An Intimate of Devils and Selling Your Soul (Guide)

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Maybe you've already accidentally sold your soul and wonder how you can get it back. Maybe you want to get rid of the thing and want to know how. Or maybe you're just looking for a potentially profitable venture. This guide tries to cover all of these perspectives.

Why would you want your soul, anyway?

  • Several profitable Term Passing... Storylets at the University require you to have your soul if you haven't proceeded too far in the story.
  • Having your soul is required for an option to increase Counting the Days.
  • Having your soul is required for parts of Seeking Mr Eaten's Name. Furthermore, having lost a stained soul is problematic in the Forgotten Quarter.
  • Being soulless adds a (bad) opportunity card in your deck (Where's my soul?).
  • It opens up for you to sell it again!

Why would you want to stay Soulless?

Selling your Soul

Selling your soul can be done in several ways. It should be noted that your soul isn't very attractive if you have a Stain on Your Soul or if you're In Possession of a Peculiar Personal Enhancement -

An Intimate of Devils

The final step of An Intimate of Devils involves selling your soul to a deviless or a devil (see below):

Risk letting her try to convince you
Hear him out

Both of these options take many actions and opportunity cards to access. Actually selling your soul requires you to fail a 90% luck check, so unless you're desperately in need of Devilbone Dice, this probably won't be profitable. Both of these opportunities raise An Intimate of Devils to 20, preventing you from selling your soul repeatedly. This also prevents an opportunity card to show up, which may be what you wanted all along...


"Let's get down to business."
  • During Hallowmas:
Attend a lecture on 'spiritual hygiene' (7 FATE)
  • If you have completed A Trade in Souls, you will be able to draw a new City Vices card, allowing you to sell your soul for a far more profitable price. This opportunity does not appear if you have a remote lodging. Using this option, selling your soul becomes very profitable, and selling it as A Person of Some Importance - gains you a Fabulous Diamond

Regaining your soul

There are a few ways to regain your soul. You may either spend Fate on the Where's my soul? opportunity card, or you may start searching for bundles of oddities. Bundles with a value of exactly 200 contains your soul. See Bundle of Oddities (Guide) for a comprehensive list of these. For the highest chance of retrieving your soul, the option should have a max value of as close as possible to 200, without being lower than that.

Some particularly useful options: