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Exceptional Stories[edit]

Exceptional Stories are FATE-locked stories for Exceptional Friends. Each month brings the Friends a new story. Past stories are available for purchase to Friends and non-Friends alike, either from gold-bordered "The Season of..." storylets[1] or from the FATE tab.

Each story typically costs between 19.6 and 28 FATE[2] if bought through Exceptional Friendship, and 45 FATE[3] if bought as a stand-alone.

The spoiler-free table below lists all previous stories (sorted by season, author, artist, or date). The following sections give additional, spoilery, information on each story's author(s) and lore.

Season Story Author Artist Description Date
Skite.png of Heart's Blood Flint Alexis Kennedy In the bright heart of the Elder Continent lies a prison built to hold a pretender-god... November and December 2015
Mansion1.png Haunting at the Marsh-House Chris Gardiner Do you believe in ghosts? Begin the Gothic tale of the Haunting at the Marsh-House. May 2015
Duchess.png The Court of Cats Assist the Duchess in arbitrating the Secret Court of Cats, and learn more about Fallen London's inhabitants! June 2015
July.png Lost in Reflections Richard Cobbett and Alexis Kennedy Help July, lost in reflection behind the mirrors, and dream of what your fate may be! July 2015
Trialoftides.png The Last Dog Society Rob Morgan A murderer hides within a secret society at the heart of Her Enduring Majesty's navy! Infiltrate their ranks and uncover the secrets of the Last Dog Society. August 2015
Moonparliament.png Cut with Moonlight Navigate the perils and profits of London's forbidden sunlight trade in this tale of lunacy, ambition and addiction. September 2015
Discerningdeviless.png Discernment Emily Short Mark Penman Souls are a queer business. What dictates the market value? History or potential? Supply or demand? Would Salome's soul fetch a high price? October 2015
Deathmachine.png of Heart's Blood Art of Murder Gavin Inglis A new sensation in Bohemian circles. Sharp knives. Deadly poison. Elaborate and impractical deathtraps. January 2016
Blindmother.png of Heart's Blood The Waltz that Moved the World Cash DeCuir The Resolute Aesthete has traveled from Vienna. She has her mother's bloodied bandages, three leads to her father, and a knife. February 2016
Governess.png of Family Ties The Frequently Deceased Emily Short A family of promising youngsters have killed their Governess again. This time, she hasn't come back. March 2016
Patriarch.png of Family Ties The Seven-Day Reign Chris Gardiner Carly Trowbridge The Young Stags are holding a lottery! They require a temporary sovereign to reign over them for seven days. April 2016
Vespasian.png of Family Ties The Pentecost Predicament Richard Cobbett Paul Arendt Be served by trained Pentecost Apes whose aspirations of humanity will amuse and repel. Discover the dark culinary secrets of the Empire of Hands. Just keep a tight grip on your soul. May 2016
Midday.png of Revolutions Five Minutes to Midday Cash DeCuir Saskia Otten Being the story of a man with a bomb and a political vendetta. Join the Subdued Protester's plot for justice in this tale of intrigue and deception. June 2016
Chimneypotwars.png of Revolutions The Chimney Pot Wars Chris Gardiner Mark Penman London's urchin-gangs are at each others' throats and chaos spills down to the streets! Form alliances, lead an urchin-army of your own, and solve the riddle of The Chimney Pot Wars! July 2016
Bengalcat.png of Revolutions The Calendar Code Gavin Inglis Carly Trowbridge Infiltrate a private library at the behest of a mysterious buyer and unravel the mechanism that protects its heart in The Calendar Code! August 2016
Bergship.png of Wrecks[4] Where You and I Must Go Cash DeCuir Paul Arendt September 2016
Flames.png of Wrecks[4] Our Lady of Pyres James Chew Paul Arendt October 2016
Demetergreen.png of Wrecks[4] The Final Curtain Olivia Wood Paul Arendt November 2016
Follow4.png of Skies[5] The Persona Engine Cash DeCuir Paul Arendt December 2016
Roseyellow.png of Skies[5] The Twelve Fifteen from Moloch Street James Chew Paul Arendt January 2017
Avidhorizon port.png of Skies[5] The Century Exhibition Fred Zeleny, James Chew and Cash DeCuir Paul Arendt [current story] February 2017

The Authors[edit]

These are not copies of official bios! These are fan-made summaries of the authors' distinctive writing in Fallen London and Sunless Sea, intended to help players check that they enjoy the voice before buying the story. Additions/corrections welcome!

