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Starting the Railway venture can be rather intimidating as it requires many different resources that are fairly new and not easily accessible to you when coming to this stage of the game. It gets better progressing with the Railway, but until that point it can be considered rather painful and confusing.

Furthermore, it also requires access to several new locations, namely University Laboratory, Parabolan Base-Camp and The Bone Market. In theory you can skip the latter one, but some resources will be more painful to gather.

First stop - Ealing Gardens[edit]

Becoming the Director of the Railway entails responding to Advertisements of a New Venture card which starts appearing when you reach Fox.png 175 Persuasive and A Person of Some Importance Tier 2. This follows with short series of storylets leading you through first easy board meeting ending at decision to Build the station at Ealing Gardens.

Before actually building the station, you need to lay down tracks toward it. In case of Ealing Gardens, you have 3 options where the tracks are laid with slightly different resource requirements. You can repeat single option three times or pick different one every time. Lookup the consequences of each choice if you like at the The Next Stretch of Track page. The summary of most important resources and ranges follows.

The first two resources are a bit more involved and interconnected.


Besides using it for laying tracks, you need additional Explosion.png 100 Perfumed Gunpowder to Lay in some explosives and upgrade your laboratory equipment to manufacture Railway Steel later. You might as well focus on it in bulk right away since improving the equipment helps to speed up research itself.

You may consider an easy option by Disambiguate the Eolith which can be obtained for free and yields Explosion.pngPerfumed Gunpowder (sometimes). However, it's likely less optimal way. You will need to create at least one sample this way for the next step though.

Research the Formula[edit]

Bigger amounts of the Gunpowder are manufactured after you Research the Formula for Perfumed Gunpowder.

Tip: If you have employed F.F. Gebrandt in your Lab, she can speed up this research a bit. The same applies to Railway Steel formula later. And if she collaborates with expert Profound student, it may be even faster.

You need to establish Parabolan Base-Camp for Parabolan Research (if you haven't done so already). To Find a Route to Parabola is not an easy feat on its own and involves good amount of grinding for expensive resources. However, it involves resources you know by now so it doesn't need much of guidance here.

Tip: If you don't mind changing professions, the Silverer provides much cheaper access to Parabola.

Manufacture Gunpowder[edit]

Follows another shopping list of what you need to manufacture Explosion.png 115-130 Perfumed Gunpowder depending on your track layout choices.

Surface Blooms[edit]

Corsagegreen.pngPreserved Surface Blooms can be obtained from A Teller of Terrors by selling her a Fish white.png Possessed Goldfish (easy to get in The Dome of Scales).

A better option is probably selling a basic skeleton to the Bohemian Sculptress. You can simply combine a Bone3.png Headless Skeleton with a Skullbrass.png Bright Brass Skull to get Corsagegreen.png 27 Preserved Surface Blooms.

If you don't mind a little bit of shady areas, another alternative is to Discover the background of this bone and Invent a false nature for this bone to Sell your Holy Relic to the Bohemian Sculptress for Corsagegreen.pngPreserved Surface Blooms. It's probably cheapest option, especially if you want to train your Laboratory students. A Pedagogically Inclined Grandmother will gladly give you some bones to research for free.


This is a bit more tricky resource without access to Ealing Gardens (first station we are building here).

If you have enough money, just buy Amber red.pngNodule of Pulsating Amber for Icon-echo.png 300 Echo from Merrigans Exchange or find those in Nadir with The end of battles card. You can then sell those to A Tentacled Servant for Bazaar.png 390 Nightsoil of the Bazaar. To get remaining quantity either buy one more amber or continue with following options.

Given that you will need Medalbatgold.png 40 The Prestige of your Laboratory (more on that later), you can as well spend some time researching other things (eg. Surveys or Statistics) in the Laboratory to train and Graduate the Gifted Student which gives Fungalpoetry.png Slim Volume of Bazaarine Poetry that can be sold for Bazaar.pngNightsoil of the Bazaar to A Tentackled Servant. The Profound Student gives Bazaar.pngNightsoil of the Bazaar directly on graduation, but he is slightly harder to train. Don't forget to Create an Infernal Machine too which is necessary later.

If you are a fan of fiddling with bones, there is a recipe for pre-Railway skeleton that yields a good portion of necessary Nightsoil.

Railway Steel[edit]

If you thought that getting enough Gunpowder is complicated, you will change your mind now. Either way, another shopping list to get Railsteel.png 30 Railway Steel follows.

