorned Ivory Bird (Whitsun)[edit]

Component Acquisition:

  • Sabretooth Skull obtained via selling a Brass Headless Skeleton (104 Copy Newspaper EPA) to the Constable and then buying a Sabretooth Skull off the Enthusiast of the Ancient World with the acquired scrip.
  • Thorned Ribcage acquired from hunting the Iron Toothed Terror Bird.
  • Albatross Wings acquired from hunting the Focused Albatross (assuming 12 Glasswork) (with the sequence Start, Glasswork scouting, advance, harpoon, bait with Nightmares, capture) then studying the Focused Albatross and Keeping it in Darkness (Calculations assume a lab of Equipment level 7).
  • Ivory Femurs via a Brass Headless Skeleton (140 Copy Newspaper EPA) to the Palaeontologist with Hoarding Propensities for Bone Fragments. The Bone Fragment source is also used for the Orapples that the Femurs need.


  • Use the Thorned Ribcage as Frame.
  • Attach Sabretooth Skull (success/failure on the check is irrelevant.)
  • Attach two Albatross Wings.
  • Attach two Ivory Femurs.
  • Declare as a Bird in a Bird week.
  • Sell to the Enthusiast of the Ancient World

Efficiency Details

  • BSI: 25850 (23500 outside of Bird week)
  • Actions: 95.36049636
  • BSI/A: 5.421532183 (4.928665621 outside of bird week)

Non-Licentiate Sabretooth Skull Headless Skeleton[edit]

Component Acquisition:


  • Use Headless Skeleton as Frame.
  • Attach Sabretooth Skull (success/failure on the check is irrelevant.)
  • Declare as Humanoid.
  • Sell to the Enthusiast of the Ancient World

Efficiency Details

  • BSI: 130
  • Actions: 25.21854722
  • BSI/A: 5.154936121

Non-Licentate Ivory Sabretoothed Human[edit]

Parabola Robbing with Doubt Street Identities Uncovered[edit]

  • Requires 203 Shadowy. Not recommended without high Glasswork.
  • Reaches 5.25 BSI maximally on calculation sheet with assumed Glasswork 12.)

Brawling for BSI[edit]

  • As group VS solo?
    • Baseline, 100%ing all checks in a group (209 Dangerous), and only using the normal Brawling option leads to on average 5 actions per 20 Bessemer, i.e. 4 BSI/A.
  • Downside of this is that the Wax doesn't really get used at this point, except for Lighthouse maybe? Unless you're somehow at 175 Persuasive + PoSI T2 before unlocking Parabola and getting past Lab Equipment 2.
  • [Insert Calcs]
  • 5 BSI/A if you get it in 5 actions solo (40/(5-1) = 10), 6.25 BSI/A if you get it in 4 actions solo (40/(4-1) = 13.3333333).
    • 100%ing the normal Brawling option requires 292 Dangerous, which may be unrealistic for some players using this option.

Group Brawling:

30/9.5 = 3.15789474, meaning brawling in a group for Bessemer is between 20/4 = 5 and 20/5 = 4 BSI.

Selling Jurassic Thighbones to the Enthusiast (Brawling for Jurassic Thighs)[edit]

[TODO: Same question as above: Which is better: as group VS solo?]

  • Solo is better at Dangerous > 180, with some exceptions Calculations
  • Higher Brawling target, meaning can use airs options for better rates.
  • Bone Fragments can be used for the Butcher/Ivory Bones/John Heads later.

Group Brawling:

  • 67/9.5 = 7.05263158 actions.
  • One more action with Airs brawling to get 80 Brawling (if you have 250 Dangerous).
  • Turning in gives 9 Thighs for 9 actions (usually), leads to action 1 per thigh, meaning selling it to the Enthusiast 10/2 = 5 BSI/A

Group Brawling for Thighs:

  • Cycle length: 10+9 = 19 actions
  • 90 BSI per cycle
  • 100% at 209 Dangerous

Ealing Gardens[edit]



Skeletons (Forelimbs, the Butcher and John Heads)[edit]