Those authors who are not members of the Failbetter writing team tend to have a long-standing connection to the Fallen London universe. They also tend to have written other interactive fiction (for orderly, if incomplete, lists of these, see the Interactive Fiction Database).

Tigerhatsmall.png Alexis Kennedy is the founder and (ex) long-time creative director of Failbetter, the author of much of the older content in Fallen London, and the dominant voice in Sunless Sea (see, esp., Frostfound). He is known for his delight in engaging, puzzling and challenging the FL-community: for existing examples[6], see Enigma, SMEN, The Mind of a Long Dead God.

Cash DeCuir is a writer at Failbetter. Outside the Exceptional Stories, Cash's voice can be heard at Heartscross House.

Chris Gardiner is the current narrative director of Failbetter. He has long contributed to Fallen London - see the latter half of Ambition: Heart's Desire, the Fruits of the Zee festival - and has expressed a preference for writing urchins. He has also authored an independent dungeon-delving narrative, Below, also (and still) on the Storynexus platform.

Emily Short is an eminent author, theorist and educator in the Interactive Fiction community, particularly regarded for her modelling of conversations and social environments. Her contributions to the Fallen-London universe include The Wry Functionary and Secrets Framed in Gold in Fallen London; Nuncio in Sunless Sea; and Aigul, Anthe, and Dahut in Zubmariner.

Fred Zeleny

Gavin Inglis

James Chew

Olivia Wood is a long-time editor at Failbetter.

Richard Cobbett

Rob Morgan

The Lore[edit]

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This page contains details about Fallen London Actions.


Fate Sort[edit]

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Action Test[edit]

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Put these back to normal!

The Iron Republic[edit]

What should I bring to the Iron Republic?[edit]

Well, that depends.<br\/> If you are here for the sightseeing... (aka, always)

  • You may, if you end up in the right place, get 75 Proscribed Material once per trip. To do that, bring Brass Rings, the more the better. Bring 5, if you can afford them. More than 5 won't be any use, though. (If you want to hit that option on purpose, and aren't particularly Steadfast or Heartless, it'd be best if you had Your own Soul and a Talkative Rattus Faber. If you are Heartless and Soulless, bring some Hastily Scrawled Warning Notes.)
  • You may, if you so choose, lose 200 Souls once per trip. If that concerns you, don't bring Souls, or don't choose "Look closer" on Day 40. (To keep this in perspective, that's 2-4 Echoes, and you just got here in your own ship. But you might have moral qualms about leaving souls in the Republic.)

If you are here to grind Hedonist...

  • Reconsider. The Iron Republic used to be a good place to grind Hedonist to cap. Nowadays, you can only grind up to level 10, and you will get 3CPs for every 7 actions, not counting the ones needed to complete the second half of the Republic, and to get to London and back.
  • You must already be at Hedonist 4. There is nothing else you need to bring: you'll be able to control your movements through your choices.

If you are here to grind Austere...

  • You should have proper high Wounds. Try to arrive with something as close to 8 as you can manage. Your grind will be a Wounds challenge, and it is surprisingly difficult to increase Wounds in the relevant bit of the Republic itself.
  • You should have Hedonist 4. The grind will be ridiculously longer without this.
  • You would be best off arriving with a very low Steadfast, a high Persuasive, and a supply of Confident Smiles. Your grind will be about twice as long or so without this.
  • You should bring a Talkative Rattus Faber to reset your Wounds before you leave.
  • You might want to bring a Gang of Hoodlums for a (very) slight advantage.
  • If you have Sympathetic About Ratty Concerns 281 or higher, your grind will be slightly longer. (You will occasionally have your Wounds reset to 6.)

If you are here to grind Iron Republic Journals...

If you are here for the money...

What should I do in the Iron Republic?[edit]

If you are here for the sightseeing...

