Mr Chimes' Grand Clearing-Out (Guide)

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Mr Chimes' Grand Clearing-Out is a one-off event succeeding Elections.

5 dig sites have opened in Fallen London. These have to be fully sponsored and excavated, by buying scrip with Fate, Offering food to the diggers and digging.


Across London 5 new dig sites have appeared. In order to complete this both the digging and fuelling qualities for that dig site, which are shared globally, need to hit 1 million, and the FATE part needs to be fully funded. Once all these three are completed the dig site will be excavated, players will be unable to dig/fuel further, and a new repeatable activity will be added.


The most basic way to contribute is to Help with the digging, which raises Digging beneath (location name) (quality dependent on which dig the player is at), by 5 x, and contributes to reaching 1 million Digging beneath (location name) for that location. Every time Help with the digging is played it will redirect the player to A Find Beneath the Streets, where either economy item(s) or, with the right values, an equipment item can be found (see #Unique Rewards for more information).


Alternatively, several food items ( Crate of Incorruptible Biscuits, Basket of Rubbery Pies, Jasmine Leaves and Hand-picked Peppercaps) can be spent to increase Feeding the Workers at (location name) by 20 x per food item. Feeding the workers redirects to The Opening of a Chamber, where players can claim a different economy reward, however the unique item rewards are the same.

A Ubiquitous card, An Upturned Cart, also provides various options that significantly increase fueling at a chosen digsite. Once every digsite was opened, the card was discarded.

Now that one of the digsites has been completed, new fueling options have been revealed which increase Feeding the Workers at (location name) by 80 times the number of opened digsites.


Players could buy Chthonic Scrip for FATE at the digsites, which helped Fund the dig sites, however this goal was completed within an hour of the event starting.


All Fate goals have been met.

Location Dig Progress Feeding Progress Overall Progress
Moloch Street 1000005 1000020 100.00%
Spite 1000005 1000018 100.00%
The University 1000005 1000001 100.00%
The Singing Mandrake 1000005 1000038 100.00%
The Blind Helmsman 1000005 1000070 100.00%
Overall Progress 100.00% 100.00% 100.00%
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Every action spent digging will allow a reward to be claimed from A Find Beneath the Streets for another action. Every action spent fuelling will allow a reward to be claimed from The Opening of a Chamber. With the exact right number of Digging/Fuelling one of the following items can be claimed. This progress is dependent on your attributes, according to Bruno.[1]

Additionally, Chthonic Scrip can be spent for a variety of rewards. 30 can be gained initially for a cost of 200 x Shard of Glim, further scrip must be gained from spending fate (1:1 ratio) or from exchanging A Free Gift from previous elections.

Rewards when digging or fuelling[edit]

Unique Rewards[edit]

While you can get these from either source, it's suggested to gain them while digging, as that is cheaper.

Item Action Requirement Stats Notes
A Pre-Lapsarian Speaking Tube Something loud Delving or
Fueling 3-7
Persuasive +4
Shadowy +1
M. D_____' A_____ for _______: F____ Edition Something forbidden Delving or
Fueling 8
Watchful +4
Zeefaring +1
Shared Best-in-Slot item for Zeefaring (peer items are RETIRED)
Polythreme Drinking Vessel Something silvery Delving or
Fueling 11
Persuasive +8
Bizarre +1
A Poisoned Pen Something toxic Delving or
Fueling 14
Dangerous +8
Dreaded +1
Wax-Hardened Boots Something red Delving or
Fueling 17
Watchful +5
Respectable +1
Shared Best-in-Slot item for Respectable
F.F. Gebrandt's Patent Illuminating Cap Something bright or
Something moving
Delving or
Fueling 20+
Watchful +8
Shadowy -2
Monstrous Anatomy +1
Neathproofed +1
Shared Best-in-Slot non-Mood item for Watchful

Shared Best-in-Slot item for Monstrous Anatomy (peer item is Ambition: Bag a Legend! only)

Shared Best-in-Slot item for Neathproofed

Rewards from digging[edit]

Delving Reward Value (E )
Rare Success 1 x Emetic Revelation 12.50
0-2 10 x Venom-Ruby 1.00
3-4 2 x Tale of Terror!! 1.00
5-6 2 x Compromising Document 1.00
7 2 x Venge-Rat Corpse 1.00
8-9 1 x Baptised Rattus Faber Corpse 2.50
10-11 1 x Carved Ball of Stygian Ivory 2.50
12-13 1 x Thirsty Bombazine Scrap 2.50
14-16 1 x London Street Sign 2.50
17 1 x Anticandle N/A
18-19 1 x Partial Map 2.50
20 25.00
21 25.00
22 7.50 + N/A (12.50 if valuing Justificandes at 2.50 each)

Rewards from fuelling[edit]

Bear in mind that fuelling costs 40 E worth of tea, biscuits or pies

Fueling Reward Value (E )
0-3 17 x Aeolian Scream 42.50
4-6 17 x Unprovenanced Artefact 42.50
7 ~38.00 + Anticandle
8-10 45.00
11-13 45.00
14-15 4 x Sausage About Which No One Complains 50.00
16-17 50.00
18-19 45.00
20 1 x Bottle of Fourth City Airag: Year of the Tortoise 62.50
21 1 x Fragment of the Tragedy Procedures 62.50
22 1 x Primaeval Hint 62.50

Rewards from Scrip[edit]

Pavilion of Subterranean Delights[edit]

The pavilion contains new rewards from this year. Each reward is connected to one of the dig sites and provides additional hints to what happens there.