  • Get Forelimbs here,
    • [TODO: What SPA is achievable at each station?]
    • [Is it safe to assume 7.5 until Balmoral? Check Helicon house and Library SPA]
    • Only useful for BSI Antiquity Skeletons, likely.
  • New Butcher Skulls and tails can possibly be acquired (and in the case of Sabertooth Skull, more easily.).
    • How much scrip does a Human Ribcage + Sabertooth skull + 4 forelimb skeleton earn?
    • Alternatively, how much scrip does a Thorned Ribcage + Sabertooth skull + 4 forelimb + Tomb Lion Tail skeleton earn?
    • (Both of the above are targeted at the Author of Gothic Tales.)
  • As well as possibly better access to Thorned Ribcages (but also just a bit of a painful rare success.)
    • Made irrelevant by having the Iron-Toothed Terror Bird. (Is this even a reasonable assumption with the current expected Whitsun Monetisation Model?)

  • Scrip might be a bit short here, though, so you might need to sell scrip skeletons to the Author of Gothic Tales, or use HH/Licentiate grinds.
  • Dangerous Overcaps buffs Brawling based methods a little (12 levels - more if you really want to get into Parabola war and the associated overcaps now instead of using Balmoral mammoths to grind the echo-wall).
  • Dangerous Overcaps also unlock the ability to make fish, as Bear blocks Pinewood Shark - but it's quite an action investment, requiring Parabolan Defences 1 (1000 honey, and one of each Parabola-Linen Garment). Additionally, the project itself is very painful with Piscine research until Jericho.
  • First time you're able to get a 7-necked skeleton to take advantage of bird book.

Other sources don't particularly benefit - it is likely highly inadvisable to do not grind for the MA equipment without a better Scrip grind.

Jericho Locks[edit]


This guide is incomplete. You can help by expanding it.
What needs work: Component analyse Reptile Recipes for this station. Analyse BM Scintillack sources and making University Scintillack. Additionally, recalculate the skeletons with Thorned Ribcages.

[TODO] (Also mention reptile recipes given fads? Also last one required of Birds, Fish, and Reptiles to unlock Insects.) (Fish book is easier to unlock now given you've got access to Dredge the river for Deep-zee Catch for Piscine research.)

Smuggle in Industrial Materials[edit]

  • Fiddler's Scarlet + Baggage to 4 takes little a while to set up.

Bloom sources: Bad:

Engage in Some Minor Smuggling

  • 40x Jasmine Tea leaves for 3 (EiSMS) [TODO: Analyse Clay Taylor option or validity as a sideproduct of Honey Mazed Bear]
    • Piping it from Sophia gives 3/(40/23.5+1) = 1.11023622 Blooms per action, which is not promising. The other actions not mentioned that give 22 here are worse than this..
      • Tonic is 3/(40/(23.5/(1+1+1))+1) = 0.491289199 which is horrible, not even counting the action cost of obtaining the EI.
  • 10x Brilliant Soul for 3 (Doubt Street Gossip starts out at 4.583-ish per action)
    • [TODO: Best sources for B!Souls?]
  • 50 x Soul for 2 (probably 1 per action via Spa?)
    • [TODO: Best sources for Souls?]
  • Consignment of Scintillack Snuff [Checked all sources.]
    • Ambush a Novice Smuggler (21 CP casing, with Parabola Casing is 4 actions per Consignment, meaning 7/5 = 1.4 SA per action or ~7.165 BSI/A.)
    • Can't imagine methods of dealing with corporate debt are good enough to make Ransoming self with Clay Highwayman good.
    • [TODO: Analyse Creating a double consignment of Scintillack Snuff, requiring 1 PSB, 8 Knobs and one action for 2 Scintilack.]
    • (Note: Supply Fillip of Effervescence to a Neath Power is likely not viable as an option to fuel this, given it's a) only unlocked at Station VIII and 2, is 5 Knobs for 4 actions (assuming you get the 50/50).)