  • Don't worry about the lack of control. The paths are fairly weighted. None of them are notably damaging or rewarding.
  • Use the choice on Day 40, Talons Marking Solitude to control your overall flow:
    • Express your disapproval will take you back to Day 8 (i.e., the start). You will be able to experience the first half of the Republic again.
    • The other two choices will put you on the path back out to Zee - eventually. To get there, you will go through the second half of the Republic.
  • If you are concerned about incidental loss, keep in mind that "Look closer" on Day 40 leads towards the option that might take 200 Souls.
  • If you are concerned about incidental profit, you can use your choices on Day 40 to direct yourself towards the Proscribed Materials. You can use the map below to match your choices to your strengths. (Day 64 is where you want to be, and Day 40 is where your choices matter.) You can also use these broad guidelines:
    • If you have Your own Soul
      • If your Steadfast is low (less than 7), do not choose "Look closer"
      • If your Heartless is low (less than 7), do not try to succeed in the Shadowy challenge
    • If you are Soulless:
      • If your Steadfast is higher than your Heartless, choose "Look closer"
      • If your Heartless is higher than your Steadfast, try to succeed at the Shadowy challenge

That said, as you may have noticed, most paths lead to the Proscribed Materials. You have a fairly good chance of getting some if you simply pick the choices you find interesting.

If you are here to grind Hedonist...

  • The action you will be grinding is Enjoy your facelessness on Day 8, looking back forever.
  • To loop back around to this action without going out to Zee, you will use Express your disapproval on Day 40, Talons marking solitude
  • Your goal is to take the fewest actions to get between Day 12 and Day 40 - that is four. See all the vertical and diagonal paths between Day 12 and Day 40? That is where you want to stay. You don't want to end up on the horizontal crosslinks. How you do that, though, doesn't really matter. So the only Days you have to watch out for are 17 ("Run for it") and 34 ("A firm hand").
  • To recap, here are all the choices you have to worry about:
    • When you're on Day 8, choose "Enjoy your facelessness" (the Hedonist option)
    • If you're on Day 17, choose "In the thick" (the Persuasive challenge).
    • If you're on Day 34, choose "The hand of mercy"
    • When you're on Day 40, and if your Hedonist is still less than 10, choose "Express your disapproval"

If you are here to grind Austere...

  • The action you will be grinding is "Municipal Amenities" on Day 27. This is a Wounds challenge you want to succeed in.
  • To loop back around to this action without going out to Zee, you will use The hand of mercy on Day 34, followed by Express your disapproval on Day 40.
  • Your goal is to take the fewest actions between Day 8 and Day 34 without resetting your Wounds. Do not be tempted by the look of Days 8 to 17 to 27: the challenge on Day 8 is basically a coin flip, and the other path (Day 15 on) is absurdly long. What you want to do is take the Hedonist option to Day 12. Note that Day 19 is also a coin flip; it is best avoided. If your Steadfast is low, you will not end up there more than a third of the time. Your best path is then Day 8 to 12 to 17 to 27.
  • Your Wounds might occasionally grown past 8. Don't worry, you can reset them later.
  • Here are all the choices you have to worry about:
    • When you're on Day 8, choose "Enjoy your facelessness" (the Hedonist option)
    • If you're on Day 17, choose "In the thick" (the Persuasive challenge). Try to succeed; failing here is very inconvenient.
    • When you're on Day 34, choose "The hand of mercy"
    • When you're on Day 40, and if your Austere is still less than 15, choose "Express your disapproval"
    • If you end up on Day 32 (meaning you've failed the Steafast and Gang of Hoodlums challenges), choose "Stuck in", so that your Wounds stay above 6.
    • If you fail on Day 17, you will have reset your Wounds to 2. Don't panic. You are on Day 32; choose "Remaining safe". You're now on Day 38; choose "The wall". Voila, your Wounds are now 6! You can continue with the cycle. (Try not to do this too often, though; it wastes actions.)
  • Once you're done with raising Austere, as an extra convenience, you might want to reset your Wounds to a nice low value before you leave. The easiest way to do this is:
    • Get to Day 17 (as you have already done countless times already.)
    • When on Day 17, make sure to fail the Persuasive challenge (use a Talkative Rattus Faber)
    • When on Day 32, choose "Stuck in" (Otherwise, you'll reset your Wounds to 6, as we've just discussed.)

Note that you cannot do this if your Sympathetic About Ratty Concerns is 281 or above. Your Wounds are now 2+1 CP. They will probably be a little higher by the time you leave the Republic. You can lower them by spending Changed by the Iron Republic points on A day for reading, just before you leave. If you are here to grind Iron Republic Journals...

If you are here for the money...

Max out or lose menaces

Iron Republic Maps[edit]

The following tables contain the maps. Click "Expand" to show the smaller pictures. Click on the pictures if you would like to see a larger version.


The Fruits of the Zee Festival[edit]

This is a tally of the Sights at the Festival values from playing through The Fruits of the Zee Festival! 2014. There aren't many points (131), but the spike at 29 is big enough to be significant. Given the text, it seems intentional.

