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Social Actions are actions you undertake with a friend. There are two main types: those which you do in good faith, and those in which you betray your friend.

A Brief Overview of the Myself/Profile pages[edit]

Wiki note: This overview is meant for new players. Almost everybody should have at least an idea what their myself/profile page is. If that's the case feel free to skip forward a bit


The Myself page describes who you are. It is accessible on desktop by clicking on Myself (above the main story) and on mobile by clicking on the button with a head shape and then on Myself. On this page you'll find, among other things, your Scrapbook and your Mantelpiece. These are used to display qualities you're especially proud of. Underneath these two is a button labeled View Profile; click on it to open a new tab showing your profile.


This is how other players see you in-game. It is accessed by either clicking on the View Profile button on the Myself page, or via the URL character's name). This page shows, among other things, your current Equipment, Journal, Scrapbook and Mantelpiece, Lodgings, and Cameo. At the top of the page is your character's name and a description based on the levels of your Attributes.

Finding Friends[edit]


If you already have an circle of Neathy friends, you're free to skip this part. Otherwise, there are three great ways to find friends:

  • Convert your friends to Fallen London. If you convince people you know in real life to start playing this game as well, this gives you an already established group of friends.
  • The official forums have an topic dedicated to finding new people. [1]
  • The Fallen London subreddit [2] has a new thread every month to find new people to play with.

Adding Friends[edit]

Okay, you've found someone who sounds pretty cool; how do you make them your friend?

  • When viewing another player's profile, click the "add to contacts" button underneath their Cameo.
  • On the Account Settings page, under Contacts, enter the player's in-game username and click Add. You can also access this screen while sending a social action (see below) and add a new contact then.

Sending Social Actions[edit]


Almost all Social Actions are sent from Your Social Engagements, with the exception of card-based Social Actions (like Investigating the Affluent Photographer)

An Interlude: Acquaintances[edit]


To become acquainted with another player character, you have to Send a Calling Card to them. This will make them your acquaintance and give you a single level of Sidebarinfluence.png Social Influence. Social influence doesn't have a lot of in game effects, except:

Types of Social Actions[edit]

Many of the available social actions are listed below. Actions noted as "(betrayal)" have negative effects on the recipient, which they won't realize until they've accepted the action.


Type of action Dangerous Persuasive Shadowy Watchful
Menace reduction Nurse a friend back to health Ask someone for help in laying rumours to rest Ask a friend to cover for you Assist your friend with their Nightmares
Menace reduction (betrayal) Poison an acquaintance! Use someone as your dupe Dupe a friend into covering for you Make scientific study of your friend's Nightmares
Challenge them to a contest/or do something else appropriate to the Attribute Retired, formerly Sparring Meet someone for a Coffee at Caligula's Invite someone to a spot of Suspicious Loitering Retired, formerly Chess
Patronage Seek Patronage from a Shattering Force Seek Patronage from a Legendary Charisma Seek Patronage from an Invisible Eminence Seek Patronage from an Extraordinary Mind


Ring gold.png

You can also marry another player at the end of a series of Social Actions, all of which are sent from Attend to Matters of the Heart.

When you are ready to take things further with them, you can propose to them in two ways:

Once you've proposed, you will get Pocketwatch.png Organising a Wedding; when it reaches high enough levels, you will have a choice of marriage ceremonies. You can also dump all the responsibility on your betrothed, using Foist the Organisation of your Wedding onto your partner.

Once you've married, you can do three new actions with your new spouse:

And you can, of course divorce them, but that's sad, so I won't be going into it.

Dine with a friend[edit]


Feeling hungry? You can either dine in with a friend, or meet them in one of the city's reputable and devil-run restaurants. (You haven't really eaten until you've eaten brimstone-steaks.)

Sending letters[edit]

You may always have letters sent to you, but once your attributes reach 80, you're able to send post cards in order to reach new levels. Each of the basic post cards cost 2.5 Icon-echo.png in items and gives the recipient a whole level in the relevant attribute. As you read post cards, you will get Papers.png Mired in Mail, and the effectiveness of this will start to be reduced, but it's still pretty effective until Papers.png Mired in Mail 5-6. This will also get the sender Envelope.png Corresponding..., which can be exchanged for different rewards.

Sending mail is done in Epistolary Matters in your Your Social Engagements

Plant Battles[edit]

Once you have a high enough level of Sprout.png Attending to the Needs of a Singular Plant, you can duel other player's plants.