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If your main attributes are starting to hit 200, you feel like you have exhausted most of the content in London proper, and you've explored the readily-available content in Parabola -- then it's time you approach the endgame, and this guide is for you.

Disclaimer: This is not a guide in the regular sense, rather an overview of what you could do, and how these stories interact.

Interleaving Stories in the Endgame[edit]


The central, big endgame project is the Great Hellbound Railway, where you build nine stations and the tracks leading to them.

It is time-locked, in the sense that you only get two board meetings per week, and you typically need three board meetings per new station, so expect around 13 weeks as the lower limit from start to finish. See Railway Beginning (Guide) for how to approach it.

Each station open up new stories (and many of them also open up new grinds) along the way.

In addition, each station increases your cap to the Persuasive quality, and some stations unlock other overcaps.

Attributes Overcaps[edit]

The basic attributes ( Watchful, Dangerous, Shadowy, Persuasive) can only be raised up to 200 by default, but you can raise these caps up to 230.

Raising Attribute Caps (Guide) describes the mechanics in detail, so let me just add that you need to build the first railway station at Ealing Gardens to raise Dangerous to 203, and Station VIII to raise Watchful past 212. For 221 you need to finish the railway all the way to Marigold Station, and you need to have done some business in the Khanate.

The Khanate[edit]

The Khanate is a location that you can only reach when you have a ship of your own, and it is one of the destinations farthest away from London.

While you can enter the Khanate itself pretty easily, Khan's Heart is only unlocked after building the railway station at Balmoral, and doing some business there.

In the Khan's Heart you can pursue intrigues, which are pretty profitable, and which allow you to obtain a Corresponding Sounder, which you need for the Watchful overcap storyline.

The Khaganian Intrigues are challenging because you cannot change outfits while pursuing them. If you cannot reliably pass all the checks, you start increasing Taimen's Attention faster, which makes the checks harder, which makes the Khanate a grave for actions and joy alike.

To avoid this hassle, you should construct an outfit that makes you 100% successful at all relevant checks. Khaganian Intrigue (Guide) explains the options; a popular one combines 10 Glasswork and 18 Respectable. One item that helps you towards this outfit is Tiger-Furred Oneiropompic Stave, for which you need either 3 or 5 Parabolan Parable (plus some other items), so when you pursue your Parabolan Wars to raise attribute caps, it's best to select those endings that give you Parables.

Railway Statues[edit]

At each Railway station you can build one of several statues; some of them allow you to trade in favours for rewards. All of them cost Hinterland Scrip, many also require some story qualities. See Statues at the GHR Stations (Guide).

There is a wide variety of effort that goes into satisfying the requirement for these statues; doing it the hard way can easily keep you occupied for weeks or months.

(Building all of these statues also gives you an interesting reward).

Paramount Presence[edit]

Once you have a base attribute at 212 or more without modifiers, you could start your journey towards becoming a Paramount Presence, the third and final tier on the "Person of some Importance" ladder.

This is a huge project, see Paramount Presence (Guide); the mechanical benefits are pretty minor, so this is a typical vanity quality, but it seems to be a rite of passage for hardcore Fallen London enthusiasts. It doesn't hurt to wait this project until you have exhausted the more interesting stories.

Money-Based Achievements[edit]

There are a few things that you can only obtain for obscene amounts of either echoes or Hinterland Scrip. Having those isn't really essential, but they can provide some nice benefits.

Item Cost Notable Effect
Overgoat 11712.80 Echoes Watchful +20 Companion
Übergoat 2x Overgoat, 1 FATE Watchful +30 Companion
Firkin of Hesperidean Cider 160000 Echoes One-action return from the Boatman
Your Very Own Miniature Hellworm 200000x Hinterland Scrip Upper River opportunity cards that give a random liquid, including Vial of Masters' Blood. See Hellworm (Guide).
Your Very Own Miniature Hellworm, Saddled and Bridled 400000x Hinterland Scrip Improved version of the basic Hellworm.

TODO: Heptagoat

Equipment Optimisation[edit]

After you have finished your stats overcaps, the only remaining way to raise your attributes is with equipment.

So some players take delight in trying to get the best equipment they can possibly can, foremost for the four main attributes, but some also for the advanced stats (like Glasswork), and other obscure qualities like Neathproofed.

You could for all "regular" best-in-slot items, include seasonal items as the seasonal events come along (compare Preparing for Seasonal Events (Guide)), faction items as you raise the corresponding Renown qualities; you might even want to spend FATE (to support the game more than for the higher numbers, of course).

Maximising Bone Market Exhaustion[edit]

Some players take delight in trying to maximise Bone Market Exhaustion, or in other words, trying to create the most outrageously overpowered skeletons they possibly can, and still manage to sell them. Each point of Exhaustion is worth 50 echoes, and Time, the Healer reduces Exhaustion by 4 points each week. To lock yourself out of the more exclusive sellers of the bone market for a year, you'd need to create a skeleton worth at least 52 * 4 * 50 = 10400 echoes, nearly worth a full Overgoat. It has been done.

Vanity Achievements[edit]

Beyond things that have uses, there are also a lot of things that are mainly for vanity and displaying them on your scrapbook. In a sense, these can help you decide how to shape the peak of your character.

The extensive guide is found at Treasures of the Neath (Guide).

Seeking Mr. Eaten's Name[edit]

Seeking Mr Eaten's Name (Guide). Enough said.