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The Fruits of the Zee Festival has undergone a major redesign as of the year 2023. This guide is intended to help players figure out which items they may want to acquire.

Special Note: Items Available Outside Fruits of the Zee[edit]

For whatever reason, several items originally introduced during FRUITS OF THE ZEE have become available through other means. For the purposes of this guide, these items will still be listed in the tables below, but are also included in this section for reference.

Item FATE Cost at FotZ Non-FotZ Source
Mutersalt 15 Available during the Railway.
Note that this option involves Supporting the Liberationist Tracklayers, as well as an opportunity cost between the Prehistoricist and Emancipationist gifts.
Consignment of Scintillack Snuff 10 Many RNG sources, though the most dependable is probably Ambush a Novice Smuggler in the Clay Highwayman's camp.
Viscountess' Bejewelled Collar 10 See The Sacroboscan Calendar (Guide).
Viscount's Bejewelled Collar 10 See The Sacroboscan Calendar (Guide).
Bloodstained Eolith 15 Rare failure when Disambiguating Eoliths in your lab. You may require some musteline support.
Sinning Jenny's Forsaken Wimple! N/A Technically not the same item as Sinning Jenny's Forsaken Wimple, presumably because someone at Failbetter has it out for me, specifically.

Items Sorted by Stats[edit]

Note that these tables follow the following format: strict BIS is bold, shared BIS is italic, and stats which are neither but are nonetheless notable will be in regular case. Stats which are none of the above have been omitted for ease of perusal.

Best In Slot[edit]

These items are Strict Best-in-Slot for one or more stats.

Item Slot Obtaining Stats Notes
Hat No mechanical differences.
Viscountess' Bejewelled Collar Adornment See above None.
Keelgraspers Gloves None.
Sun-Seared Silken Gloves Gloves None.
Boots No mechanical differences.
Corpulent Carriage Transport None.
Weeping Litter-Cyst Transport Week 1: Dive to Full Fathom Five 5 and meet the Pentamerous Bride. On week 2, talk with the King-in-Coral about her. Only Weasel-Infested Velocipede is better for Watchful.
Obstinate-class Cruiser Ship Only ship that reduces Troubled Waters, but offers no zailing benefit.
Ogedei-class Liner Ship As fast as the Clipper, but adds Dangerous and Dreaded.
Nyx-class Zubmersible Ship A Shadowy and Dreaded Zubmarine.
Il-Altun-class Yacht Ship Adds Persuasive on top of the Yacht.

Situational Best in Slot[edit]

For a subset of players, these items are the best available options for their slot. This may be because the alternatives are only available at other festivals, are only obtainable with certain Ambitions, cost FATE, etc.

Item Slot Obtaining Stats Notes
The Forsaken Crown of a Grand Devil Hat Peer item is available for FATE at HALLOWMAS ( The Violant Demon), or for Heart's Desire players, A Dream of Truth-Strangling.
Viscount's Bejewelled Collar Adornment See above Shared BiS for Mithridacy with Strangling Willow Ring and the Campaign Buttons, available in SUMMER, as well as A Slug, For Casual Draping, purchasable from Mr Chimes' Lost & Found.
Nuncian Pocket Watch Weapon Shared BiS for Respectable with Heavily Annotated Timetables and Mesmeric Parasol from SUMMER and WHITSUN, respectively. For peer BDR, the Iron Republic Journal is the easiest free option.
Outclassed for BDR by only three items: Golden Spiked Rosary, FATE-locked at FEAST OF THE ROSE, Severed Chimaerical Head of the Vake, only available to Bag a Legend players, and The Seven-Fold Knock, which is not worth the trouble it takes to get.
Semi-Automated Mary Lloyd Transport Peer BDR item is A Heartwood Hearse from FEAST OF THE ROSE.
Outclassed by the FATE-locked Ratwork Velocipede and the technically free Your Very Own Miniature Hellworm, Saddled and Bridled.
Shared non-FATE non-Hellworm BIS for Dangerous with Horseless, Driverless, Remorseless Carriage from SUMMER.

Perennial Peer Items[edit]

These items have peer items freely available at all times of year, though they may be difficult to acquire or require completion of a lengthy storyline.

Item Slot FATE Stats Notes
Gloves No mechanical differences. Equivalent to Pair of Lenguals.

Early-Game Utility[edit]

These items are strictly outclassed for endgame players, but may be useful options for those who do not yet have access to lategame alternatives.

Item Slot Obtaining Stats Notes
A Faceted Decanter of Drownie Effluvia Weapon Outclassed by Set of Intricate Kifers.
Wrecking Boots Boots Peer item in the Pair of Ratskin Boots available at the Bazaar. Surpassed by Kingscale Boots, among others.
A Cured Jillyfleur Cloak Clothing Outclassed by Far Khanate Lacquered Armour, among others.
A Submerged Rector Companion Better than most Persuasive companions that can be bought at the Bazaar, but will eventually be surpassed by The Minister of Culture.
Surpassed in Watchful by the trivially-acquired Blemmigan Tourist.
Inquisitive Lamp-cat Companion Outclassed by The Minister of Enigmas, among others.
While fairly unremarkable by itself, its Hallowmas upgrade is shared BIS for both Monstrous Anatomy and Shadowy, so it may be worth holding on to in case its upgrade becomes available this year.
Pre-Emptive Guinea-Pig Weapon Week 2: 20 FATE Outclassed by Infernal Sharpshooter's Rifle and Ratwork Watch, among others.
'For Your Own Good' Compass Weapon Week 2: 15 FATE Outclassed by Patent Scrutinizer Deluxe!, among others.