Item Chthonic Scrip cost Stats Notes
Strangling Willow Ring 20 x Persuasive +8
Dreaded +1
Mithridacy +1
Polythremean Peacoat 20 x Respectable +1
Bizarre +1
Zeefaring +1
Neathproofed +1
  • Shared Best-in-Slot item for Bizarre
  • Strict Best-in-Slot item for Zeefaring
  • Shared Best-in-Slot BDR item
Honey-Stained Shackles 30 x Shadowy +8
Dreaded +1
Glasswork +1
Elevating Silk Slippers 30 x Dangerous +8
Respectable +1
Monstrous Anatomy +1
Horseless, Driverless, Remorseless Carriage 50 x Dangerous +4
Dreaded +2
Artisan of the Red Science +1

Marquee of Mystification[edit]

These rewards are from previous elections. Their scrip cost is equal to their previous fate cost.

Item Chthonic Scrip cost Stats Notes
Genuine Rubbery Lumps 20 x Persuasive +8
Bizarre +1
Neathproofed +1
Devilbone Talons 20 x Watchful +8
Respectable +1
Shared Best-in-Slot item for Watchful
The Neathy Tarot, Featuring all 77 of the Major Arcana 20 x Shadowy +8
Dreaded +1
Shared Best-in-Slot item for Dreaded
Corinthian Belfry Hat 20 x Shadowy +8
Bizarre +1
Strict Best-in-Slot non-Mood item for Shadowy
Indignant Bearskin 20 x Persuasive +8
Respectable +1
Neathproofed +1
Shared Best-in-Slot item for Neathproofed
Epicurean War-Helm 20 x Dangerous +8
Dreaded +1
Shared Best-in-Slot non-Fate item for Dreaded
A Bottle of Angry Bees 20 x Dangerous +8
Dreaded +1
Mr Slowcake's Caducean Rose 20 x Persuasive +8
Respectable +1
The Contrarian's Monochromatic Lantern 20 x Watchful +8
Bizarre +1
Velvet Cloak with Burning Buttons 30 x Shadowy +4
Dreaded +1
Artisan of the Red Science +1
Neathproofed +1
Shared Best-in-Slot item for Artisan of the Red Science
Fourth City Eyeball 30 x Watchful +4
Respectable +1
A Player of Chess +1
Strict Best-in-Slot item for A Player of Chess
Highly-Accurate Gargoyle 30 x Dangerous +4
Bizarre +1
Monstrous Anatomy +1
Strict Best-in-Slot item for Monstrous Anatomy
Cloud-filled Sphere 30 x Watchful +8
Shapeling Arts +1
Shared Best-in-Slot item for Shapeling Arts
'Lucky' Claw 30 x Persuasive +8
Glasswork +1
Augmented Electrostatic
30 x Dangerous +3
Kataleptic Toxicology +1
Strict Best-in-Slot item for Kataleptic Toxicology
A Traitor's Carriage 30 x Dangerous +3
Dreaded +1
A Gazebo! 40 x Persuasive +6
Respectable +1
A Seven-Times-Exiled Parliamentarian's Guide to Electioneering 40 x Watchful +8
Shadowy +6
Bizarre +1
Voting Booth of One's Own 50 x Shadowy +6
A Mutton Island Account 50 x Persuasive +8
Shadowy +4
Respectable +1

Location Clues & Unlocks[edit]

After being fully excavated and financed, each location contains something different.

Dig Site Associated Item Location Unlocked Description from Look into these tunnels
Spite Polythremean Peacoat Underclay (Guide) The tunnels here have delved deep into the Earth, and they have uncovered remnants of a previous Falling City: Stone blocks and clay bricks of unfamiliar make; the odd fragment of a stone tablet or potsherd.
The University Honey-Stained Shackles Old Newgate (Guide) Numerous iron chains and manacles […] leading a Benthic professor to theorize that these are the remains of the HMS Ungulate […] He hasn't proposed a theory for how the ship got buried […] Nor does his hypothesis account for the constant buzzing […]
The Blind Helmsman Horseless, Driverless, Remorseless Carriage L.B. Industries (Guide) The tunnels here are filled with a noise of machinery. The bulk of excavated items seem to originate in London – whatever is buried here must have sunk into the Earth with the Fall, if not more recently.
The Singing Mandrake Elevating Silk Slippers Spider Symposium (Guide) The tunnels beneath the Singing Mandrake have yielded relatively few artefacts of note. But they do have a recurring problem with cobwebs, and more than one digging Londoner has reported a chittering noise from below.
Moloch Street Strangling Willow Ring The Sunken Embassy (Guide) A ring of brass the colour of mahogany was recovered early on in the digging. Papers and files are commonly found, too, though they are often too damaged to read. And it's hard to ignore that the tunnels have the faintest scent of brimstone.