Obscurity (Guide)

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At some point during the unwise journey of Seeking Mr Eaten's Name, you have a choice whether to embrace Obscurity and part with a number of aspects of the game forever.

One might also choose to gain only a bit of Obscurity - as much as one can handle.

This guide lists the consequences you will have to deal with as well as some workarounds.

The effects are permanent, there is no option to pay FATE to undo any of them.

No Marks[edit]

No Nature[edit]

No Name[edit]

No Purpose[edit]

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Ambition: Nemesis Ambition: Bag a Legend! Ambition: Heart's Desire! Ambition: Light Fingers!
Minor rewards
  • You cannot start another Ambition or restart your last one.

No Future[edit]

Failbetter have requested that information regarding Ambition: Enigma, particularly puzzle solutions, be kept secret.

("The First Rule Of Ambition: Enigma...")

  • Your Ambition: Enigma quality is gone, the ways of regaining it are locked.
  • Other qualities you could have had are preserved.

No Future[edit]

No Solitude[edit]

  • You will never be alone again.