Value Tally Value Tally Value Tally Value Tally
1 1 26 1 51 3 76 2
2 2 27 1 52 5 77 1
3 0 28 0 53 0 78 2
4 2 29 18 54 2 79 1
5 1 30 4 55 1 80 0
6 2 31 1 56 0 81 1
7 1 32 3 57 1 82 0
8 0 33 0 58 1 83 2
9 2 34 3 59 1 84 1
10 0 35 2 60 0 85 0
11 3 36 4 61 0 86 0
12 0 37 0 62 3 87 0
13 0 38 0 63 0 88 0
14 2 39 0 64 1 89 1
15 1 40 2 65 0 90 3
16 1 41 2 66 1 91 4
17 2 42 1 67 5 92 4
18 2 43 0 68 0 93 0
19 1 44 1 69 1 94 1
20 0 45 1 70 1 95 0
21 2 46 1 71 3 96 0
22 2 47 0 72 0 97 0
23 0 48 1 73 0 98 1
24 0 49 0 74 0 99 0
25 1 50 0 75 2 100 1

Small print:

  • Runs: I usually recorded until I found the Lady; or, occasionally, until I found the Chef. (I was trying to map out the festival options, and to profit from the Cove.) That means there might be a small overall bias towards < 86 values, I guess.
  • Seeds: The values are pooled from two accounts. I went back to London a couple of times throughout on both.
  • Strings: I didn't record the order of the values, but I didn't notice anything unusual. In particular, I very rarely (I think, only once...) got two 29s in a row, so their prevalence was not because of some bug that stopped the value refreshing. I didn't notice any obvious repeating patterns, either.
  • Narrative: Note the text for 29 (only): Black waves lick white sand. Drownies venture onto the shore.


This is a tally of the Sights at the Festival from playing through Going fishing (with maybe ~15 points from the Festival mixed in.) There are 296 points total, and the distribution seems reasonably uniform.

Value Tally Value Tally Value Tally Value Tally
1 5 26 4 51 1 76 2
2 2 27 1 52 3 77 0
3 3 28 5 53 4 78 2
4 2 29 5 54 6 79 0
5 3 30 2 55 3 80 1
6 0 31 4 56 4 81 0
7 7 32 1 57 3 82 2
8 2 33 2 58 2 83 4
9 4 34 1 59 4 84 2
10 2 35 3 60 2 85 3
11 1 36 4 61 1 86 0
12 6 37 3 62 6 87 3
13 3 38 3 63 6 88 3
14 1 39 2 64 3 89 7
15 2 40 9 65 7 90 2
16 3 41 3 66 2 91 1
17 1 42 3 67 4 92 4
18 2 43 3 68 3 93 3
19 2 44 3 69 1 94 4
20 2 45 2 70 3 95 2
21 4 46 3 71 8 96 2
22 2 47 3 72 5 97 2
23 2 48 6 73 3 98 5
24 2 49 4 74 5 99 1
25 1 50 2 75 3 100 4

Small print:

  • Length of runs: Some of these were from very long fishing runs: maybe 70+ actions. (I wanted to map out the values for the options, and to get a super-big catch.) Some are from normal 9-action runs.
  • Seeds: The values are pooled from two accounts. I went back to London a few times throughout on both.
  • Strings: I didn't record the order in which I got the values, but I didn't notice anything unusual there.
  • Festival RNG: I recorded a few festival values too, at first (15 or so, I think), but I stopped doing that when I realised they seemed to be distributed differently.

Choose a Venue[edit]

Each venue provides you with some Organising a Wedding (used for inviting guests), some Wedding Lithographs (of which you need >21 to invite other players), and, often, a change to your Notability. These are shown below as Pocketwatch.pngFollowphotosmall.pngSupporterssmall.png.

Note that when you choose a venue, your Organising a Wedding quality will be reset to the appropriate level. If you have more Organising a Wedding than required for your venue, you will lose all the excess.

