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Clubs are establishments that provide functional and role-playing benefits to players. The Dilmun Club, which is a secret society, is not included in the list of clubs.

Within Fallen London, there are four clubs that you are able to officially join. These are:

There is a specific slot for your Club in your wardrobe/outfit. On your FL profile page, the Club slot occupies the last spot in the second half of your equipment/outfit display. You may only join one club at a time. Clubs may only be joined by Persons of Some Importance.

Notably, each Club provides an overall +4 BDR

Club Stats Notes
The Young Stags' Club Shadowy +1
Bizarre +2
Dreaded +2
  • Strict Best-in-Slot item for Shadowy
The Parthenaeum Persuasive +1
Respectable +4
Sophia's Dangerous +1
Dreaded +4
The Clay Tailor Club Persuasive +1
Bizarre +4

How to join[edit]

Joining a club consists of three parts. The first, is an opportunity card that occurs with standard frequency once you become a Person of Some Importance. Each club has their own associated opportunity card. These are:

These cards all have various requirements to proceed:

Card Of the requirements Requirements
Larks with Chuffy Route: The Shuttered Palace
Speaking Engagements all of
Among the Monster-Hunting Academics one of
A Show of Taste one of

It is suggested that you would resolve the opportunity cards and turn them into a storylet at the Bazaar Side-streets even if you would not like to actively join that club. This is to prevent the cards from clogging up your opportunity deck, and to grant more ease if or when you would like to change clubs.

After you resolve these opportunity cards, you will be granted a quality that allows you to join that respective club. You may then go to the Bazaar Side-streets and the corresponding storylet(s) for that club(s) will be displayed. The following qualities corresponding to each club lead to the following storylets:

Club Quality Storylet at the Bazaar Side-streets
The Young Stags' Club Making Friends among the Young Stags
The Parthenaeum Sniffing Around The Parthenaeum
Sophia's Acquainted with Sophia's
The Clay Tailor Club Acquainted with the Clay Tailor

From their respective storylets, joining each club also has certain requirements. The costs between each Club varies somewhat, however what they all have in common is that joining requires 3 x Personal Recommendations (which is the primary use of the item). It should be noted that Sophia's and The Clay Tailor Club were added into the game later, so the materials needed for joining may be acquired further along in the game compared to the materials needed for the other two clubs. The various methods of entry are as required:

Club Option for joining Requirement(s)
The Young Stags' Club Join the Young Stags' Club
The Parthenaeum Accept graciously
Sophia's Contribute to another member's charitable effort
Contribute to the club's monster-hunting supplies
The Clay Tailor Club Suggest accepting with your Barrel with Leather Shoulder-straps
Accept with the Travelling-Coat of Mr Cups
Accept with your Tatterskin Shawl
Accept in company with your Moderately Co-operative Clothes Colony
Accept with your Jillyfleur Cloak
Accept with your Velvet Disguise as Mr Veils
Accept with your Tuneful Hat
Construct a pair of diamond-studded lizard-leather boots of your own design

As a footnote, Personal Recommendations can be most easily obtained by Attending a Party through the opportunity card A Polite Invitation multiple times.

Associated Opportunity Cards[edit]

Each Club has their own associated opportunity card which occurs with standard frequency. These are as follows:

The options on the opportunity cards differ significantly between Clubs in terms of requirement and reward.

More Larks with the Young Stags[edit]

Option Requirement Success outcome
Bet 'Winkles' Cheesewright-Cheesewright that he won't steal a Constable's helmet
  • A matter of luck: How can you fail? (success chance: 90%)
Put up some money for an artistic endeavour
Mix Chuffy a hangover cure
Invite Chuffy to picnic at the Magistracy of the Evenlode

A relaxed day at the Club[edit]

Option Requirement Success outcome
Fall asleep in front of the fire
Have a little word with the Chief Constable
Indulge in a quiet game
Drum up a few investments for the Great Hellbound Railway

An Evening at Sophia's[edit]

Option Requirement Success outcome
Cure a poisoning
Offer your services as a doctor
Take tea
Propose a hunting expedition

An Evening at the Clay Tailor's[edit]

Option Requirement Success outcome
Disguise a Revolutionary-minded member
Feather a hat for a fellow member
Invite your companions to investigate Infernal Fashions
Construct a pair of diamond-studded lizard-leather boots of your own design

Leaving a Club[edit]

If for some reason you wish to resign from your current club, select Send your resignation to your Club from Send a Message to a Contact in Your Social Engagements. This costs 2 actions and gives a point of Scandal.

Other Uses[edit]

At the Feast of the Exceptional Rose, if you are a member of The Young Stags' Club, you will be able to get The Stag's Head tattoo. This sets your A Skin-Bound Memory: or A Second Skin-Bound Memory: to 'The Stag's Head' and provides a permanent point of Dreaded.


Your choice of a club will to some degree be part of your character, so it's up to you whether to choose based on roleplaying or optimization. As it stands, clubs typically have 2 important differences.

  1. BDR distribution - maybe you need a specific quality for Khaganian Intrigue (Guide), or you need it to attract a specific buyer at the Bone Market. Your club will be an important factor here.
    Opportunity card - Some of the cards are very good for specific purposes. The Stags has a great source of Tribute-favours, Sophia's has a very convenient source of hunting trophies and The Clay Tailor's has a good source of Thirsty Bombazine.

Either of these may be the deciding factor for you, or perhaps you'd rather keep something appropriate for your character.