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Your influence is felt across London and beyond. Are you destined for greatness?


A Paramount Presence! is the highest level of Diamond.png A Person of Some Importance. It is an immense undertaking to reach this level, and of the many people who play this game, only a few have ever reached it.

Quick Note[edit]

This Guide is an slightly more in-depth guide about becoming A Paramount Presence. For an in-depth guide to the earlier levels of Diamond.png A Person of Some Importance please consult A Person of Some Importance (Guide), which also includes large parts of this Guide.

Note on Old/New Paramount Presence[edit]


Failbetter has overhauled the requirements for A Paramount Presence. [1] For players who achieved A Paramount Presence before the overhaul, there was a unique storylet available in Unfinished Business in Veilgarden until 3rd June 2020, which granted the Diamondred.png Paramount Presence of the Ancient Regime quality, to recognise that they achieved Paramount Presence the old way (this quality was automatically given to all eligible players who hadn't claimed it by the time the storylet disappeared).

The new system removes the need to use Notability to overcap main stats. Instead you merely need to raise the caps on the main attributes and then just raise them up to their new level normally.

Becoming A Paramount Presence! [edit]


Overcapping (the new way)[edit]

Main Guide: Raising Attribute Caps (Guide)
The new system instead requires you to do various quests involving the new content (Railway, Parabola, Lab) to get the main stat caps raised to 212 and then raise them up to that level in the same way as before 200. Once you've reached 212 in a stat and have the associated tier 2 PoSI you can proceed in the same way as before the overhaul.

Overcapping (the old way)[edit]

Wiki note: Outdated and no longer applies to the game.
To become A Paramount Presence! you first need to overcap all your Attributes to 215. This involves choosing a specialization (for 5 Notability), overcapping the Attribute to 215 (for 15 Notability), and then un-specializing (for 12 Notability). And you need to do this 4 times! Once you have overcapped a Attribute to 215 a new option will appear under Unfinished Business in each associated location to obtain a new quality, which will require endgame-level achievements.

London's Innards[edit]

The recommendations for which path is the easiest assumes that you have zero progress in any of the options. Of course, if you're already nearly done with one path, that one is of course the easiest. While I've tried to be objective in my recommendations, you may not agree with my opinion. If you disagree for whatever reason, leave a comment or edit the page yourself.

The following are the storylets:

Attribute Quality Storylet
Owl.png Watchful Skullbrass.png London's Nerves Unfinished Business in Ladybones Road
Sidebarshadowy.png Shadowy Furtivehand.png London's Marrow Unfinished Business in Spite
Bear.png Dangerous Skeleton.png London's Sinew Unfinished Business in Watchmaker's Hill
Fox.png Persuasive Keygold.png London's Blood Unfinished Business in Veilgarden

London's Sinew[edit]


Of these three, The advancement of my friends is by far the easiest to achieve. Simply ask around on either the official Forums or the Fallen London subreddit and you'll have 90 Sidebarinfluence.png Influence in no time; it's important to note that anybody can become a Protégé even if their stats are too high, they just don't get any benefit. Becoming an Acquaintance with someone gives you one point of Sidebarinfluence.png Influence and a Protégé gives 7, so you should be there in no time.

Obtaining 50 Candlebloodred.png Mementos of Violence, is also largely straightforward, but this path requires more actions and runs the risk of death. However, if you have yet to become a Harpoon.png Defender of the Public Safety, it may be a good idea to kill two birds with one stone by hunting Pinewood Sharks.

Liberationofnight.png Advancing the Liberation of Night: 40 is not the easiest, but it has a wide range of potential sources. Among other things, it is increased through upconverting Luminosity items like Lamplighter beeswax.png Lump of Lamplighter Beeswax, which is simple to grind in Ladybones Road, and by calling in Revolutionary favors which is a generally profitable action with high renown. Various options in the Hinterlands can also manipulate it.

Option Required Quality
The ultimate thrill Candlebloodred.png 50 x Memento of Violence Skeleton.png London's Sinew 1 - Delight in Death!
A desire for freedom Liberationofnight.png Advancing the Liberation of Night: 40 Skeleton.png London's Sinew 2 - The Deadly force of Freedom
The advancement of my friends Sidebarinfluence.png Influence 90 Skeleton.png London's Sinew 3 - A true companion!

London's Blood[edit]


Of these three, You cherish your spouse is by far the easiest. It can be done simply by marrying another player, if you don't feel the need to grind a high level of Pocketwatch.png Organising a Wedding.

The five-card lodgings required for You cherish your luxuries most are either hideously expensive in terms of both items and Sidebarnotability.png Notability, or must be obtained using A Sundered Sea, which is only available during Christmas and, though it's possible to acquire all three in a single year, will most likely require multiple years.

While it is typically not possible to grind Your dreams, they can accumulate over time as you draw cards in London. If you're a veteran, simply concentrate on something else for the time being; you may find yourself already having them all at needed values.
Note: It is possible to reset the following dreams to revisit them in a different light:

Do not play these cards if you're planning on taking this branch. If you do, you'll have to wait for the dream quality to increment back up to the requisite levels, and there will be much weeping and gnashing of teeth.