(Note that the options on Engage in Some Minor Smuggling options for PSBs raise Banditry)

      • Getting Knobs via A Disillusioned Fungiculturalist (4 knobs per 2 actions assuming the criminal favour takes 1 action) means ~15 actions or ~8.66 BSI/A
      • Getting Knobs via Fillips raises this to ~20 actions (assuming you are happy to also have the other outcome) or ~6.5 BSI/A

Sell Skeletons to the Bohemian Sculptress [Needs more Skeletons]

  • Licentiate John Victim: (4+(250+1250)/250)/(4+500/308.67+1) = 1.51060758 PSB (~7.70 BSI/A) (Bone Fragment source is Brass Lollypop - can do better for Bone Fragments with a Sabretooth (Licentiate SPA) (Duplicated) 7-necker.)
  • Peppercaps are probably best sourced through the Fungiculturalist card thus the subquestion:

Sell St Fiacre's Thighs to the Bohemian Sculptress [Checked all Pre-Balmoral sources]

  • Forgery Thighs are (maximally): 6/(3+1+1+2+1) = 0.75 PSB/A -> 3.94 BSI/A
  • St Fiacre Statue: 6/(2.5 + 1) = 1.71428571 PSB/A -> 8.67 BSI/A

Sell the Teller of Terrors a Possessed Goldfish

  • Broad Shadowy 200 for a check that gives 2 PSB - so probably averages out to 1 PSB or lower per action, in addition to requiring at least 13 Dreaded - skip.

Scrip from the Library to fuel Fossilised Forelimbs?[edit]


After dealing with Jericho's blockage, the player unlocks the ability to research the reptile book. Some example things are as follows. [TODO: Maybe include a mammoth frame one once calcs are more comprehensively done for this station?]

[TODO: Recalc with sheet, current calcs do not properly reflect impact of implausibility. Also adjust to use Thorned Ribcages.]

Ivory Sabretooth Crocodile

  • Components: Human Ribcage, 1x Sabretooth Skull, 4x Ivory Femur
  • Penny value = (1250 + 6250 + 4*6500)*1.1 = 33500*1.1 = 36850
  • BSI = 737 (670 without reptile week.) (need 690 or 1035 BSI for first station (depending on Blockage method).)
  • (Rough, ballparked BSI/A is 737/123.507246 = 5.96726122 BSI/A)

Horned Ivory Crocodile

  • Components: Human Ribcage, 1x Horned Skull, 4x Ivory Femur
  • Penny value = (1250 + 1250 + 4*6500)*1.1 = 28500*1.1 = 31350
  • BSI = 627 (570 without reptile week.)
  • BSI/A is probably not good given there's a Zee trip implied.

Hobbling Brass-Skulled Ivory Crocodile

  • Components: Human Ribcage, 1x Brass Skull (assump 5 Mith), 3x Ivory Femur, 1x Jurassic Thigh
  • Penny value = (1250 + 6250 + 3*6500 + 300)*1.1 = 27300*1.1 = 30030
  • BSI = 601 (546 without reptile week)
  • (Rough, ballpark BSI/A is 601/93.7554348 = 6.41029505 BSI/A (With 140 copy EPA, brawling Thigh))

The Magistracy of the Evenlode[edit]



Paleontological Discoveries[edit]

Paleontological Discoveries are first unlocked here, so now the player can fuel things with Surveys, instead of Scrip, and by here you definitely have the ability to do the reptile book.

175/4 = 43.75, 43.75/7 = 6.25 actions per discovery (sourcing from Moulin - so assuming the _best case_) Thus, as a lower bound (leaving the discovery screen is an action) 7.25/5 = 1.45 actions per Jurassic - this is very bad. Don't go out of your way to use this (at least for Jurassics - possibly good for other bones, analysis pending.) - possibly good from track

Urchins' Games[edit]

A new card can now be drawn in the Upper River: The Urchins' Games. If you have the Constant Cufflinks (or certain ambition items) this allows you to get 2 An Identity Uncovered! for a single action. While limited by your opportunity deck, this is quite efficient when cashed in via Mr. Irons:

7.5 Actions to get 15 An Identity Uncovered! ~4.5 Actions for the hunt (factoring in failures / second chances) 100 Ingots -> 8.33 I/A.

This doesn't factor in the cost of getting to the upper river of Parabola, but you are likely spending time doing these things anyway (and if you need to make a special trip to Parabola can farm many ingots with a suitable stockpile).

Special Dispensations for Brawling[edit]

Brawling for BSI[edit]

Group Brawling[edit]

Easier 4-cycle now.

  • Must Brawl on the side of Order.
  • Flash Dispensation First check Broad 125, 100% at 209, to 13 brawling, (1)
  • Flash Dispensation Second check Broad (13*1.5+125 = 144 (rounded to nearest even)), 100% at 240, to 26 brawling, (2)
  • Flash Dispensation Third check Broad (26*1.5+125 = 164), 100% at 274, to 39 brawling. (?) (3) or
  • Normal Brawling is always a Broad 125.