No Stats[edit]

These items are difficult to recommend based on stats, even for earlygame players.

Item Slot FATE Stats Notes
Scrimshander Carving Knife Weapon A Journal of Metaphysical Conjecture that you can get from Making Your Name is superior, as is the cheap Patent Scrutinizer.
Mutersalt Weapon See above Many better options, including the various scars you can get when Making Your Name.
Consignment of Scintillack Snuff Weapon See above Many better options, including the Ravenglass Knife.
Sinning Jenny's Forsaken Wimple! Hat See above Well, it's free. That counts for something.

Items Sorted by Use[edit]

Efficient Repeatable[edit]

These items unlock repeatable options that are much better than their evergreen alternatives.

Item Obtaining Unlocks Notes
A Faceted Decanter of Drownie Effluvia Cure the ignorance of your zailors while Zailing; can also be used to advance the story of the Watchmaker's Daughter The Zailing option is a great way to reduce Troubled Waters while also making progress, albeit it may require very high Kataleptic Toxicology depending on the zee-region.

The Watchmaker's Daughter use, however, is fairly unremarkable, as it can be bypassed with a simple Dangerous check, and you're likely to only play through that story a few times for lore and novelties.
Scrimshander Carving Knife Carve away some evidence of age when assembling a skeleton Experienced skeleton-builders may not use this option often, as it can be avoided with proper planning. Can be helpful to recover from mistakes when making skeletons or to offload Antique parts onto buyers who otherwise aren't interested in them.
Mutersalt See above Create Sausage About Which No One Complains and get Brilliant Souls at Virginia's spa, both in Ealing Gardens The Sausage cannot be obtained any other way and has several uses, including lowering Tracklayers' Displeasure and cooking.

The Brilliant Soul grind is decent but arguably outclassed by the overall more profitable grind eventually available in Moulin.
Consignment of Scintillack Snuff See above Research the Recipe for Scintillack Snuff in your Lab, allowing you to manufacture it yourself and use it for smuggling, more smuiggling, and alchemical reagents. Don't spend FATE to buy this here. Get it from Balmoral instead. And before you do anything else, be sure to research it in your Lab to manufacture it yourself!
Ogedei-class Liner Several Zailing actions See Zailing (Guide) for details.
Nyx-class Zubmersible Several Zailing actions See Zailing (Guide) for details.
Il-Altun-class Yacht Several Zailing actions See Zailing (Guide) for details.

Efficient Single-Use[edit]

These items unlock a one-time option that saves the player significant resources compared to the free alternatives.

Currently, no items fit these criteria.

Niche Repeatable[edit]

These items unlock repeatable options that are either equivalent to or outclassed by their evergreen alternatives.

Item FATE Unlocks Notes
Nuncian Pocket Watch Time the appearances of Hillchanger Tower on a card in Ealing Gardens, and Persuade Hillchanger Tower during a certain point in the Railway story, if you made a certain choice. The card in Ealing is not that great, and eventually you will likely want to avoid Ealing's cluttered deck anyway. As for the story option, it's only slightly better than the free options of paying 500 x Moon-Pearl or succeeding on the A Scholar of the Correspondence check. Even failure on that check gives progress, though it comes with Nightmares.
A Submerged Rector An option on a card in the Upper River, an option when diving in the Evenlode, and one of several options for Parish Clerk in Burrow-infra-Mump. The option on A Jurisdictional Dispute can be nice for the Scrip, if you regularly get Verse of Counter-Creed (Crooked-Crosses in particular might be interested in it). The Evenlode option is nice for the menace reduction, but Evenlode diving is fairly niche. Note that the two other options available for Burrow clerk are HALLOWMAS companions, and may not be available for free any given year.

Niche Single-Use[edit]

These items unlock a one-time option that is either equivalent to or outclassed by the evergreen alternatives.

Item FATE Unlocks Notes
A Cured Jillyfleur Cloak One of several options to join the Clay Tailor Club One of several options, including some you may get from your Ambition and the freely-available Moderately Co-operative Clothes Colony
Inquisitive Lamp-cat Introduce your Inquisitive Lamp-Cat for A Cub's Education. A Cub's Education is fairly niche vanity content. Note it can be upgraded at HALLOWMAS as well, and that upgrade is quite good.

No Uses[edit]

These items do not unlock any additional actions.

Item Obtaining
Wrecking Boots
Sun-Seared Silken Gloves
Semi-Automated Mary Lloyd
The Forsaken Crown of a Grand Devil
Corpulent Carriage
Pre-Emptive Guinea-Pig Week 2: 30 FATE
'For Your Own Good' Compass Week 2: 15 FATE
Viscountess' Bejewelled Collar See above
Viscount's Bejewelled Collar See above
Bloodstained Eolith See above
Sinning Jenny's Forsaken Wimple! See above!
Obstinate-class Cruiser