You don't need to grind everything at once, just 1/3 of amounts and lay down first track which leads to a small intermezzo. Depending on decision there, you might need to add another 1/3 of amounts to the total grind.

Research the formula[edit]

Still the easy part except that you need Medalbatgold.png 40 The Prestige of your Laboratory to get the first sample of Railsteel.png Railway Steel through A Luncheon with the Dean of Supernumerary Fellows. This will also increase Owl.png Watchful cap to 203.

Manufacture Railway Steel[edit]

To even start considering manufacture of Railway Steel, you need to Lay in some explosives first. This is where previously manufactured Perfumed Gunpowder comes in. Besides that you also need Hillmover.pngHillmover which are easy to get by hunting Seven-Throated Warbler in Parabola and searching its nest.

Next important step is to Create an Infernal Machine which used to provide a more optimal way of manufacturing Railway Steel, as in requiring less Justificade coins, but since it is now easily gotten via brawling (see below), and the option to produce a lot of tracks with an Infernal Machine takes more Bessemer Steel Ingot per Railway Steel (23 per Railway Steel) than the normal way to make tracks, it is not recommended to use the Infernal Machine to make tracks. However, since it is also a requirement to actually build stations (Ealing Gardens included), it is still necessary. This is where you need Nevercold brass.pngBessemer Steel Ingot as mentioned above.

Bessemer Steel Ingots[edit]

If you have Sidebarshadowy.png 200 Shadowy (without modifiers) the most clear path involves Stealing from Mr Iron's warehouse and a bit of grinding for An Identity Uncovered! (you need 15 to get 100 Ingots). If you are still far away from this, consider focusing on improving your Shadowy because you will need a lot of these ingots eventually.

Another option is to Intervene in a Dockers' Brawl at The Blind Helmsman and choosing the crates destined for Iron and Misery as reward. In 4-5 actions (depending on Airs and your own items) you can get 20/25 Ingots depending on whose side you're on. (25 if you fight on your own and 20 is on any other side, but being on your own is harder.)

More lengthy way lies with assembling skeleton with at least 1 Antiquity and selling it to an Enthusiast of the Ancient World. Follows sample of a few possible combinations to get the idea. Trying to improve Antiquity is not that useful, focus on the Value instead.

Comparison of basic skeletons
Recipe Value Ingots
Headless Skeleton, Horned Skull 1500 30
Headless Skeleton, Sabre-toothed Skull 6500 130
Human Ribcage, Horned Skull, 2x Human Arm, 2x Unidentified Thigh Bone 3200 64
Human Ribcage, Sabre-toothed Skull, 2x Ivory Humerus, 2x Ivory Femur 23500 470

In case you wonder about the last recipe, the Sabre-toothed Skull can be bought from Enthusiast of the Ancient World (needs a bit of Scrip grinding first). And all Ivory bones are obtainable from A Familiar Bohemian Sculptress in exchange for a few Parabolan Orange-apples (1 Orange-apple (1100 Bone Fragments) for a Humerus, 3 Orange-apples (3300 Bone Fragments) and 750 Bone Fragments for a Femur).

You can also try hunting a Storm-bird which yields Nevercold brass.pngBessemer Steel Ingot. It's not much, but hunting is fine to train some advanced skills anyway.

Justificande Coin[edit]

The easiest way is to Intervene in a Dockers' Brawl at The Blind Helmsman and choosing the coffer of Admiralty coinage as reward. Fighting on your own will net you 2 coins in 3 actions (if you succeed in all skill-checks), and fighting with any of the factions will give 1 coin per 3 actions, but has lower Bear.png Dangerous checks.

Another way is within The Chessboard and Allow yourself to be sacrificed option which yields 1 coin. That means you need to do it six times (or less). You can also train A Player of Chess along the way.

An alternative involves a heist to The home of an Admiral's Widow and requires Ship.png 10 Favours: The Docks to gain 6 coins in two runs.

After you build the Ealing Garden station, you get much better option as A Gift from the Capering Relicker so don't bother grinding this thing ahead too much.

Obstacle on the way[edit]

Technically, you don't need to grind all resources for 3 track sections right away. After you build the first one, a small intermezzo happens which leads to a board meeting with a decision to make. Either you chose an easy one which basically means to build one more track section (more resource grinding, yay). The hard way is about a pretty lengthy research of an Impossible Theorem.

Note that using this expensive thing for the railway decision won't consume it so you can sell it afterwards or use somewhere else.

Late night bureaucracy[edit]

Once you successfully build all necessary track sections, you will need to convene another board meeting to Propose a plan for the next Station building and for the train engines to go there.