Option Required Quality
You cherish your luxuries most Devilclose.png 1 x An Infernally Diplomatic Privilege

Bazaarsun.png 1 x A Novel Birth-Mark
Maskpurple.png 1 x A Wink from the Manager of the Royal Bethlehem

Keygold.png London's Blood 1 - Supreme in luxury!
You cherish your spouse Red gold.png 1 x Committed

No Bewilderingprocession.png A Bewildering Procession of Companions, Lovers, Suitors, and Paramours
No Oddcouple.png Philosophically Perfect Partnership

Keygold.png London's Blood 2 - Happy in love!
Your dreams Waves.png Having Recurring Dreams: Death by Water 10

Clouds.png Having Recurring Dreams: What the Thunder Said 15
Flames.png Having Recurring Dreams: The Fire Sermon 15
Bandagedman.png Having Recurring Dreams: The Burial of the Dead 15
Eye.png Having Recurring Dreams: Is Someone There? 15
Pawn.png Having Recurring Dreams: A Game of Chess 15

Keygold.png London's Blood 3 - Living in dreams!

London's Marrow[edit]


It is hard to say which is the easiest of these, as all of them are really hard.

That said, Wealth is likely the easiest of the bunch (refer to the excellent Money-Making guide for details on ways to obtain 10,000 Echoes). If you plan to use the Ubergoat.png Übergoat for London's Nerves, for which you'll need at least two Overgoat.png Overgoats, you'll need to have at least 10,000 Echoes on hand anyways. In that case, it would be highly advisable to play this branch before purchasing a goat.

I personally find that renown (see: Raising Favours) is easier to obtain than 4 tier 8 items, so Recognition gets second place, and Treasures third. However, as a endgame player Treasures might be quicker, using the Railway options to get them
Sack.png Scraps are generally obtained through lodgings cards, slowly - however, since the Note.png Rumourmonger's Network and Shipbig.png Reported Location of a One-Time Prince of Hell can now be obtained via the Cabinet Noir in Balmoral (via Selling a very advanced identity to spies or devils respectively), and the Black.png Breath of the Void can be obtained in Moulin for the cost of various 312 Echo items, this may change the relative difficulty of Treasures. Scrap5.png Veils-Velvet Scrap can now be obtained more reliably, but it requires both a certain other Tier 8 item and almost finishing a storyline comparable to Seeking in terms of punishment (which by FBG decree won't be explained on this wiki).

Option Required Quality
Wealth Banknotes.png 1,000,000 x Penny (10,000 Echoes) Furtivehand.png London's Marrow 1 - Money, Money, Money
Treasures Black.png 1 x Breath of the Void

Scrap5.png 1 x Veils-Velvet Scrap
Note.png 1 x Rumourmonger's Network
Shipbig.png 1 x Reported Location of a One-Time Prince of Hell

Furtivehand.png London's Marrow 2 - Jewels in your crown
Recognition Manacles.png Renown: Criminals 50

Constablebadge.png Renown: Constables 50

Furtivehand.png London's Marrow 3 - Known to None and All

London's Nerves[edit]


As the Ubergoat.png Übergoat is Fate-locked, I won't mention it here.

In my opinion, the easier of the two remaining options is The mysteries of the heavens (see: Library.png A Scholar of the Correspondence, which also includes some tips to raise it). Library.png Scholar of the Correspondence 21 has a handful of uses besides, so grinding the quality to 21 may be useful for things other than Nerves.
Your intellectual superiority requires getting 50 Whispered secret TC.png Mementos of Silence and grinding Boatman.png The Boatman's Opponent to 40, so I consider it to be more difficult (or at the very least more tedious) than the other option.

Option Required Quality
The mysteries of the heavens Library.png A Scholar of the Correspondence 21 Skullbrass.png London's Nerves 1 - Starry wisdom
Your unusual companion Ubergoat.png 1 x Übergoat FATE Locked
Your intellectual superiority Boatman.png The Boatman's Opponent 40

Whispered secret TC.png Memento of Silence 50

Skullbrass.png London's Nerves 3 - Strategies beyond comprehension!

Known to All[edit]

St mountains.png

You are known by all London. To some you are notorious, to others famous. You are feared and envied and hated and adored. You are not universally liked, but every soul is in awe of you. Are you, perhaps, the greatest of Londoners?

Once you've obtained all four qualities mentioned above, a new universal storylet will appear called Known to All. Simply clicking on Accept the recognition that is your due will set your Diamond.png A Person of Some Importance to A Paramount Presence! Congratulations, you did it!

A Paramount Presence![edit]

Congratulations on your achievement!

Your name will be remembered, long after London is forgotten beneath the Sixth City. Perhaps it will even be whispered in the Seventh. Beyond then - well, it hardly matters, does it?

By becoming A Paramount Presence, you've unlocked the ability to Teach London, which has two benefits:

Apart from that, A Paramount Presence! doesn't do that much. Of course, the real reward is the fact that you made an immense achievement most people haven't. You have completed something that some people would think impossible. Once again, my congratulations on reaching this level! I raise my glass of fungal wine in a toast to your Paramount Presence!

(don't forget to add your name to the list [2] and post on Reddit [3]so we can congratulate you!)