(Dispensation, Normal, Normal is also sufficient to reach in three actions even with min successes: (13+9+9 = 31))

20/4 = 5 BSI/A

Solo brawling[edit]

[TODO: What's a good assumption of the Dangerous stat for a player at this point?]

Brawling for Jurassics[edit]

Group Brawling[edit]
  • Similar boost to early, given how the Dispensation check scales [TODO: Run calcs]

For Group Brawling, need 67 brawling to get the Airs Brawling option to a Broad 150.

  • Flash Dispensation First check Broad 125, 100% at 209, to 13 brawling, (1)
  • Flash Dispensation Second check Broad (13*1.5+125 = 144 (rounded to nearest even)), 100% at 240, to 26 brawling, (2)
  • Flash Dispensation Third check(26*1.5+125 = 164), 100% at 274, to 39 brawling. (?) (3)
  • Follow with three normal brawlings for 9.5 on average each, reaching 67.5 brawling on average. (6)
  • Finish with Airs options (18+13)/2 = 15.5 Brawling on average (assuming equal rare success normal success chance. Regardless, normal success pushes to 80.) (7) (Can shuffle with faction cards/etc, for incidental shuffling which I'm assuming can be not counted towards the action count in the grind.)
  • Turn in for 9 thighs in 8 actions, i.e. 0.8 (repeating) actions per Thigh.

10/1.8 = 5.55555556 BSI/A

Solo brawling[edit]

[TODO: What's a good assumption of the Dangerous stat for a player at this point?]


Comments from someone currently building to The Magistracy

  • I currently have 233 Dangerous, so a number of the above calculations are optimistic (at least for me)
  • Brawling – Group Ingots – Regular Actions – 20 I, 5 A, 4 I/A (Bonus Lamplighter Beeswax)
  • Brawling – Group Ingots – Once I get a Dispensation – 20 I, 4A, 5 I/A
  • Brawling – Group Femur – Regular Actions – 10 A for crate + 9 A Sales – 90 I, 19A, 4.7 I/A
  • The 8 A version above is out of reach even with a mood. 9 A with a dispensation is probably doable close enough to 100%
  • It is surprising how much better this is than directly grinding them.
  • Brawling – Solo Femur – Regular w/ 1 Airs or Dispensation – 10 A crate + 12 A Sales – 120 I, 22A, 5.45 I/A
  • This can't be done 100%, but if it takes 1 extra A – 5.22, 2 extra A – 5, 3 extra – 4.8, 4 extra – 4.6
  • So to beat Group Dispensation need at most 1 extra A, to beat no Dispensation and grinding for femurs as group need at most 3 extra A. (3 extra A is Borderline with no mood, doable with a Mood)

For robbing the warehouse, I assume the plan is something like

  • Get 15 Identity Uncovered From Newspaper – 0.75 Seditious Editions @ 18.5 A per, plus 1.5 A to upconvert = 15.375 A
  • Hunt = ~4 A
  • Honey + Getting to Parabola = ~1.5A (can be amortized across multiple hunts)
  • 100 I, 20-21 A, 4.75-5 I/A (Bonus Revolutionaries Favors + Making Waves)
  • This is probably slightly better Pre-Magistracy, but more complicated.

On option I'm not sure where to list

  • When building through hills (e.g. to the Magistracy) if you support the Paleontologists you can turn the 12 Paleontological Discovery you get into 60 Femurs
  • This gets 600 Ingots for 60 Actions
  • But the 12 Discovery is worth 150 Echoes of bone market supplies (and maybe is really more valuable than that?) so I'm not sure how to cost this part. But at the very least this is an effective way to turn some money into ingots.
  • The hills are more expensive though, so may not be worth doing it just for this option.


The Woods and their impact on BSI

Holy Mammoths fuel Industrial Smuggling, Mammoths can also probably be loaded with antiquity (Forelimbs + whatever) and sold to the Enthusiast.

New IU source with the dumbwaiter. (Likely outclassed by Mammoths but reaches 7.252249388 BSI/A with a few assumptions.)


  • Decide/calculate at what point it is better to aim for a Chimera with value components as opposed to confining oneself to given classifications for Fads bonuses.