Pocketwatch.png 5. Elope → 0 Pocketwatch.png, 1 Followphotosmall.png, -1 Supporterssmall.png, +6 CP Sidebarscandalsmall.png

Pocketwatch.png 5. A hurried riverside ceremony → ..., -1 Supporterssmall.png

Pocketwatch.png 5. A hasty wedding → ..., -1 Supporterssmall.png

Pocketwatch.png 100. A proper Spite wedding → ..., 0 Supporterssmall.png

Pocketwatch.png 200. A rooftop wedding! → ..., 0 Supporterssmall.png

Pocketwatch.png 300. A celebration beneath the false-stars → ..., 0 Supporterssmall.png

Pocketwatch.png 500. A zee-wedding! → ..., +1 Supporterssmall.png

Pocketwatch.png 750. A bohemian celebration! → ..., +1 Supporterssmall.png

Pocketwatch.png 1000. A grand event! → 500 Pocketwatch.png, 90 Followphotosmall.png, +1 Supporterssmall.png

Pocketwatch.png 10000. The event of the year! → 1000 Pocketwatch.png, 100 Followphotosmall.png, +2 Supporterssmall.png

Earnests of Payment[edit]

  • Tier 1
  • Tier 2:
    • Campaigner
    • Enforcer
    • Journalist
    • Rat-Catcher
    • Trickster
    • Watcher
  • Tier 3:
    • Agent
    • Author
    • Conjurer
    • Murderer
    • Mystic
    • Stalker
  • Tier 4:
    • Correspondent
    • Monster-Hunter
    • Crooked-Cross
    • Glassman
    • Licentiate
    • Midnighter
  • Less Entangled Professions:
    • Tutor
    • Undermanager
    • Doctor
    • Notary



Furtivehand.png Diamond.png Diamondblue.png Sign.png Attacker.png Scarydoor.png
Fistful of Surface Currency Flawed Diamond Ostentatious Diamond London Street Sign Use of Villains Rookery Password
A Sealed Copy of the Crimson Book



Sack.png Toolbox.png Moon-pearl.png Nevercold brass.png

Red gold.png


Certifiable Scrap Crate of Expedition Supplies Moon-Pearl Nevercold Brass Sliver Piece of Rostygold Relic of the Fourth City
Relic of the Second City


Sworn Statement ... ... ...


Ratsstring.png Ratthief.png Rat2.png Ratofglory.png
Rat on a String Venge-Rat Corpse Baptised Rattus Faber Corpse Rat of Glory


Amber.png Amber blue.png Amber red.png Rubberskull.png Fossil.png
Nodule of Deep Amber Nodule of Trembling Amber Nodule of Pulsating Amber Rubbery Skull Unearthly Fossil

Amber green.png Nodule of Fecund Amber

Flukecore.png Fluke-Core

Making Waves[edit]

Feast of the Rose[edit]

Was masquing around in 2011/2012?

Forum thread for exchanging gifts. New gifts: Blemmigan Pedant An Illicit Volume of Unexpectedly Racy Fungal-Themed Poetry New companions: The Nacreous Survivor The Cat's Chiefest Claw


It is the Feast of the Rose. Lovers tryst. Rivals feud. Flirtations become assignations. On a thronging street, a Jilted Stenographer thrusts a tear-splattered box into your hands. "Take it!"
Inside are love letters, a mask, the account of a betrayal. There are winners in love, and there are losers. The Feast of the Rose will separate them. [The Mask of the Rose will grant access to the Masked Revel storylet.] You now have 1 x Mask of the Rose You now have 1 x A Journal of Infamy You now have 5 x Inkling of Identity You've gained 3 x Intriguing Gossip (new total 4).

Learn about the Feast of the Rose instruction option

Celebrate the Feast of the Exceptional Rose! 2014 options[edit]

Celebrate the Feast of the Exceptional Rose 2013 options[edit]

Celebrate the Feast of the Exceptional Rose 2012 (and 2011)[edit]

Love is kind. Love is cruel. At this time of year, Fallen Londoners celebrate by sending unexpected gifts to each other. Not all these gifts are welcome.


Alignment: Autofire

Ask the Interpreter of Dreams about...

A dream of a high mountain path


Iron Republic Days


Check The sideshows - limit at 10? 11?

Check entries to Clay Quarters - zero action?

  1. The Season of Revolutions, The Season of Wrecks, The Season of Skies: the Tip of the Iceberg
  2. Depending on your subscription and FATE-buying habits - minimum: 2 stories per month of subscription (at 7 USD), 50USD=280 FATE; maximum: 1 story per month of subscription, 1USD=4 FATE.
  3. Except for Flint, which costs 120 FATE
  4. 4.0 4.1 4.2 Purchase this story from The Season of Wrecks (for 45 FATE).
  5. 5.0 5.1 5.2 Purchase this story from The Season of Skies: the Tip of the Iceberg
  6. For no-longer-extant examples, see the histories of SMEN, Knife-and-Candle and the Feast of the Rose.